One point separates top scores at archery tourney

The top two scores at the Winter Archery Tournament were posted by archers with compound bows. That's where the similarities end.

The top two scores at the Winter Archery Tournament were posted by archers with compound bows. That’s where the similarities end.

Only one point separated Paul Getson, in the men’s 50+ division, and 17-year-old Jacy Sam, in the female cadet divison, at the tournament hosted by the Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle on Sunday at Takhini Elementary School.

Getson, who had the high score on the day with a 438, just got back into archery this year after a roughly 10-year break. He was using a bow he bought in 1995.

“A couple years ago I got a new string for the bow because the strings do wear out eventually, and I restrung it but then developed a cataract on my shooting eye,” said Getson. “A year ago in October I had the cataract fixed.”

“I’m surprised I shot as much as I did today,” he added. “The way I was shooting the last couple weeks, I was lucky if I was hitting the target.”

Sam competed in her first archery competition – an outdoor competition – in October.

She finished Sunday with a score of 437 as the top female, just a point behind Getson.

“I tried to beat him – it didn’t work,” said Sam.

“I was just having fun. I think of tournaments and competitions like this as a fun event because it doesn’t happen all the time throughout the year.

“Paul and I were having a little one-on-one – who could get the best score.”

Sam is the alternate for Yukon’s archery team heading to the Canada Winter Games this February in Prince George, B.C.

On the four-person team are Kyland Simon and Surene Pretorius for recurve, and Elias Barlow-White and Nila Helms for compound.

Simon shot a 309 and Helms a 408 on Sunday.

“I just do it for fun – that’s the whole thing,” added Getson. “Eventually I’d like to do a little hunting (for) small game and I’m at the point where I think I could hit something if I had to.”

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Individual Scores

Male pre-cub recurve

1st Hayes Bateman – 393

2nd Kamrin Yeulet – 325

Male cub recurve

1st Kyland Simon – 309

2nd Drayvon Yeulet – 164

Female cub compound

1st Nila Helms – 408

Male cub compound

1st Kyle Lloyd – 212

Female cadet compound

1st Jacy Sam – 437

2nd Leslie Kramer – 402

Male cadet barebow

1st Morgan Dumkee – 222

Female senior barebow

1st Laurence Rowles – 192

Male senior barebow

1st Paul Canning – 282

Male master 50+ barebow

1st Tom Rowles – 279

Male master 50+ compound

1st Paul Getson – 438

Male master 60+ barebow

1st Wayne Crowe – 329

2nd Rob Ingram – 307

Team Events

Team 300

1st Rob Ingram/Leslie Kramer

– 203

2nd Nila Helms/Tom Rowles

– 158

3rd Kyland Simon/Drayvon Yeulet – 152

Christmas tree cleaning

1st Wayne Crowe/Jacy Sam

2nd Leslie Kramer/Tom Rowles

3rd Morgan Dumkee/Paul Getson