Brothers Declan and Nigel Wise push to the finish at the Yukon Orienteering Association’s Aug. 9 meet. (Courtesy/Barbara Scheck)

Brothers Declan and Nigel Wise push to the finish at the Yukon Orienteering Association’s Aug. 9 meet. (Courtesy/Barbara Scheck)

More than 50 athletes participate in orienteering meet

Orienteers navigate four courses

A total of 57 orienteers participated in the Yukon Orienteering Association’s meet on Aug. 9 at the Canyon City Pullout down Chadburn Lake Road.

Using the Chadburn Lake map, four courses were designed by Rachel Moser and Barbara Scheck of the orienteering association.

The organizers said it was an excellent turnout for a late summer evening with hot competition in the expert category and a robust youth showing. Additionally, some groups had three generations of orienteers.

There were four courses participants could choose from at the meet: novice, intermediate, advanced and expert.

According to the organizers, the 1.9-kilometre novice course was the perfect length for the multi-generational family groups. The frequent trail junctions offered many opportunities for positive reinforcement as the youngest orienteers delighted in using the electronic timing system, organizers said.

Noelia Turcotte and Rima Khouri finished the novice course with the fastest time of 27:51. Eoin and Tadhg Sheridan followed at 37:27, while Wendy Tayler, Chelsea Mitchell and Atticus Mitchell-Richards had a timestamp of 38:11. Justine Scheck, Derek, Linden and Selwynn Cronmiller finished with a 55:41 timestamp.

The 2.5-km intermediate course offered some route options as participants were required to leave the trails. The organizers said another three-generation family group tackled this course with strong showings from the Wise brothers and Ian Turcotte.

Daniel Dreiseitl finished the intermediate course with a 23:21 timestamp, while Judith Van Gulick placed second at 27:26. Declan and Nigel Wise followed at 27:50, with Joan Stanton, Madeleine Williams, Miya Nishikawa and Gloria Mok then coming in at 33:43. Ian Turcotte finished at 34:58.

The 3.4-km advanced course took participants into technical terrain and more forested areas.

Pia Blake finished at 56:50, Sara Nielsen at 68:25, while Carl Turcotte had a time of 83:59.

In the 4.8-km expert course, organizers said local orienteers just edged out Czech mapper Radim Ondracek, who is revising some of the association’s maps this summer.

Benoit Turcotte finished at 47:51, Leif Blake at 48:34, Forest Pearson at 49:39 and Radim Ondracek at 49:44. Darren Holcombe had a 64:51 timestamp, while Afan Jones came in at 64:53 and Jeremy Johnson finished at 68:21.

The next regular meet takes place on Aug. 23 using the Copper Ridge map. More information is available at

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