Molars take a bite out of Kilrich

Hockey Oldtimers league (Sunday) Klondyke Dental Molars 7 Kilrich 3 The Molars chewed up Kilrich on Sunday, with mighty Mitch Organ’s two…


Oldtimers league (Sunday)

Klondyke Dental Molars 7

Kilrich 3

The Molars chewed up Kilrich on Sunday, with mighty Mitch Organ’s two goals leading the charge. Lance Bevllacqua, Gary Boyd, Bob Allison, Ken Vickerman and Steve Reynolds rounded out the scoring.

Kilrich’s scorers were Tony Clennett, Wade Harrison and Paul Lackowicz


Firth Rangers 5

Edgewater Windsors 4

Sean McAskie scored a pair for the Rangers, and Tim Vincent, Dave Ecker and Stu Mackay added singles. Brian Gudmundson helped out on three goals, while Al Hammond, Brian Boorse, Dennis Shewfelt and Mike Kenny recorded assists as well.

Gary Vantell’s goal and assist led Edgewater’s offence. Brent Stokes, Morley Lessard and Shelby Workman scored for the Windsors as well. Joel White, Ernie Jamieson and Al Lane assisted.


AON Flames 3

Medicine Chest 2

John Periera, Lorne Burnett and Martin Trudeau scored for the Flames. Gord Kuchler, Terry Berquist and Jim Giczi assisted.

 Kevin Neufeld and Brian Love scored for the Chest.


Yukon Inn 5

Performance Centre Turbos 3

George Skookum netted a pair for the Inn. Mike Blower scored once and helped out with two assists. Glen Heinbigner added a goal and an assist.

Greg Bull had a goal, and Frank Thomas and Bernie Adilman provided two assists each.

 Tom Amson, Laurie Malo and Tim Turner-Davis scored for the Turbos.

Don Hrehirchek, Darrin Fredrickson, Bob Candow and Blaine Demchuk added assists.

Atom division (Sunday)

Gem Gas 6

Esso Tigers 4

Riley Pettitt led Gem to victory over the Tigers with two goals and an assist, while Scott Meredith scored a pair as well. Chris Anderson and Craig Berube added singles, and Scott Hunston helped out on a pair.

For the Tigers, Mike Arnold led the scoring with a goal and two assists, with Lane Davignon, Adam Waddington and Trevor Whynot scoring singles.



Coed league (Sunday)

Sanchez Cantina 11

Assante Financial 10

 A close, high-scoring affair with  Sanchez’ Simon Pulido, Bill Bennett and Kate Rich all scoring two goals, and Bruce Todd, Leilah Cross, Sandy Nyland, Leslie Gomm and Spencer Rich adding singles.

Assante’s scoring came from Billy Bromell, Ian Oostindye and Heidi Reaume, all scoring a pair. Geoff (no last name provided) scored a hat trick, and Tim Shoniker added a single.

Traduction ABC Translation 8

 Pearson Dental 2

Ashraf Mahmoud led ABC with a pair of goals, and singles were scored by Joanne Paré, Aubyn Russell, Greg Bryce, Sarah Woods, Joel Macht and Jenni Beauregard.

Mike Paré scored both of Pearson’s goals.


Women’s league (Thursday)

Takhini Gas 60

Airport Chalet 57

A close match with Takhini Gas high-scorers Ann Jirousek (22 points) and Valerie Ireland (20 points) leading the way.

Airport Chalet high-scorers were Michelle Massie (22 points) and Alcina Banks (18 points)



Sunday Junior league

Honda 29

Microage 12

Honda gave Microage a good spanking on Sunday, winning all but one match in this lopsided tussle.

Tamara Matechuk beat Microage’s Eric Fekete in three sets, as did Braedan Brickner and Denis Godin, over David Lister and Logan Bull, respectively.

Zoe Walker needed four sets to put away Sophia Flather, and Shaun Stinson beat Ian March in four as well.

Erik Jacobsen was Microage’s only winner after beating Haley Thomson in straight sets.

Canada Flooring 25

Pacific Northwest 22

The second junior series of the night proved to be a more competitive one, with both teams winning three matches.

Jeanette Carney and Jessica Borgford won against Chantal Emond and Stephen Grundmanis, respectively, both matches went four sets.

Pacific Northwest’s Kelly Panchysyn swept Aziz Van Gassen, and Jasper Martin did the same to Gavin Nyland.

Jane Bell beat Robert McMynn in four sets

Canada Flooring managed to become the overall higher score because of a default win by Rory Gibson.


1st Canada Flooring, 191

2nd Pacific Northwest, 179

3rd Vandelay Systems, 166

4th Honda, 164

5th Microage, 139