The 2021 ‘Kinda’ Klondike Road Relay registration will open at the end of July. Tom Patrick/Yukon News

The 2021 ‘Kinda’ Klondike Road Relay registration will open at the end of July. Tom Patrick/Yukon News

The ‘Kinda’ Klondike Road Relay registration will open end of July

Based on the recent COVID outbreak and some technical difficulties with the registration system, Sport Yukon has delayed registration for the ‘Kinda’ Klondike Road Relay until the end of July

In early June, Sport Yukon announced that the 2021 Klondike Road Relay would return to an in-person event.

COVID-19 forced the popular race to go virtual in 2020 and the upcoming race will still have a virtual component so international racers can still enjoy it.

On June 22, Sport Yukon announced the registration for the “Kinda” Klondike Road Relay will be delayed until the end of July.

The delay is because of the current COVID-19 outbreak in the Yukon. There were 103 active cases as of midday on June 23.

“We are waiting for a healthier climate for the Chief Medical Officer (Dr. Brendan Hanley) to say we can have more than 400 people,” said Tracey Bilsky, Sport Yukon’s executive director. “We want to do this methodically.”

The hope is that by the end of July, organizers will have current information about how the race can be safely held. As well, Sport Yukon will be able to gauge how many participants can participate in the fall event.

The “Kinda” Klondike Road Relay is slated to be held on Sept. 11.

“Given the current climate, we want to make sure the community is comfortable in how we are doing things,” said Bilsky. “We think five-to-six weeks will be enough time for people to register and prepare.”

The end-of-July registration will be capped based on the recommendations from the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s office.

There is another, smaller issue surrounding the registration that Sport Yukon needs to navigate, said Bilsky.

“That has to do with our registration system,” said Bilsky. “Our system is so tied to the 10 full legs. This year we are starting at six and it won’t accept it.

“We are looking for a new way to register people.”

The “Kinda” is a one-day event open to Yukon five-person teams who will race on the traditional Road Relay legs 6-10.

Walking and youth teams will do legs 7-10 as they’ve historically done.

Bilsky said they encourage people to start forming their teams and getting those training runs in so they’re ready to go on Sept. 11.

In pre-COVID times, the Klondike Road Relay began in Skagway.

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