Woodhouse mauled by Lions

After six games this season, the Lake Laberge Lions have much to roar about. So far the U-13 Whitehorse Minor Soccer team has had six wins, no losses or ties, and has only had a couple one-goal games.

After six games this season, the Lake Laberge Lions have much to roar about.

So far the U-13 Whitehorse Minor Soccer team has had six wins, no losses or ties, and has only had a couple one-goal games.

Their latest victim was Woodhouse Business Consulting (5-1), with the Lions winning 5-2 Wednesday at the Canada Games Centre.

“We have a very strong team and the nice thing is that they all play together,” said Lions coach Dennis Peters. “Even from the first game they were doing three-point passes and they’re having a lot of fun, that’s the most important thing.”

Opening the scoring for the Lions was Hannah Milner, finding the top corner on a long shot that drifted just over the Woodhouse goalkeeper. In fact, Milner took half of her team’s shots in the opening 10 minutes, often being in the right spot and the right time – and open.

“She said she didn’t mean to score, but she did a beautiful lob-shot over the goalie – it was gorgeous,” said Peters. “She really hustles out there. I think she’s our smallest player, but I think she puts on as many miles as anyone else and she’s not afraid to take on the biggest player on the other team.

“She steals the ball and is a great playmaker.”

After another goal late in the first half by Sebastian Lapres, the Lions moved further ahead with consecutive goals by versatile player Kieran Halliday, making use of both top-corners to go up 4-1.

“Kieran is a really talented player, but the nice thing is he will go in net – he will go anywhere he’s needed,” said Peters. “He has a lot of energy and is always positive.”

Throwing the final goal on the pile was Lions’ Anya Aird, getting open in front and letting it rip.

“Anya seems to be scared to shoot, but she had a beautiful shot there,” said Peters.

“This is one of the strongest teams we’ve played,” added Peters. “A lot of the players on our team know players on the other team, so they’re really keen to play hard against this team – competition is a big thing for them.”

Scoring for Woodhouse were Camille Galloway and Dylan Reed, who were also their team’s only scorers in a 5-2 win over Tim Hortons on Monday.

“They have a really talented team; they’re all strong players,” said Woodhouse coach Tom McBee of the Lions. “I don’t know if they’re a little older, but they worked hard. They went to the ball and basically out worked us a little bit.”

Taking one for the team and going into the often unpopular position of goalkeeper, Riston Annau was named the Lions’ MVP.

“He volunteered to go in goal – I think he had a sore leg,” said Peters. “He was in goal for our last game and he’s a great goalie, even though he says he doesn’t like it.”

Getting the corresponding honour on the Woodhouse bench was Mickayla Lowes.

“She played one of her better games tonight,” said McBee. “She played well.”

Other results

Tuesday’s U-15

Whitehorse Star 15,

Wintemute Electric 4

Star scorers: Travis Pumphrey 7, Sam Burgis 1, Owen Hedstrom-Langford 2, Michael Hare 1, Lynsey Keaton 1, Travis Banks 1, Takoa Reid 2, MVP Zain Syed

Wintemute scorers: Jesse Cebuliak 3, Mike Wintemute 1, MVP Edward Bourcier

Monday’s U-13

Woodhouse Business

Consulting 5, Tim Hortons 2

Woodhouse scorers: Camille Galloway 3, Dylan Reed 2, MVP Camille Galloway

Hortons scorers: Liam Dinn, Nicola Lazeo-Fairman, MVP Alan Mark

Lake Laberge Lions 9,

Eagle Construction 3

Lions scorers: Alejandro Peters 3, Kieran Halliday 2, Landon Worsfold 2, Morgan Paul 1, Jared Huber 1, MVP Morgan Paul

Eagle scorers: Trig Jenson 2, Peter Jo Jensen 1, MVP Trig Jenson

The Deli 6, Tim Hortons 4

Deli scorers: Brayden Lefler 2, Bredy Green 2, Tristen Sparks 1, Stephen Wolfarth 1, MVP Ben Wright

Hortons scorers: Ettienne Geofferies 3, Eshan Idress 1, MVP Cody Rousseau

Monday’s U-11

Austring, Fendrik and

Fairman 3, Property Guys 3

Austring scorers: Elias Sagar 2, Akshay Malhotra 1, MVP Elias Sagar

Property scorers: Quinn Pierce 3, MVP Andrew Lefebvre

Physio Plus 5, DirkBuilt

Contacting 2

Physio scorers: Teeghan Wilson 2, Aimee Parker 1, Tyler Milton 1, Montana Kains Beaudoin 1, MVP Montana Kains Beaudoin

DirkBuilt scorers: Tyler MacDougall 1, Simon Cash 1, MVP Josh Muir

Impact Well Drilling 6,

Murraya Dental 2

Impact scorers: Graydon McDonnell 4, Avery Bramadat 1, Logan Harris 1, MVP Thea Carvey

Murraya scorers: Mikaela Ponsioen 2, MVP Elisha Leenders

Whitehorse Motors 11,

The Electrical Shop 3

Motors scorers: Reed Philpott 5, Skylar Bryant 3, Samuel Alantasa 2, Fabrizio Rayo-Vasquez 1, MVP Dominic Devigne

Electrical scorers: Matthew Ng 2, Esteban Engasser 1, MVP Matthew Ng

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