Strong second half gives Better Bodies win

By Tom Patrick News Reporter Out scoring Mobile Maintenance 6-0 in the second half, Better Bodies jumped out into a robust lead, eventually taking…

By Tom Patrick

News Reporter

Out scoring Mobile Maintenance 6-0 in the second half, Better Bodies jumped out into a robust lead, eventually taking the game 7-3 in U13 soccer action Wednesday at the Canada Games Centre.

Down by two at the start of the second, the Bods scored three goals in 1:48 to take the lead.

“They got more spunk into them,” said Melissa Smith, the Bods’ coach. “Some of our guys will stop for nothing; they give it all to get what they can.”

Graham Mainer-Pearson started the string of goals, with a short shot from the right wing five minutes into the second — his first of two goals. The Bods’ Chris Dick scored the next two, picking up his own rebound on the second goal, lifting a short shot over Mobile’s sprawled out goalie, Kieran Halliday. Dick went on to score again and get an assist, leading the way to MVP status.

“He’s really improved quite a bit since the beginning,” said Smith.

“They just wondered around a little bit,” said Mobile coach Bob Murkett of his team’s play in the second. “They didn’t stay focused for a little while and the other team scored three quick ones … (Better Bodies) made some good passes and came together.”

Although it is common for teams to struggle because of a lack of players, Murkett believes that having too many players — playing with four subs against Better Bodies — can disrupt his players’ rhythms.

“I noticed that when we have a lot of players on the bench they can sort of get out of the game a bit,” said Murkett. “With fewer players, if they’re out there active, they can stay focused, but when they’re on the bench waiting for a chance, they can get out of the game.”

Travis Banks and Matthew Smith also scored for Better Bodies. Aidan Bradley and Kieran Morehouse scored for Mobile, with the latter getting two.

Mobile’s MVP for the game was Jeni Pierce.

“She’s a steady all around player whether she’s forward or defence,” said Murkett. “She’s always there in the right place to be at the right time. She understands the game well.”

Koenen scores triple hat trick in Pristine win

In just their second win of the season, Pristine Auto gave a pristine performance, outscoring Northland Beverages 13-7 in U13 play Wednesday.

“All of our games have been close,” said Pristine coach Sandy Nyland. “I think they’re starting to get more passing in, and realizing that passing is important and using each other more often.”

After taking a 2-0 lead with goals by Megan Lanigan and Shara Kearnly, each of whom ended with a pair, Northland fell behind as Pristine went on a spree of five goals, started by Heiko Nyland.

In what might be considered a breakout performance, Tyler Koenen almost reached double digits, totaling nine goals for Pristine.

“Tyler has a lot of skill (but) once in a while he forgets that he can play,” said Nyland. “Tyler is having a learning curve and is using other players on his team. He has to remember to pass and that’s why he got nine goals … Half of those goals were set up by his teammates.”

Yougi Blackburn got seven assists and three goals for Pristine.

Pristine’s MVP for the game was mid-fielder Jamie Fry, playing forward and defence.

“He’s the smallest guy on our team,” said Nyland. “He’s quick — he’s in there in both places. He’s definitely got a lot of energy.

Northland’s other goals were scored by Camille Lopez and Trent Pumphrey, who found the mesh twice. Maddison Jarvis was named Northland’s MVP.

Mic Mac Toyota overtakes Coates Services

After scoring a goal in the opening minutes of the game, Coates Services was unable to hold the lead as Mic Mac Toyota pulled into the fast lane and drove to a 4-2 win Wednesday in U11 soccer.

Mic Mac’s Luka van Randen scored two quick goals to propel his team in front shortly after Justin Jameson scored Coates’ early goal.

“It was a pretty equal game from there,” said Mic Mac coach Ed van Randen.

Chloe Turner-Davis scored early in the second half to put the car guys up 3-1.

“She scored with her left foot actually,” said van Randen. “Right into the corner of the net — it was a beautiful goal.”

Mic Mac then pulled further away with Niko Rodden scoring on a penalty kick resulting from a Coates handball.

Alex Hanson scored late in the game for Coates.

Austin Bourque earned the MVP nod for Coates while consistent defence gave Emily Roske the same honour on the Mic Mac bench.

“I wanted to recognize her because she’s been playing great every game,” said van Randen. “She’s the best defenceman on the team, plays awesome all the time.”

Other results

Monday U13

Titan Gaming 7, AMBOCA 6

Titan scorers: Dylan Reed 3, Kyle Wallace 3, Aiden Witerwaal 1, MVP n/a

Amboca scorers: Eric Fekete 1, Andrew Scoffin 2, Camille Galloway 1, Calden Hoefs 1, MVP n/a

The Deli 3, Better Bodies 1

Deli scorers: Michael Amirault 3, MVP Calahan Guidolin

Better Bodies: Travis Bank 1, MVP Ashley Leas

Mobile Maintenance 5, M&A Yukon Inc. 5

Mobile scorers: Kieran Moorehouse 3, Ryley Andrew 2, MVP Kiepw Moorehouse

M&A scorers: Aston Schaber 2, Mike Bennett 2, Landon Worsfold 1, MVP Stacy Machon.

AMBOCA Ecological Services 6, Pristine Auto Care 4

AMBOCA scorers: Andrew Scoffin 3, Eric Fekete 2, Camille Galloway 1, MVP Alex Hopkins

Pristine scorers: Ti Nordahl 2, Youge Blackburn 1, Nicola Lazeo-Fairman 1, MVP Ti Nordahl

Titan Gaming 7, The Co–Operators 7

Titan scorers: Wynn White 1, Brittany Milner 1, Dylan Reed 1, Jesse Erdman 1, Chrissy Anderson 2, Aric Hansen 1, MVP Brittany Milner

Co-Operators scorers: Tristan Olynyk 3, Alejandro Peters 2, Erik Vasseur 1, Megan Anderson 1, MVP Katie Meyn

Sportslife 11, Northland Beverages 2

Scorers: n/a

Tuesday U15

Energy North 7, Locksmith Services 6

Energy scorers: Kamran Idress 1, Patrick Vaughan 1, Martin Sealy 1, Felix Bouchard 4, MVP Felix Bouchard

Locksmith scorers: Joaquin McWatters 2, Zach Smart 2, Alex Ordonez 2, MVP Aven Knutson

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