Puck Pockets trip Seniors

Once the two teams found their footing, the Puck Pockets simply produced a little more traction in a 13-7 win over the Seniors Monday evening at the…

Once the two teams found their footing, the Puck Pockets simply produced a little more traction in a 13-7 win over the Seniors Monday evening at the Pepsi Centre.

“We’ve been off because of the Fast Pitch (tournament) so I think everyone just needed to get in the swing of things,” said Puck Pockets captain, Lindsey Birss, who batted 3-for-4 with a triple.

“We always have a slow start. We pick things up halfway through — it makes things more interesting.”

After getting individual runs in the second, third and fourth innings, the Puck Pockets’ bats ignited in the fifth, maxing out the inning by hitting the 10-rule cap.

With runners in scoring position, Devon Deweert started the scoring spree and got on base with soft grounder to score Birss. Pitcher Norm Blanchard then smacked a line drive to left field to score Mile Jordan.

A batter later with the bases loaded for the first of four times in the inning, Tracey Koss brought home Deweert with a dropped fly-ball to centre field. Picking up more steam, Matt Newman ripped a line drive up the middle to score Blanchard and Steph White.

At her second at bat in the inning, Birss racked up three RBI’s with a triple on a hit over the left-fielder. Jordan then put the final touches on Puck Pockets’ string of hits with a two-run homer to left field.

“They hit the ball well, I mean, they really hit the ball well,” said Seniors captain, Ralph (Zac) Zaccarelli. “We started hitting the ball but it was a little too late, but we’ll be OK.”

The Seniors found their bats in the bottom of the fifth, scoring six runs on six hits, but were unable to rack up the necessary runs for a comeback.

The game was called because of time restrictions before the start of the sixth.

Earl’s thumps

Sam & Andy’s

Forcing the game to an early end under the league’s mercy rule, Earl’s earned a 19-7 win over Sam & Andy’s after producing a pair of six-run innings at the start of the game.

“We played some good defence. They had a bunch of hits but we held them to a few runs,” said Earl’s Aaron France, who batted 4-for-4 in the game.

“They played in (the) Skagway (softball tournament) on the weekend too. So they’re probably tired and missing some players still.”

After getting an RBI in the first with a grounder to shortstop, Brandon Bush had the hit of the game in the second, pushing the score to 12-2.

With runners on first and third, Bush slapped a line drive over the head of the second baseman who got a piece of it. Still carrying some speed, Bush’s hit evaded the centre-fielder allowing time for him to come home, thereby giving him an inside-the-park home run.

Sam & Andy’s best inning came in the fourth when the team scored five runs. Chris Cave got the ball rolling with a grounder up the third baseline to score two runs.

“We were in Skagway all weekend, so that was kind of tough coming back from there,” said Sam & Andy’s Randy Cichon, who went 1-for-4 at the plate with a triple in the third.

“We’re all pretty tired and a couple players were pretty sore and had to stay at home and recuperate. So it was pretty tough getting going on the bats — overall we started hitting but it was a little too late.”

Up by 10 runs in the bottom of the fifth, Dan Scobit put the game to bed with a line drive up the middle, scoring two runners.

Looking ahead, France was already making predictions for the Dustball Softball Tournament coming up July 17-20.

“We’re getting ready for Dustball though,” added France.

“We’re going to win that.”

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