Sour Pusses down Whiskeys at hockey jamboree

The Sour Pusses had a sweet end to the Whitehorse Women's Hockey Jamboree on Saturday at Takhini Arena.

The Sour Pusses had a sweet end to the Whitehorse Women’s Hockey Jamboree on Saturday at Takhini Arena.

The Sour Puss squad produced a 6-2 win over the Frisky Whiskeys in the gold medal game at the sixth annual event hosted by the Whitehorse Women’s Hockey Association.

“We’re pretty happy. We went undefeated in the tournament, so the team gelled right off the bat and we just played well as a team,” said Sour Pusses goalie Chris “Blodge” Blodgett. “There was also a side bet that went on, so Cheryl Rivest, the captain of the other team, and I had a bet that every goal and assist she got against me and for every save I got against her, we kept totals throughout the tournament. At the end, the loser of that bet has to donate to a charity of the winner’s choice in their name. And one of our sponsors caught on and will match the donation, so we were extra fired up to win that one.”

So which charity will profit? “Probably Queer Yukon,” she said.

In the final, Sour Pusses’ Steph Hedley had a hat trick and an assist while defenceman Vanessa Bogaert put in two goals, including the game winner and an empty-netter.

Teammate Anna Peacock also scored while Emmalee Agnew, Frederique Janvier-Crete and Alison Anderson each had assists.

“The reason why this team was successful is because in different games, different players stepped up,” said Blodgett. “Last night we had a player (Emmalee Agnew), who had never scored before in hockey, score two goals and we had a player (Erin Peacock) who got her second goal ever in our win in the semifinal.”

Putting Frisky Whiskeys on the board were Coraline Ullyett and Tanisha Leas, assisted by Lindsay MacAulay and Jeane Lassen.

Before the final, the Jager Bombers registered a 6-5 shootout win over the Rum Bums for bronze.

Bombers Erin Cochrane and Georgie Townrow scored in the shootout while their goalie, Amy Hock, closed the door on the Rum Bum shooters.

Bombers Sasha Merrell had two goals and an assist in regulation, Cochrane a goal and assist, while Fleur Marsella and Stacie Zaychuk also found the back of the net.

The jamboree, in which teams are assembled with players from the Whitehorse Women’s Hockey League as well as Outside players, featured a “Spills and Thrills” skills competition Saturday.

MacAulay won the “superman slide” distance contest, Merrell the accuracy “shooter-tooter target challenge,” Dease Lake’s Maricho Waite the self-explanatory “bra toss” and Kylie Bird the musical-chairsesque “musical pucks.”

“This is a great team and a super fun tournament,” said Blodgett. “We’re really grateful to all the sponsors and all the people volunteered their team to set it up.”

“There are some players here from Dease Lake (B.C.), which is awesome because we haven’t played with them before,” she added. “And there’s definitely someone from (Haines) Junction and I think Dawson might be represented too, so it’s nice to play with those Outside players.”

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