Parker way ahead on the Range Road Loop

Velonorth At last — sun (lots), heat (25 Celsius) and no wind — a perfect day for a road race.


At last — sun (lots), heat (25 Celsius) and no wind — a perfect day for a road race.

Or is it too hot?

Well, what we know is that a lot of people showed up Wednesday evening to take on what is possibly the toughest road course we have — four laps of the infamous Range Road Loop Course.

This course has earned its infamy from the short steep climb from McIntyre Creek on Range Road to the bus turnaround at the top of the hill.

At the end of the race it appeared that there was at least one rider who wasn’t impressed by the course or the hill.

Ian Parker rode away from the other men in the Elite category, completing the four laps in 52 minutes and 36 seconds.

Glen Iceton was second across the line a little over one minute and 20 seconds later.

Shawn McCarron was the first to finish. He accomplished that in 55 minutes and 28 seconds.

Expert women competitor Allison Furniss finished first in 56 minutes and 24 seconds.


Expert men

1st Ian Parker, 52:36

2nd Glen Iceton, 53:53

3rd Jerome McIntyre, 53:59

4th Brad Barton, 54:00

5th Scott Kerby, 54:26

Expert women

1st Allison Furniss, 56:24

2nd Duchane Richard, 64:25

3rd Trina Irving, 70:00

Sport men

1st Shawn McCarron, 55:28

2nd Jud Dueling, 55:38

3rd Tom Ullyett, 56:25

4th Darren Holcombe, 56:26

5th Mark Connell, 58:40

6th Bob Bowerman, 60:12

7th Ryan Burlingame, 61:45

8th Randy Lamb, 63:50

Sport women

1st Kelsie Kaeanak, 63:49

2nd Katlin MacDonald, 71:16

3rd Corlie Ullyett, 76:57

Intersport Fun Run

Tuesday’s weekly Intersport Five-Kilometre Fun Run/Walk had a near record turn-out of 59 runners and walkers.

Under favourable weather conditions with a temperature of about 21 and a moderate breeze from the South.

Starting near the entrance to FH Collins, the route followed the Millennium Trail to the top of the dam and then back on Nisutlin Drive to Lewes Blvd and then back to FH Collins.

Once again, the overall winner of the run was Rodney Hulstein, a member of Brock University’s cross country team. He covered the course in 17:15.

Hulstein spent most of the run pacing second-place finisher Scott Westberg to a personal best of 17:49.

With less than a kilometre to go, Hulstein shifted into overdrive leaving Westberg and the third place finisher — veteran speedster Bill Parry (18:00) — in awe.

On the women’s side, an upset occurred.

Sue Bogle, the Queen of this season’s runs, was in first place at the three-kilometre mark where she was overtaken by upstart Melissa O’Brien.

A quietly fierce competitor, Bogle stayed with O’Brien for the last two, but lost the sprint at the finish line by just a single second.

In the end, O’Brien finished at 20:13, Bogle at 20:14. The third-pace finisher was Josianne Markley (22:00).

The female side of the five-kilometre walking event featured two of the big guns of the race-walking community.

Arlene Ogden and Ruth Hall faced off.

Ogden did her best to stay with and reel in Hall, but Hall finished in 33:41 with Ogden 38 seconds behind her at 34:19.

This was Hall’s fastest time of the season.

On the male side of the walk, stalwart race walker Rick Griffiths had to contend with two unexpected competitors.

Powered by lawyers’ jokes, Phillip Gibson and Tom Ullyett zoomed ahead of Griffiths in the first kilometre.

Using a walk-run technique, Gibson led Ullyett for the first half, but Ullyett ended up finishing 43 seconds ahead of Gibson at 30:52.

Upcoming Athletics Yukon events:

July 19 — Sportslife Trail Run — 6:30 p.m., Chadburn Lake ski trailhead, leg four of the Yukon River Trail Marathon.

July 21 — The 29th Annual Midnight Dome Race, Dawson. The 7.2-kilometre run starts from Palace Grand Theatre at 10 a.m.; walkers start first at 9:30 a.m. Registration Friday, July 21st at Minto Park (Music Festival Park) from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

July 22 — Mt. Lorne Mis-Adventure Cross Country Run, Mt. Lorne. The 21-kilometre run starts at 10  a.m.

Results: Intersport Fun Run (Tuesday)

Female 5-kilometre run

1st Melissa O’Brien, 20:13

2nd Sue Bogle, 20:14

3rd Josianne Markley, 22:00

4th Pam James, 22:55

5th Jenny Trapnell, 24:15

6th Megan Phillips, 24:38

7th Maryanne Ferguson, 24:50

8th Margaret Mundell, 25:22

9th Elyn Jones, 25:23

10th Ginny Macdonald, 26:02

11th Irina Shempliner, 26:41

12th Coralie Ullyett, 27:23

13th Brenda Dion, 27:33

14th Cassandra Kelly, 28:11

15th Heather McIntyre, 28:18

16th Wendy Tayler, 28:37

17th Astrid Grawehr, 30:04

18th Cheryl Meyer, 30:05

19th Sharon Welsh, 32:36

20th Nancy Brady, 33:17

21st Catherine Zeigler, 33:17

2.5-kilometre run   

1st Alexis Gee, 15:12

3-kilometre run

1st Chelysea Mitchell, 17:41

2nd Tayler Mitchell, 17:41

3rd Amy MacDonald, 18:00

4th Ashley Leas, 18:21

5th Kaitlyn Mitchell, 19:25

6th Megan Lanigan, 19:48

5-kilometre walk

1st Ruth Hall, 33:41

2nd Arlene Ogden, 34:19

3rd Margaret Griffiths, 39:18

4th Doris Dart, 42:12

5th Tracy Alderidge, 42:09

Male 5-kilometre run

1st Rodney Hulstein, 17:15

2nd Scott Westberg, 17:49

3rd Bill Parry, 18:00

4th Sebastian Markley, 18:45

5th Rob Westberg, 18:47

6th John Parry, 19:01

7th Boris Hoefs, 19:03

8th Pierre C., 19:49

9th Chris Hogan, 20:01

10th Don White, 20:46

11th Patrick Anderson, 21:25

12th Ammon Hoefs, 21:35

13th Caleb Kelly, 22:34

14th James Yeulet, 21:15

15th Jason Gendron, 24:16

16th Bryan Craven, 24:33

17th Andrew Wolchuk, 24:33

18th Grant Macdonald, 24:44   

19th Brian Mottus, 25:02

20th Loic Markley, 26:41

21st Carl Rumschiedt, 27:07

22nd Jim Newnham, 27:43

5-kilometre walk

1st Tom Ullyett, 30:52

2nd Phillip Gibson, 31:35

3rd Rick Griffiths, 34:05

4th Lorne Whittaker, 42:07

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