Porter Creek seniors sweep gold in Dawson

The 28th annual Dawson Invitational Volleyball Tournament took over the gym at Robert Service School this weekend, with 27 teams from across the…

The 28th annual Dawson Invitational Volleyball Tournament took over the gym at Robert Service School this weekend, with 27 teams from across the territory in attendance.

The Porter Creek Rams handled the competition in the senior divisions, with both the boys’ and girls’ teams defeating Vanier for the gold.

In the junior girls’ division, Porter Creek beat home team Robert Service for the gold.

The junior boys’ champs were FH Collins, Robert Service took silver.

In the Grade 7/8 divisions, Robert Service’s girls’ team beat St. Elias from Haines Junction for the gold, and the boys’ team from Mayo’s JV Clarke beat Robert Service.

The Watson Lake Bears were the only team unable to attend the tournament.


Recreational Hockey League

Friday results:

Sports North 5

Alwarid & Associates 5

Stan Connolly netted a hat trick for Sports North, while Linus Fraser and Derrick Hynes scored as well. Dale Kulych netted two assists.

Taylor Love and Blaine Monahan scored one each and assisted on two A&A. Jordan Leschart, Alex Reykdal and Mike Fraser added singles.

Narrow Gauge 5

Kluane Drillers 3

Jesse Gilday netted a pair for Narrow Gauge, while James Maltby, Adrian Bergman and Alex Vatour scored goals as well.

Doug Roberts led the Drillers, with a pair, and Tyler Murray added the third. Rob Pitzel helped out with two assists.

Saturday results:

Yukon Appliance 8

Whitehorse Mustangs 4

Joe Martin’s hat trick led the scoring, as the Appliance doubled up on the Mustangs. Jason Berkers added a pair, and Thom Minard, Dan Jirousek and Jeff Monkman scored as well.

Glen Skookum, Alex McDougall, Lowell Johnston and Kane Dawe scored for the Mustangs, and Ted Stephens had three assists.

Cinderwood Canucks 9

Southern Tutchone Storm 7

Ben Wondga netted three for the Canucks, and so did Mark King. Kirk Gale scored one and helped out on four more. Ian Kuster netted one and assisted on three. Aaron Pettitt added a goal as well.

The Storm’s Scott Horsey had a hat trick and an assist, and Darrell Sturko scored two and two assists. Shawn Kolak and Tim McIntosh scored as well. Ryan Hodgins was the playmaker will three assists.

Narrow Gauge 6

Alkan Air 4

Dan MacDonald scored twice for Narrow Gauge, while Adrian Bergman, Jordan Kulicki, Milo Jordan and Andrew Johnson scored as well.

Alkan’s scorers were Al Hansen, Charlie McLeod and Shawn Taylor, who scored two. Duane Byblow had three assists on the night.

Game7 Sports 5

Environmental Dynamics 4

The scoring was spread around in this close game. Game7’s goal-scorers were Myles Carlick, Dan Crowe, Jordan Johnston, Kristian King and Jeremy Koval, and Dan Johnson had three assists.

The Dynamic’s scorers were Dave Richard, with two, and Dan Beaudoin and Jeremy Hookham.

Sunday results:

Boston Pizza 13

Yukon Appliance 5

Derek Johnstone led the Pizza boys with an impressive 11-point game, netting five goals and six helpers. Ed Peart scored a hat trick, Rob Johnson scored two and assisted on two. Jamie Edzerza scored one and assisted on five, and Mike Nikon scored two. Jay Massie had six assists.

Yukon Appliance scorers were Jakub Jirousek, Thom Minard, Jason Berkers, Joe Martin and Jeff Monkman.

Whitehorse Mustangs 7

Southern Tutchone Storm 4

Glen Skookum led the Mustangs with two goals on Sunday, Robbie Stuckey, Owen McKinnon, Alex McDougall and Ted Stephens and Kane Dawe also scored singles.

Marlon Allen and Ryan Hodgins netted two each for the Storm.

