Team Yukon roster finalized

In a little over a week, years of preparation and perspiration will be put to the test as 110 of the Yukon's best athletes begin participating in the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In a little over a week, years of preparation and perspiration will be put to the test as 110 of the Yukon’s best athletes begin participating in the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

While hopes are high across the board, expectations are particularly substantial in cross-country skiing, the source of three of the Yukon’s four medals in the 2007 Games in Whitehorse.

Not only does the cross-country team consist of seven skiers returning for their second – or even third – Winter Games, it also includes some past medal winners.

Whitehorse’s David Greer, who is back for his second Games, was the only athlete to surpass the bronze in 2007, winning a gold in a 10-kilometre race.

Greer’s sister, Janelle, is also returning for another Games in search of more hardware. Janelle, along with other cross-country returners, Emily Nishikawa and Heidi Brook, won bronze in the 4×3.75-kilometre relay race in 2007.

A first for the territory, Team Yukon will also include para-athletes with Ramish Ferris and John Austring competing in sit-ski.

For the first week of competition, Yukoners will take part in gymnastics, biathlon, curling (female), hockey (male), target shooting, freestyle skiing, speed skating and squash.

The following week will see Yukoners in archery, badminton, cross-country skiing, curling (male), figure skating, hockey (female), snowboarding, synchronized swimming and table tennis.

The Yukon will also be represented by three Yukon artists in the National Artist Program, which runs both weeks.

Below is the finalized roster for Team Yukon released on Wednesday.

Team Yukon


Scott Anderson

Shelley Inkster

Tanisha Leas

Travis Rivest

Coach: Les Johns

Manager: Cheryl Rivest

Artistic gymnastics

Corey Baxter

Kelcie Henney

Foreste Martin

Anna Rivard

Coach: Jennifer Ryan/

Catherine O’Donovan


Justin Dragoman

Leanne Gordon

Jasmin Gordon

Seth Rotondi

Michaela Rotondi

Andrew Taylor

Coach: Lynn Oettli

Manager: Sandeep Sharma


Erin Oliver-Beebe

Jennifer Curtis

Jeremy Johnson

Coach: Judy Hartling/

Keith Clarke

Manager: Mary Jane


Cross-country skiing

Colin Abbott

Dahria Beatty

Heidi Brook

David Greer

Janelle Greer

Knute Johnsgaard

Kendra Murray

Emily Nishikawa

John Parry

Ray Sabo

Coach Alain Masson/Amanda

Deuling/Veronique Theriault

Aboriginal apprentice coach:

Carolyn Coombs

Manager: Nick Stratis

Wax tech: Scott Puskas

Curling (female)

Jenna Duncan

Linea Eby

Sarah Koltun

Patty Wallingham

Coach: Lindsay Moldowan

Curling (male)

Michael Hare

Kurtis Hills

Thomas Scoffin

Andrew Scoffin

Coach: Wade Scoffin

Figure skating

Teneil Caron

Bryn Hoffman

Rachel Pettitt

Coach: Zdenek Pazdirek /

Trish Pettitt

Manager: Cheryl VanBlaricom

Freestyle skiing

Sebastien Berthiaume

James Boyle

Miguel Rodden

Anatole Tuzlak

Anna Smith

Coach: Stuart Robinson

Manager: Loree Stewart

Hockey (female)

Natalija Blanchard

Britney Brown

Adrianne Dewhurst

Linsey Eby

Tamara Greek

Lynsey Keaton

Madison Logan

Christina McIntyre

Tshayla Nothstein

Maya Oakley

Sierra Oakley

Ashtyn Sandulak

Chyanne Spenner

Hannah Turner

Dana van Vliet

Savannah van Vliet

Saddie Whitelaw

Jocelyn Wynnyk

Coach: Louis Bouchard/

Kelly Eby/Megan Moore

Equipment manager:

Selena Kaytor

Director of operations:

Laura Eby

Hockey (male)

Chris Anderson

Mike Arnold

Craig Berube

Youje Blackburn

Graeme Close

Charles Dagostin

Wyatt Gale

Tyson Glass

Chase Hobbis

Tyrell Hope

Liam Janke

Dominic Korn

Kyle Lowes

Matt McCarthy

Cole Morris

Scott Peterson

Riley Pettitt

Nigel Sinclair-Eckert

Jared Steinbach

Trevor Whynot

Coach: Jay Glass/Kirk Gale

Equipment manager:

Wade Klippenstien

Director of operations:

Daryl Berube

I.S.T.: Pat Duncan

Nation Artist Program

Valerie Herdes

Clancy McInnis

Jada Powell


Andrea Simpson-Fowler


Ramish Ferris

John Austring

Target Shooting

Kyley Marcotte

Danielle Marcotte

Manager: Darcy Marcotte


Lara Bellon

Alexander Chisholme

Kayla Hallonquist

Max Melvin-Mcnutt

Thomas Mills

Coach Mary Binsted/

Norm Curzon

Manager Emma Barr

Wax tech: Mike Murphy

Aboriginal apprentice coach:

Katrina Couch

Speed Skating

Heather Clarke

Donald Fortune

Shea Hoffman

Coach: Phil Hoffman

Manager: Stacy Pennington


Shermaine Chua

Sophia Flather

Stephen Grundmanis

Coleman Newell

Tia Oster

Kelly Panchyshyn

Mustafa Syed

Zain Syed

Coach: Eng Khoon Chua

Manager: Lia Johnson

Synchronized swimming

Olivia Duncan

Taylor Hanna

Simone Kitchen

Coach: Aura-Lea Harper

Manager: Heather Harris

Table tennis

Kyle Lee Gonder

Ehsan Idrees

Alex Zheng

Coach: Kevin Murphy

Manager: Ryan Bachli

Chef de Mission

Trevor Twardochleb

Assistant Chef de Mission

Tracey Bilsky

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