Tessier squashes the competition

Forty-two racketeers vied for the post-Halloween squash supremacy this weekend at the Better Bodies Apres-Boo Squash Tournament.

Forty-two racketeers vied for the post-Halloween squash supremacy this weekend at the Better Bodies Apres-Boo Squash Tournament.

Blaine Tessier emerged as champion.

Tessier defeated Troy Cairns in the men’s A-division final, which went five sets (9-6, 1-9, 0-9, 9-5, 9-6).

Steve Fecteau took third place with a straight-sets win over Mark Tubman (9-3, 9-7, 9-3).

In the men’s B-division final, Phil Jackson needed five sets to defeat Kenji Tatsumi (9-6, 4-9, 8-10, 9-5, 9-4).

Michel Gelinas took third after sweeping Peter Mather (10-8, 9-4, 9-3).

In the women’s B-division, it was Jean Beckerton over Patti Flather.

Marie Cairns beat Patricia Bacon to take the women’s C-division.

The junior A-division final was close match with Stephen Grundmanis and Jeannette Carney winning two sets each before Carney withdrew in the fifth due to an injury, forfeiting the match.

Logan Bull took third place over Braden Brickner, going the full five sets.

Nicholas Terry beat Will Parker for the junior B-division title.

Oldtimers Hockey

Sunday results:

AON Reed 5

Edgewater 2

Allen Koehl and Stu Mackay scored two goals each for AON, and Bill Bohmer added a goal as well, assisted by Wade Harrison, Peter McPeake and John Pereira.

Edgewater’s scorers were Tony Clennet and Dave Milen, with assists from Brent Stokes and Morley Lessard.

Firth Rangers 4

Yukon Inn 0

John Skilnyk scored two for the Rangers, and Derrick Hynes and Russell Bamford added singles. Steve Reynolds, Grant Lowey, Carl Burgess, Kevin Billy and Ron Sumanik assisted. James Billy recorded the shutout.

Medicine Chest 5

Klondyke Dental Molars 1

Blaine Demchuk and Roger Lockwood recorded two goals each as the Chest walloped the Molars. Gary Boyd added the fifth goal, with assists from Tom Ullyett and Dave Bakica.

 Scoring for the Molars were Mark Pinter, assisted by Ron Pearson and Dave Ecker.


Recreational Hockey

Saturday results:

Whitehorse Mustangs 4

Yukon Appliance Centre 3

Joe Densmore led the Mustangs with a goal and an assist on Saturday, as they edged past Yukon Appliance. Lowell Johnston, Fraser Love and Glen Skookum netted goals as well, assisted by Zach Moses, Dan Legoff and Dan Cletheroe.

Daryn Leas scored a pair for the Appliance squad, and Wyatt Drift added the third, assisted by Kerry Pettitt, Cary Goodman and Jason Berkers.

Boston Pizza Hawks 12

Air North Jets 2

BP trounced the Jets, with Barry Blisner’s seven-point night for the Hawks (four goals, three assists) leading the way. Derek Johnstone wasn’t far behind with four goals and two assists. Dean Mastrangelo, Lance Brown, Dave Pearson and Trevor Twardochleb scored as well.

Ryan Kinney and Scott Horsey scored for the Jets.

Indoor Soccer

Under-15 (Thursday)

Pine Plumbing 10

Coldwell Banker 4

Cameron Weeks led the Plumbers with four goals, and Tayo Ademek netted three. Simon Paish booted in a pair, and MVP Cole Pereira added one.

Coldwell’s Brett Hills scored two, and Delaney Charlie and Mary Bennett scored as well, and Dwight Herdisty took the MVP honours.

 Kilrich Industries 7

Wintemute Electric 5

Justin Wilcox and Alex Lindsay scored two goals each for Kilrich, and Terri Publicover, David Ratcliff and Jeff Bell scored as well. Kyle Bowers was named player of the game.

Ian Wintemute scored twice for Wintemute, and Caleb Kelly, Kyle Risby and Taylor Barr scored as well. Ross Mitcham-Timpany took top player honours.

Under-nine (Thursday)

Underhill Geomatics Ltd. 8

Dirkbuilt Contracting 6

Jude Lemoine netted six goals for Underhill Geomatics, and Brandon Barrett added a pair. Matthew Blindheim took the MVP nod for his goaltending.

Nikita White and Jonas Leas scored a pair each, while Kelcy Armstrong and Tristen Rentmeister added goals as well. Kaleb Evans took the MVP honours.

Pelly Construction 6

Mobile Maintenance 1

Mathew Cooper and Matthew Butler scored two goals each for Pelly, and Christian Ouimet and Jerimie Adair scored as well. Sierra Link was named most valuable player.

Mackenzie Shaw scored for Mobile, and Izaak Lazeo-Fairman took the MVP nod.

Physio Plus 6

Mosi Oa Tunya Montessori 1

JJ Cannings led Physio Plus with a hat trick, and Ryan McDonald, Elias Sagar and Riley Smoler scored as well. Sarah Leslie took the MVP award.

Logan Harris scored the only goal for Mosi Oa Tunya Montessori, and the MVP was Erica Couch.

Murraya Dental 4

Titan Gaming 3

Skyler Bryant netted two for  Murraya, and Joshua Muir and Aimee Parker added goals as well. The MVP was Aidon Johnson.

Titan’s scorers were Alex Soin, Luka VanRanden and MVP Mikaela Ponsioen.

Over-35 league (Sunday)

Quest 6

Pepsi 5

Phil Jackson scored three times for Quest, and Kevin Brewer, Adil Khalik, and Brian Fiddler each scored once.

Pepsi’s Mo Sahid put in two, while Bruno Bourdache and Simon Pulido each got one. An own goal accounted for the last score.

Assante 7

Yukon Brewing 1

Renzo Ordonez put in four goals, Terry Markley got two and Sonny Voyageur got the last.

Ante Tokic scored the Yukon Brew’s only goal.

Klondike Copier 3

Pine Plumbing 2

John MacPhail put in two, and Dan Poelman got one. David Black scored both goals for Pine.