Territories bound past last place Newfoundland

Yukon, NWT and Nunavut players returned from the National U-17 Boy’s Basketball Championships in Vancouver last week with their expectations…

Yukon, NWT and Nunavut players returned from the National U-17 Boy’s Basketball Championships in Vancouver last week with their expectations more than fulfilled.

The only win of the tournament came against Newfoundland, to determine ninth and 10th place. They edged past the Newfies with a close 71-68 win.

“It was a great game, exiting — with lots of momentum changes,” said coach Tim Brady.

In their strongest effort, they were up by 15 at one point.

“We started to believe we could beat them, even if the cards said we can’t.”

It was a great finish to a daunting challenge. “We were thrilled — it was a classic undersized, overachieving team.”

Despite four losses in the round robin, (in a tough pool with Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec and New Brunswick), the combined Territories team found they could perform at the national level.

Brady said the team’s goals going in were modest — outscoring a provincial team for a single quarter.

“We knew it was going be tough sledding; we were pretty anxious,” said Brady.

They accomplished that in their first game. Down by 10 points at halftime, they came back to outshoot New Brunswick 25-22 in the third quarter. At the end they gave up an 88-61 loss, but were happy with the performance.

“We didn’t get blown out … as the tournament went on, we realized we could compete,” said Brady.

Whitehorse’s Sina Kazemi led the scoring with 20 points in the first game, and would finish the tournament as the 10th highest scorer overall.

The second game, against Manitoba, was even closer, with the Territories losing 76-57, just a 19-point difference. Manitoba went undefeated in the round robin, and finished fourth.

They then lost 104-57 to Saskatchewan, giving up 53 points on turnovers. Quebec got away from them on turnovers as well, with a 92-47 final.

Ontario defended the title, beating BC in the final, and Saskatchewan took third.

Iqaluit centre Sam Carter posted the double-doubles in three games, (dominating against Newfoundland with 22 points and 19 rebounds) and was named to the second all-star team and finished 12th in overall scoring.

“I think we showed the provincial teams that the Territories can compete with determination and intensity,” said Brady. “We had something to play for — the pride of the Territories.”


Showers were not going to interfere with the Yukon Orienteering Association’s Wednesday night meet on the Grey Mountain-Magnusson map.

Fifty-nine orienteers enjoyed the forest and trails at the base of the mountain, with Trevor Bray, Dahria Beatty, Pippa McNeil and Brent Langbakk finishing first in their divisions.

The next YOA meet is scheduled for August 23 at the Chadburn Lake Ski Trails.

Here are Wednesday’s results:

Novice — 1.86 kilometres,

30-metre climb

1st Trevor Bray, 20:14

2nd Pia Blake, 20:51

3rd Sara Burke, Jeanne

Burke, 23:07

4th Shea Hoffman, Phil

Hoffman, 24:55

5th Ben Traynor group,


6th Paul Cook group, 27:13

7th Worsfeld group, 27:19

8th Sean Balsillie, Lester

Balsillie, 33:01

9th Ayla Smith, Kerstin

Burnett, 33:14

10th Mary Ann Annable,


11th Clarke Laprairie, Sean

Laprairie, Cameron

Laprairie, 37:03

12th Dillys Ranson, Kathy

McKay, 38:52

13th Jane MacArthur, 41:02

14th Jamie Phillips, Ross

Phillips, 41:05

15th Leif Blake, Erik Blake,


16th Barb Phillips, Keegan

Phillips, 46:03

17th Maura Glenn, 55:36

Intermediate — 2.4

kilometres, 60-metre climb

1st Dahria Beatty, 32:55

2nd Nicole Hulstein, Roger

Hulstein, 61:47

3rd Scott Gilbert, 61:55

4th Ev Pasichnyk, 65:28

5th Violet van Hees, 75:34

6th Aileen McCorkell, 89:27

7th Marsha Pearson, Ron

Pearson, 108:05

Short advanced — 4.09

kilometres, 75-metre climb

1st Pippa McNeil, 64:25

2nd Barbara Scheck, 65:41

3rd Lars Fossum, 73:03

4th Ryan Kelly, 80:58

5th Miko Miyahara, 93:32

6th Hilary Wilkinson, 114:37

Long advanced — 5.26 kilometres, 110-metre climb

1st Brent Langbakk, 38:39

2nd Forest Pearson, 46:34

3rd Afan Jones, 50:39

4th Justine Scheck, 63:33

5th Katherine Scheck, Jordan Clark, 68:15

6th Jean Francois Roldan, 81:48

Intersport Fun Run

There were 29 runners and walkers out in the pouring rain Tuesday for the Intersport Fun Run/Walk. The first person across the finish line on the five-kilometre course was Rodney Hulstein in a time of 19:38, and the first female to cross the finish line was Karalyn Mckenzie in a time of 23:24.

The next running related event is the Long Lake Triathlon, Sunday, August 13, 2006, for information phone Rick Janowicz at 668-2858.

Here are Tuesday’s results:

Men’s 5-kilometre run

1st Rodney Hulstein, 19:38

2nd Scott Westberg, 19:38

3rd Bill Greer, 19:49

4th Rob Westberg, 20:35

5th Ammon Hoefs, 20:39

6th Boris Hoefs, 20:41

7th Rob Legare, 21:17

8th Trevor Mead-Robins,


9th Roger Hulstein, 22:14   

10th Lars Hartling, 22:25

11th Don White, 22:30

12th Martin Nishikawa,


13th Bob Nishikawa, 28:40

14th John MacPhail, 30:02

15th Grant Macdonald,


16th Rex Brown, 30:34

Women’s 5-kilometre run

1st Karalyn Mackenzie, 23:24

2nd Lia Johnson, 23:35

3rd Jaime Whitly, 23:36

4th Courtney McPhail, 23:36

5th Laura Whitly, 23:47

6th Tiffany Duncan, 24:13

7th Nicole Hulstein, 30:28

8th Wakana Fujita, 31:44

9th Ysabel Perreault &

Jonathon, 31:44


Women’s 5-kilometre walk

1st Arlene Ogden, 34:30

2nd Doris Dart, 41:40

Women’s 3-kilometre run

1st Rhiannon Jones, 20:53

2nd Saranna Marks, 20:53

Cardboard Boat Float

The inaugural Cardboard Boat Float has changed venues, and will now run at Chadburn Lake, instead of Long Lake, on August 26th at 3 p.m.

For more information call 456-7469.