Terry Fox Run was small but mighty

More than 70 participants (families, individuals, pets, corporate groups, cyclists, babies in strollers, etc.

More than 70 participants (families, individuals, pets, corporate groups, cyclists, babies in strollers, etc.) turned up at the SS Klondike on Sunday for the annual Terry Fox Run.

They raised more than $2,400 for cancer research.

“There were few moments when we did not think the run was going to take place, due to a starting late and not having enough volunteers,” said volunteer Suzanne Hingley.

“In the end we had 25 volunteers come out to help out which enabled our event to run smoothly.

“Special thank you to Jennifer Moorlag who came forward just days before the event and organized the volunteers and brought along friends and family to fill any spots where people were still needed.”

MLA Todd Hardy delivered a heartfelt speech to the crowd before the race, and the runner’s warm-up was led by Joseph Graham to the song I’m Too Sexy sending people off with a smile on their faces.

“People have already come forward, expressing interest in being involved next year so that we do not run into the same last minute scenarios as this year,” said Hingley.

Hot Hounds dry

land racing

The third Hot Hounds meet at Icy Waters Ltd. this weekend saw competitors in all four classes. The recent rain made the initial half-mile of muddy S-bends a slippery proposition, but no one crashed and the Yukon Brewing sympathy prize went unclaimed.

Pretty Boy ran a close second to Asha the Rottie in the one pet dog over 2.8 kilometres event, but just wasn’t fast enough.

With one race to go, and Asha now unbeaten in every race this summer, it appears a Rottie is going to be queen of the Hot Hounds pet dog class.

Some Pet Dogs of course, aren’t competitive at all and just like to go along for a walk.

The next race is at Fast Kennel, Haines Junction, home of Fast Dogs owner Sean Fitzgerald. To get there turn left at the Muffin, then proceed about four kilometres down the old gravel Alaska Highway.

Yukon Brewing are providing the prizes for this one, so I expect they will be wrapped in glass — if you’re not going to win, bring your own to the pot luck barbecue! Race meet at 2 p.m. October 20th.

Many thanks to Icy Waters for its offices, and great prizes of Arctic Char fillets to the value of $100 per place, and also to Aurora Booties for the dog jackets, booties and collars — these are becoming quite lucrative races!


2.8-kilometre Canicross

 1st Will and Floren Antras, 14:11

2.8-kilometre — one pet dog

1st Asha and Jon Lucas, 10:19, scooter

2nd Ringo and Janet Keller, 12:20, bike

3rd Luna and Maren Bradley, 26:50, bike

2.8-kilometre — one sled dog

1st Indy and Janet Keller, 13:40, bike

6.5-kilometre — two sled dog

1st Lazarus/Nanuk and Maren Bradley, 19:33, bike