Pearson, Roldan conquer Ear Lake

Fifty-five orienteers enjoyed a newly mapped section of the Ear Lake map under perfect conditions on Wednesday.

Fifty-five orienteers enjoyed a newly mapped section of the Ear Lake map under perfect conditions on Wednesday.

Here are the results:

Advanced — 6.6 kilometres,    

340-metre climb

1st Forest Pearson, 60:37

2nd Afan Jones, 66:20

3rd Juri Peepre, 69:50

4th Pam Jones, 77:06

5th Justine Scheck, 98:02

Short advanced —

4.6 kilometres, 225-metre


1st J.F. Roldan, 64:48

2nd Barbara Scheck, 72:40

3rd Joe Bradle, 80:48

4th Miko Miyahara, 95:52

5th Lars Fossum, 111:44

Intermediate —

three kilometres,

160-metre climb

1st Michael Abbott, 35:34

2nd Logan Roots, 36:30

3rd Lee Hawkins, 36:34

4th Rhiannon Jones, 38:00

5th Georgi Pearson, 50:19

Novice — two kilometres,

80-metre climb

1st The Traynors, 24:00

2nd Trevor Bray 25:20

3rd Galena Roots,

Sara Forsyth, 30:10

4th Don Duncan,

Jenna Duncan, 31:30

5th Sean Balsillie,

Lester Balsillie, 34:20

5th The Stokes, 34:20

Whitehorse Minor Soccer

Under-16 (Thursday)

Medicine Chest 8

Colad Laser Esthetics 2

The Chest had plenty of scoring on Thursday, and its passing game was working well.

Matt Wolysnuk led the way with a hat trick and Samantha Macklon added a pair. MVP Grant McWatters, Savannah Marks and Adam Vickerman scored as well.

Janelle Greer and Lee Hawkings found the net for Colad, and Graedon Ferguson was the MVP.

Under-16 (Tuesday)

Audette Construction 6

Quarton & Sutherland 5

Cory Birckel and Sean Charbonneau both notched a pair for Audette, while Scott Longman, Chantal Bergeron and Cody Reaume singled.

Josh Blythe scored three goals for Q&S, and Rhiannon Jones and Jeremy Johnson added one each. MVPs were Josh Scheffen for Audette and Josh Blythe for Q&S.

Under-13 (Thursday)

New West Technologies 6

Intersport 1

New West took charge in this match, with Cameron Weeks and Mac Potter scoring two each. Brad Gustafson and Juliana Nunez added singles, and Ashley Barnett was named player of the game.

Scoring for Intersport was Theorin Richards, and Brandi Scobie took MVP honours.

Versatile Rentals 4

ReMax 2

Ale Adamek’s hat trick led Versatile, as they doubled up on ReMax. Jake Jacobs added the fourth goal and Kelsea Cook was the top player.

William Thomson scored both ReMax goals, and Donald Fortune was named MVP.

Soccer Tots top kickers (Thursday)

Tim Hortons – Grace Sheardown-Waugh, Abby Preece and Caelon Workman.

Whitehorse Coed Slo-pitch

Standings as of June 15

(win-loss-tie, points):

Division 1

1st Whitehorse Dental,

7-0-1, 13

2nd Len’s Painting, 5-2-1, 9

3rd AFD Trappers, 3-4-0, 6

4th CYFN Chiefs, 3-4-0, 6

5th Sam & Andy’s, 3-5-0, 6

6th King Construction,

3-5-0, 6

7th Kal Tire, 2-6-0, 4

Division 2

1st Whitco, 5-3-0, 10

2nd Sportslodge, 4-3-1, 9

3rd Roadhouse, 4-4-0, 8

4th Co-Operaiders, 4-3-0, 8

5th Territorial Auto Parts,

4-4-0, 8

6th Chilkoot Brewers, 3-3-1, 7

7th Roche Firth Financial,

2-6-0, 4

Division 3

Bike Relay Results

(top three in each category)

Mixed eight

1st Mavis Rumble

Strips, 8:56

2nd Preton & the Neutrons, 9:04

3rd Green Shirt Day, 9:34

Men’s eight

1st Spent Legs, 8:44

2nd More Cowbell, 8:55

3rd Sprocket Rocket Family, 8:56

Women’s eight

1st Caution: Runners on Bikes, 9:38

2nd Nice Aasman, 10:03

3rd Another Roadside Attraction, 10:25

Mixed four

1st Tour du Haines, 7:55

2nd Happy Crampers, 8:18

3rd The Chain Gang Remix, 8:23

Men’s four

1st The Wrong Trousers, 7:06 (1st overall time)

2nd Street Meat, 7:21 (2nd overall)

3rd SCJJ, 7:23 (3rd overall)

Women’s four

1st Rocket Girls, 8:12

2nd Meadia Chicks on Slicks, 8:18

3rd Four She’s to the Wind, 8:28

Mixed pair

1st Papa & T, 7:56

2nd Inform Cycle, 8:05

3rd Double Shifting, 8:53

Men’s pair

1st Spoke n’ Two, 7:40

2nd deedledeeanddeedledum, 8:15

3rd Kluane 2 Chilkat, 8:18

Women’s Pair

1st Too Tired, 9:30

2nd Mark Connell, 9:40

3rd Outback Imports, 10:21

Solo Men

1st Rocky Reifenstuhl, 7:39 (5th overall)

2nd You Only Need One, 7:41

3rd Tastes Like Chicken, 7:45

Solo Women

1st Janice Tower, 9:04

2nd TnT, 9:15

3rd Only Toad, 9:50

Red Lantern –

No Sweat, 14:58

1st Faro Flaming Marshmallows, 8-1-0, 16

2nd Discovery Bar Brew Jays,

8-2-0, 16

3rd Catalyst Communications, 8-1-0, 14

4th Air Cargo Express,

6-2-1, 11

5th Senior Games Team,

5-4-1, 9

6th Coke, 4-5-0, 8

7th AFAB Roofing, 4-5-0, 8

8th Cash Plan, 4-5-0, 8

9th Geronimo’s Elks, 3-7-0, 6

10th Emco Eliminators,

2-7-0, 4

11th Yukon Inn, 2-7-0, 4

12th The Zoo, 3-6-0, 4

13th 202 Wild, 2-7-0, 4

 Men’s Commercial Golf

This weeks big winners in the skins format were Roadhouse Bar & Grill, Yukon Tire Mechanical, and Kal Tire. Matco Transportation took over first place with a win over Low Net.

Standings as of June 15:

1st Matco Transporation, 32

2nd Missing Links, 30

3rd Low Net, 29

4th Roadhouse Bar & Grill, 29

5th Emco Foreskins, 28

6th P&M Recycling, 28

7th The Chain Gang, 27

8th Yukon Tire Mechanical, 27

9th Feature Foods, 25

10th Northerm, 23

11th Norline Coaches, 22

12th Mackay & Partners, 22

13th Whitehorse Business

Machines, 21

14th Kal Tire, 21

15th Irving Collision, 20

16th Olson Construction, 18

17th NuWay Crushing, 17

18th Airline Inn, 16

19th Totaltrac Yukon, 16

20th Shoppers Drug, 16

21st Northwestel, 15

22nd Talmark/Sit Easy, 13

23rd Macdonald & Co., 13

24th Triple “J” Services, 12

25th Casa Loma Motel, 10

26th Skookum Asphalt, 5

27th RoadHouse Offsales

Relics, 4

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