Senator’s Cup gets 19 new names following road relay

Local engravers have a bunch of names to etch on the Senator's Cup following this year's Klondike Trail of '98 International Road Relay over the weekend.

Local engravers have a bunch of names to etch on the Senator’s Cup following this year’s Klondike Trail of ‘98 International Road Relay over the weekend.

Nineteen runners will have their names added to the Cup that commemorates those who have completed all 10 legs of the 175-kilometre race from Skagway, Alaska to Whitehorse.

“The road relay is such a great race and I think it’s just great to have done every leg, because every leg has its own challenge and has its own beauty,” said Whitehorse’s Sue Bogle, one of this year’s entrants.

“I think I’m up to 16 or 17 years, but I hadn’t done Leg 2. I’ve done some legs multiple times, like Leg 4 and Leg 10, but Leg 2 seemed to be elusive and I finally managed get my team to agree that I could do Leg 2.”

Of the 19 runners, who now receive a commemorative pin to mark their accomplishment, 11 are from Whitehorse, five from Juneau, one from Anchorage, one from Haines and one from Atlin, B.C.

The trophy was donated the race in 2010 by Senator Dan Lang of the Yukon, who calls it the “Stanley Cup of running.”

Following its trip to the engravers, the Cup will now have 188 names on it, including Lang.

Two runners this year earned spots on the trophy all in one go. Juneau’s Klas Stolpe and Houston Laws completed all 10 legs in the new Trail of 98 ultra added this year.

So now that you’ve done all 10, which do you feel are the toughest legs to complete?

“Five and six are long legs and usually in the middle of the night – usually around four in the morning – so time-wise and distance-wise, I’d probably say five and six,’ said Bogle, who ran Legs 2 and 3 this year on the winning masters mixed team, the Renegades.

“I’m more of a long-distance runner, so my teams has tried to get me on the longer distances,” she added. “It’s easier to find someone to do Leg 2, even though it’s a tough leg, it’s just shorter.”

This year’s entrants

Sue Bogle (Whitehorse)

Andrea Buckley (Whitehorse)

Michael Ciri (Juneau)

Dona Endsley (Anchorage)

Debra Fendrick (Whitehorse)

Rob Fendrick (Whitehorse)

Robin Gilcrist (Juneau)

Jim Grammel (Juneau)

Lorrie Greer (Whitehorse)

Marnie Hartman (Haines)

Gilles Menard (Whitehorse)

David Michayluk


Forest Pearson (Whitehorse)

Michelle Rigoni (Whitehorse)

Peter Sidler (Atlin)

Melanie White (Juneau)

Sara Raster (Juneau)

Hanne Hoefs (Whitehorse)

Diane Pachiorka (Whitehorse)

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