Woodhouse gets high scoring shutout over Deli

The adage applies to every sport: some days you’ve got it, some days you don’t. This was very true in Woodhouse Business…

The adage applies to every sport: some days you’ve got it, some days you don’t.

This was very true in Woodhouse Business Consulting’s 8-0 shutout over the Deli Wednesday evening at FH Collins soccer field in a 12-and-under division game.

“It was one of those games where you couldn’t really get a bounce,” said Deli’s coach Dan Jordan, brushing off the loss. “But we played hard and that was what it’s really all about.”

As if feeling each other out, and looking as if it was going to be a close game, the first 10 minutes of play were mostly kept to midfield.

However, Woodhouse quickly jolted into action, scoring two goals with its first two shots on net in the game.

The first goal came 13 minutes in on a shot by Ryan Chippett that zoomed across the goal area that found the top left corner. 

Chippett went on to surpass a hat trick, finding the back of Deli’s net four times.

“Not often, I maybe average one,” said Chippett, when asked if he scores so many goals regularly. “I was just on top of the ball today. My teammates really helped me out.”

Mike Bennett scored the second goal six minutes latter on a tight angle shot lobbed just out of reach of the Deli’s goalkeeper.

Woodland continued to dominate in the second half, scoring six more goals. Chippett got his second goal two minutes in and Wyatt Gale made it 4-0 five minutes later with a bazooka blast from 10 yards out.

After two fruitless corner kicks, Anja Aird continued Woodhouse’s scoring spree with a shot that clipped a defenceman before slipping past Deli’s embattled net minder.

Despite the seemingly endless flow of goals against them, the Deli players did step up their game in the second half, creating scoring opportunities.

The best of which came 19 minutes into the half after a Woodhouse’s goalkeeper gave out a rebound on a long shot — the Deli’s first shot on net in the game — and was forced to make a second save on a shot from a few yards out.

Third time was not the charm as a third shot on a second rebound sailed high and wide.

“We just get them to pass the ball and get them to use the whole field,” said Jordan of the second half. “It’s a big adjustment for them. It’s their first season of full-field … But they’re adjusting well.”

Shortly after Chippett racked up goals three and four, Josh Harlow dealt the final blow with just 20 seconds left to play, basically walking the ball into the net like someone walking a dog on a leash, after laying down some moves on the defence.

“The team worked really well together tonight,” said Woodhouse’s coach Richard Mostyn, “They were passing to each other, working to creating space and opportunities on the field. When they do that, apparently they score goals.”

Woodhouse’s Stephanie Avery was named MVP because of her defensive prowess in the game.

“Stephanie stopped several plays from getting downfield,” said Mostyn. “She also managed to fire the ball to the forwards.

“She’s got great soccer skills, but she can be timid. Tonight she was bolder, and it  showed. It was a terrific effort.”

Avery’s counterpart on Deli was Charlotte Rentmeister.

“Charlotte is a go-er. Positionally, she was right on tonight,” explained Jordan. “Her skill level is really coming along — but she works at it too.”

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