O’Brien, Hulstein post fastest finishes in the 5K

There were 31 runners and walkers out in the cooler temperatures and rain for this August 1st Intersport event.

There were 31 runners and walkers out in the cooler temperatures and rain for this August 1st Intersport event.

The first person to cross the finish line on the five-kilometre course was Rodney Hulstein in a time of 16:51; the first female to cross the finish line was Melissa O’Brien in a time of 21:03. The first person to cross the 2.5-kilometre course finish line was Martin Nishikawa in a time of 12:18.


Female 5-kilometre run

1st Melissa O’Brien, 21:03

2nd Janet Clarke, 22:51

3rd Leah Anderson, 25:50

4th Jackie Harrison, 27:09

5th Emily Sessford, 27:48

6th Sylvie Papp, 29:58

7th Kasandra Ryane, 42:30

Male 5-kilometre run

1st Rodney Hulstein, 16:51

2nd Ray Sabo, 16:59

3rd Nathan Doering, 17:21

4th Scott Westberg, 17:49

5th Daniel Sessford, 19:34

6th Don White, 19:58   

7th Keith Thaxter, 20:17

8th Glenn Iceton, 21:13

9th Trevor Mead-Robins,


10th Roger Hulstein, 22:05

11th Ken Sylvestre, 22:21

12th Michael Doering, 22:38

13th Jean-Francois Latour,


14th Dan Macdonald, 24:58

15th Tim Shoniker, 27:33

Female 5-kilometre walk

1st Arlene Ogden, 33:36

2nd Maggie Griffiths, 36:15

3rd Doris Dart, 40:32

4th Barbro Keeley, 42:59

5th Karin Keeley, 43:19

Male    5-kilometre walk

1st Rick Griffiths,     38:03

2nd Lorne Whittaker, 42:04

Female 2.5-kilometre run

1st Alexis Gee, 14:42

Male    2.5-kilometre run

1st Martin Nishikawa, 12:18

Whitehorse Coed


Standings as of August 3rd (win-loss-tie, points):

Division One

1st CYFN Chiefs, 7-2-0, 14

2nd Whitehorse Dental,

5-2-1, 11

3rd Sam & Andy’s, 4-4-0, 8

4th Kal Tire, 4-5-0, 8

5th AFD Trappers, 3-6-0, 6

6th King Construction,

3-5-1, 5

7th Len’s Painting, 3-5-0, 4

Division Two

1st Chilkoot Brewers,

7-1-1, 13

2nd Whitco, 4-4-0, 8

3rd Territorial Auto Parts,

3-3-2, 8

4th Roadhouse, 3-2-4, 8

5th Sportslodge, 3-5-1, 7

6th Co-Operaiders, 3-5-1, 7

7th Roche Firth Financial,

2-5-1, 5

Division Three

1st Faro Flaming Marshmallows, 8-1-0, 16

2nd Coke, 7-0-2, 16

3rd Senior Games Team,

7-0-2, 12

4th Geronimo’s Elks,

5-5-0, 10

5th Discovery Bar Brew Jays,

4-4-1, 9

6th Yukon Inn, 4-4-1, 7

7th Cash Plan, 3-5-1, 7

8th 202/Wild, 3-5-1, 7

9th The Zoo Tanning & Apparel, 2-6-1, 5

10th Emco Eliminators,

2-7-1, 5

11th Catalyst Communications, 3-4-2, 4

12th Air Cargo Express,

2-5-2, 4

13th AFAB Roofing, 2-6-2, 4

Float in your boat

Do you have shipbuilding and navigating in your blood?

Amateur builders can test their lake-worthiness at the inaugural Cardboard Boat Float, August 26th at Long Lake.

Using only cardboard, duct tape, plastic wrap and Styrofoam, boat-builders must create a craft that will hold one or two sailors.

The craft will be judged on speed, durability and visual appearance.

Participants must have lifejackets.

Call Elder Rodebush at 456-7469 for more details.