Standings as of Monday, November 6 (win-loss-tie, points):

Division A

1st Boston Pizza, 7-3-0, 14

2nd Yukon Appliance, 5-4-1, 11

3rd Cinderwood, 5-4-1, 11

4th Whitehorse Mustangs, 4-5-0, 8

5th Air North, 4-6-0, 8

6th Southern Tutchone, 4-7-0, 8

Division B

1st Narrow Gauge, 7-2-1, 15

2nd Kluane Drillers, 6-1-2, 14

3rd Sports North, 5-2-2, 12

4th Game7 Sports, 4-3-2, 10

5th Environmental Dynamics,

2-4-3, 7

6th Envirolube/ Alkan Air, 1-7-1, 3

7th Alwarid & Associates,

0-6-3, 3

Scoring leaders (goals-assists, points)

Division A

1st Scott Horsey,

Southern Tutchone, 21-14, 35

2nd Derek Johnstone,

Boston Pizza, 15-19, 34

3rd Darrell Sturko,

Southern Tutchone, 11-11, 22

4th Joe Martin, Yukon Appliance,

14-8, 22

5th Shawn Kolak,

Southern Tutchone, 8-14, 22

Division B

1st Jordan Johnston,

Game7 Sports, 17-9, 26

2nd Dale Kulych,

Sports North, 7-18, 25

3rd Stan Connolly,

Sports North, 19-4, 23

4th Doug Roberts,

Kluane Drillers, 12-9, 21

5th Andrew Zinck,

Kluane Drillers, 10-10, 20

Indoor soccer

Coed league (Sunday)

MicMac Toyota 6

Assante 5

If you were watching the epic NFL game between the Colts and the Patriots Sunday night — you were watching the wrong game. The true clash of the titans on Sunday evening took place at the Canada Games Centre.

Fans crowded the third floor running track to see this historic match. The all black Mic Mac fine-tuned machine faced off against the Assante “purple people eaters.” Assante came on strong in the first half, but Mic Mac battled back to take the lead with seconds left.

With time running against them Mr. Diaz, the fearless purple star, made a last ditch effort to tie the game running up the sideline and receiving a pass from the mighty Greg.

All you could see from the bench was a swirl of black and purple, as the dust settled the goalie emerged clutching the ball.

Yukon Brewing 12

Pearson Dental 7

Greta Gray led Yukon Brewing scorers with three goals, while Mo Sahid, Spencer Rich, Kate Rich and Logan (no last name) scored two each. Saira Sahid added the single.

Simon Pulido netted three for Pearson Dental, and Neisha Bicudo and Greg Guttman scored as well. Mo Sahid, who crossed the floor during the game, scored two for Pearson, too.

Intersport 6

Bocelli’s 5

Lara Lewis booted in a pair for Intersport, as it edged past Bocelli’s. Amy Knowles, Geoff Zapaniuk, Mike Pare and Lenore Morris scored as well. Allison Beckman and Charlie McLeod scored two each for Bocelli’s, and David Atkin netted one.


Thursday night league:

Kumon Learning 15

Well-Read Books 14

A very close match to start off the season in the Thursday night league, as Kumon beat Well Read by just one point. Well-Read’s Ronnie-Sue Steinhagen won against Nora Mooney in four sets, and Shauna Tompkins swept Judy Ratcliffe in straight sets. For Kumon, Darren Holcombe beat Benoit Brouillard in three, and Darrin Sinclair beat David Buckler in five.

Whitehorse Travel 19

Northern Lights Optometry 11

Lara Lewis blanked Chris Ziegler for Whitehorse Travel, while Leslie Cabott beat Jeanette Carney in four sets and Patti Flather went the distance against Mark Beese, winning in five.

Tara Matechuk had Northern Lights only win, beating Ashley LaBar in three sets.

Navigo Broadband 19

Sterling Insurance 12

Jeff Wright out-squashed Bryan Gartner, winning his match for Navigo in straight sets. Zoe Walker needed four sets to win against Amberley Wolfe, and Terre Aberson beat Shari Thompson in five.

Beth Ellis won against Ryan MacKinnon in four sets, for Sterling’s only win on the night.