Traverse shuts the door on the Molars

Oldtimers Hockey Sunday results: Medicine Chest 4 Klondyke Dental Molars 0 Blaine Demchuk scored two goals for the Chest, Gary Boyd and Dave…

Oldtimers Hockey

Sunday results:

Medicine Chest 4

Klondyke Dental Molars 0

Blaine Demchuk scored two goals for the Chest, Gary Boyd and Dave Bakica added one each. Roger Lockwood logged a pair of assists and Glen Traverse recorded the shutout.

Edgewater Hotel 5

AON Flames 3

Tony Clennett led the Edgewater team with two goals, Steve McGrath, Morley Lessard and Dan Cornett added goals as well.

The Flames’ scorers were Kevin Neufeld, Stu Mackay and Wade Harrison.

Performance Centre Turbos 7

Kilrich 2

Glen Heinbigner and Gord Campbell netted two goals each for the Turbos, while Grant Lyons, Rick Blaker and Paul Lackowicz added singles. Dennis Connelly had three assists.

Laurie Malo and Ted Hope scored for Kilrich.

Yukon Inn 4

Firth Rangers 1

Brian Boorse, Dave White, Mike Blower and Greg Bull scored for the Yukon Inn, and John Skilnyk scored for the Rangers.


Recreational Hockey

Friday results:

Yukon Appliance 9

Cinderwood Canucks 7

Spencer Tomlin and Cary Goodman led the Appliance squad with three goals each, while Lester Baird added a pair and Chris Dixon scored one.

Ryan Martin recorded four assists and Dan Girouard helped out with three.

Gord Peterson netted four goals for Cinderwood, while Martin Lawrie, Chuck Tobin and Randy Merkel added singles. Playmakers were Jay Glass and Merkel, who had four assists each.

Roadhouse 6

Whitehorse Mustangs 2

Mike Gau led the Roadhouse with a hat trick, and Clayton Thomas, Troy Cairns and Sheldon King scored as well.

The Mustangs’ scorers were Glen Skookum and Ted Stephens.

League standings as of November 14 (win-loss-tie, points):

Division A

1st Whitehorse Mustangs, 6-2-1, 13

2nd Boston Pizza, 5-3-2, 12

3rd Yukon Appliance, 5-3-1, 11

4th Cinderwood Canucks, 3-3-3, 9

5th Roadhouse, 2-5-3, 7

6th Air North, 2-7-0, 4

Division B

1st Terra Firma Muckers, 9-0-1, 19

2nd ORC Tree Services, 8-1-0, 16

3rd U-Brew Bruins, 5-4-1, 11

4th Narrow Gauge, 5-3-0, 10

5th Sports North, 3-5-2, 8

6th Envirolube Oliers, 3-8-0, 6

7th Kluane Drillers, 2-6-0, 4

8th Yukon Inn Boiler Room,

1-9-0, 2

Indoor Soccer

Under-11 (Wednesday)

The Deli 3

Sportslife 2

Josh Larouche, Ben Wright and Riley Johnson scored for The Deli, and the MVP was Jared Huber.

Sportslife’s Brendon Gendron scored both goals and was named player of the game for his efforts.

Assante Financial 5

Better Bodies 4

Peter Jensen had the hat tick for Assante, as they slipped past Better Bodies, Trygg Jensen and Patrick Scott scored a goal each, and William Rees took the MVP nod. Noah Kitchen scored two for Better Bodies, and Jake Njootli and Ryan Chippett added singles. Landon Worsfold was named player of the game.

Physio Plus 4

Brouwer Claims Canada 1

Jacob Scwhinghammer led Physio Plus goal scorers with a pair, while Liam Finnegan and Liam Evans added goals as well. Zoe Painter took the MVP nod.

Brouwer Claims Canada’s lone goal scorer was Elijah Ens, and MVP was Erik Vasseur.

Under-13 (Wednesday)

Salvation Army 5

Locksmith Services 4

Kurtis Hills led the Salvation Army with three goals, while Brittany Milner added a pair. Aric Hansen was named player of the game.

Locksmith Services scorers were Robyn Fortune with a pair, and Ashton Schaber and Trystan Olynyk with singles. Felix Bouchard took the MVP honours.

Under-15 (Thursday)

Energy North 8

Wintemute Electric 3

Robbie Borud netted four goals for Energy North, and Mac Potter added two. Tyson Baxter and William Thomson scored as well, and Jenna Blanchette was named MVP.

Wintemute Electric’s scorers were Caleb Kelly,  Kyle Risby and Ross Mitcham-Timpany. Jack Lanigan was the player of the game.

Under-18 (Thursday)

Pristine Auto Care 8

Alkan Air 7

This close game saw the teams trading the lead throughout. Grant McWatters netted the hat trick for Pristine, and Devin Blanchard, Joaquin McWatters, Ben Liang, Haley Thompson and Graedon Ferguson scored a goal each, and Tim Kleedehn took the MVP honours.

Marcus Leibau netted four goals for Alkan, Mr. Green booted in two and Andrew Wolchuk added one. Ryan Thibadeau was named top player.

Dave’s Cleaning Services 1

Prime Meridian Physiotherapy  1

Thorin Loeks scored for Dave’s and Thomas McWhinnie was named MVP, while Jesse Latoski scored for Prime and took the MVP nod as well.

Over-35 league (Saturday)

Pepsi 3

Pine Plumbing 1

Joe Hanrath, James McCullough and Mo Sahid scored for Pepsi, and Leonard Linklater scored the only goal for Pine.

Yukon Brewing 4

Quest 1

Mehrdad Tirgar got the hat trick, and Gareth Howells put in a single. Dale Cheeseman scored the only goal for Quest.

Klondike Copier 2

Assante 1

Darren Stadel and John MacPhail each scored once for Klondike. Terry Markley scored Assante’s lone goal.