Mobile Maintenance wins 30 goal game

By Tom Patrick News Reporter In one of the highest scoring games of the season, Mobile Maintenance's momentum ebbed and flowed, but they eventually had a big second half, retaking the lead and defeating Northland Beverages 19-11 in U-13 soccer Wednesday.

In one of the highest scoring games of the season, Mobile Maintenance’s momentum ebbed and flowed, but they eventually had a big second half, retaking the lead and defeating Northland Beverages 19-11 in U-13 soccer Wednesday.

Mobile came out sharp, edging up to a 4-0 lead but soon fell into a 6-6 tie as Northland’s Ryan Chippett opened the scoring for his team and teammate Megan Lanigan went on a five-goal streak. With 34 seconds left in the half, Chippett put in his fourth goal to give his team their only lead of the game.

“Our team started to pass, started to play together,” said Northland coach Kelly Lanigan, speaking of the first half. “Then in the second half we fell apart.

“There was a bit of dissension in the ranks; they fell apart. In the last three, four minutes they came back together and got a goal.”

In the second half the Mobile squad put the game in a stranglehold, scoring 10 consecutive goals, including five straight by Sam Burgis, who played in net for the first half.

Other big scorers for Mobile were Kieran Morehouse with five, Noah Von Flotow with three and Jeni Pierce with three.

“She’s awesome at soccer,” said Burgis of Pierce, who was named MVP. “She’s just so speedy. She scored a hat trick, she got an assist and she complimented other players.”

Snatching the MVP credit for Northland was Shara Kearney.

“She played outstanding in net the first half,” said Lanigan. “She let in only nine of 100 shots.”

Coldwell shuts

down Medicine Chest

There’s a reason why passing in from the wing to a striker in front of the net is practiced so much in soccer: it works.

In an 11-0 shutout performance by Coldwell Bankers over Medicine Chest Pharmacy Wednesday in U-11 soccer, the majority of the goals were scored in this fashion.

“We work a lot on passing with the team and we were passing really well today,” said Coldwell coach Lorne Harris. “We concentrate on positioning—they were playing their positions really well and they were shooting really well.”

Topping the list for Coldwell were Graydon McDonnell with four goals and Logan Harris with three

“Both of them are really strong players and both of them did really well today with their shooting and passing,” said coach Harris.

Scoring the fourth goal of the second half was Zakary Endress, who earned the MVP nod because of tricky shot.

“He had a beautiful goal and a beautiful volley,” said Harris. “There came a pass through the air and he volleyed it—he kicked it right into the goal. It’s quite hard to do and he did it very well.”

Akshay Malhotra was handed the MVP honours for Medicine Chest.

Other scorers were Frejean Pourier with two and Yuvanty Pourier with a single.

Other results

Tuesday U-16

Energy North 9, Locksmith Services 5

Energy North scorers: Harold Risby 2, Patrick Vaughan 1, Martin Sealy 3, Jack Lanigan 1, Robyn Fortune1, Mac Potter 1, MVP Harold Risby

Locksmith scorers: Travis Pumphrey 3, Joaquin McWatters 2, MVP Casey McWatters

Alkan Air 10, Woodhouse Business Consulting 6

Alkan scorers: Garet Heynen 1, Dillon Vickerman 2, Kyle Risby 3, Robin Stacey 4, MVP Fiona Azizaj

Woodhouse scorers: Ian Wintemute 3, Adam Torgerson 2, Robbie Borud 1, MVP Jessica Woodhouse

Tuesday U-7

Soccer Shoppe 1, DHL Express 0

Shoppe scorers: Ben Shier 1, MVP Austin Au

DHL MVP: n/a

Monday U-13

Titan Gaming 11, Pristine Auto 5

Titan scorers: Logan Frasier 4, Emily Wilson 2, Wynn White 2, Kyle Wallace1, Dylan Reed1, Aidan Witterwall1, MVP Emily Wilson

Pristine scorers: Nicola Lazeo-Fairman 5, MVP Nahanni Dynes

The Deli 9, Northland Beverages 2

Deli scorers: Jaylene Kelly 4, Kate Power 2, Will Rees 2, Tristan Walsh 1, MVP Kate Power

Northland scorers: Anja Aird 1, Camila Lopez 1, MVP Anja Aird

Better Bodies 7, Sportslife 4

Better Bodies scorers: Travis Banks 3, Graham Mainer-Pearson 2, Quinton Sterrah 1, Kasey Fernandes 1, MVP Travis Banks

Sportslife scorers: Owen Hedstrom-Langford 3, Steven Qui 1, MVP Riston Annau

Monday U-11

Mic Mac Toyota Flamefighters 4, Coates Service Yukon Limited 1

Mic Mac scorers: Luka van Randen 3, Emily Ross 1, MVP Emily Ross

Coates scorer: Simon Cash 1, MVP Abby Hawes

Dirkbuilt Contracting 8, Goal Done Contracting 1

Dirkbuilt scorers: JJ Cannings 4, Ehsan Idrees 1, Tristan Rentmeister 1, Elias Sagar 1, Peter Jacobs 1, MVP Quintessa Maltais

Done scorer: Dustin Muckosky 1, MVP Kelcy Armstrong

Coldwell Banker 7, Wintemute Electric 3

Coldwell scorers: Graydon McDonnell 1, Logan Harris 3, Anna Janowicz 1, Frejean Pourier 1, Yuranty Pourier 1, MVP Logan Harris

Wintemute scorers: Sam Wintemute 1, Matthew Ng 1, Jude Lemoine 1, MVP

Matthew Ng

Underhill 10, Medicine Chest Pharmacy 3

Underhill scorers: Benjamin Grundmanis 3, Brayden Lafleur 3, Brandon Barrett1, Mustafa Syed 2, Spencer Panter 1, MVP Jessica Wilson

Medicine scorers: Reed Philpott 2, Sam Bonar I, MVP Reed Philpott

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