Sessford hits highs and lows in Ontario

Daniel Sessford had a blistering start to the third Canada Cup Mountain Bike Race at Hardwood Hills, Ontario last weekend.

Daniel Sessford had a blistering start to the third Canada Cup Mountain Bike Race at Hardwood Hills, Ontario last weekend.

The Yukoner, who has been running in the top 20 overall in the series moved from a third-line start position into the top five — a controlling position on the narrow twisty track. 

“I was just cruising but the guys around me were breathing really hard,” said the Yukoner via cellphone en route to Quebec City.

“It was the first time that I have been in the top group in a Canada Cup and it felt really good”

The good times came to an end halfway through the event when Sessford lost control on a corner and came down hard, breaking his fall with his arm.

“After that I struggled to get back into the race, but I couldn’t get back in the groove.” Sessford finished the 45-kilometre event in 49th place.

After seeing the top and the bottom of Canadian cycling in one day, the Team Yukon rider chalks it all up to experience.

“After the race I felt like coming home to the Yukon and preparing for nationals, but after talking with close friends I have decided to stay in Quebec and race the World Cup later this month.

“I always have my best results later in the season,” he added.


Minor Soccer

Under-10 (Monday)

Alkan Air 4

Fire-trol Canada 4

Jared Steinback and Alidas Jamnicky shared the scoring duties for Alkan, netting two each. Moya Painter was named MVP.

Fire-Trol’s scorers were Darla Jordan and Kyle Lowes, and Samantha Burgis booted in a pair. Jai Kotelko was Fire-Trol’s player of the game.

Arctic Respiratory Services 4

Clearview Autoglass 1

Wyatt Gale led Arctic Respiratory with two goals, Dylan Reed and Landon Worsfold added singles. Tony Casey was Arctic Respiratory’s top player.

Josh Harlow scored the lone Clearview goal, and Lindsay Eby was the MVP.

The Deli 4

Boston Pizza 2

Kanoa Jones scored two for the Deli, as they doubled up on Boston Pizza. Jaylene Kelly and Craig Berube scored as well, and Tori Knutson was the MVP.

Lane Davignon and Chase Hobbis scored for Boston Pizza, and Anja Aird took top player honours.

Under-12 (Monday)

RCMP Drug Awareness 5

Wal-Mart 4

Travis Pumphrey netted a pair as the Cops slipped past Wal-Mart. Mary Bennett, Geena Charlie and Brady Bonnycastle added singles. Felix Bouchard took MVP honours.

MVP Rowan Huggard scored two for Wal-Mart, and Max Melvin McNutt and James Tlen added singles.

Rodan Air 5

Locksmith 1

Rodan’s Michael Hare and Thomas Scoffin scored two each as they thumped Locksmith. Territ White added a single and James Boyle was named top player.

Dustin Moore scored Locksmith’s only goal. Caleb Smith was named top Locksmith.


Bumper to Bumper 7

BMO Bank of Montreal 5

Brayden Kulych’s three goals led the Bumpers over BMO in this high scoring tilt. Brandon Langenhan and Tyler Wiens added two goals each, and Daniel Hawkins was named MVP.

Dahria Beatty had the hat trick for BMO, while Dylan Sands added a pair. Jake Ruddy was the top Banker.

Under-11 (Monday)

Kluane Mechanical and Gartner Lee play to a draw.

A great team effort by Kluane Mechanical in the second half allowed the Mechanical crew to tie Gartner Lee. The two teams exchanged chances in the first half but Gartner Lee was ahead by two at the half on the strength of good playmaking by Scott Hunsworth and great individual effort by Michaela St Pierre.

However the second half was all Kluane Mechanical as Ryley Andrew scored on a beautiful shot from outside the penalty area and Trevor Whynot scored shortly after. MVP for Gartner Lee was Jarett Hrycan and Juliana Campbell.

Whitehorse Elks 3

AAMBOCA Ecological Services 1

 Jared Malcolm led the Elks with a pair, and Scott Peterson added one. Travis Banks was named player of the game for the Elks.

JJ Paul scored for the Ecological crew, and Cassidy Griffis took MVP honours.

A-1 Autobody 3

Narrow Gauge Contracting 2

A-1 edged past the Contractors with Gage Preece, Nigel-Sinclair Eckert and Matthew McCarthy booting in goals. Foreste Martin was A-1’s top player.

Raymond Emsley and Youge Blackburn scored for Narrow Gauge and Justin Ens was the MVP.