Miss Yukon claims territory’s first international title

Whitehorse’s Jennifer Perrin has held numerous titles during her pageant career. Now she has an international one to add to the list.

Whitehorse’s Jennifer Perrin has held numerous titles during her pageant career.

Now she has an international one to add to the list.

Perrin, who has had the title of Miss Yukon for years, won the petite title (for contestants shorter than 167 centimetres) at the Miss Tourism Intercontinental pageant in the Dominican Republic this past August.

Miss Tourism Petite Intercontinental 2016 marks the first international pageant title won by a Miss Yukon.

“It was an amazing experience and it was great to meet people from all over the world,” said Perrin. “There were five of us who travelled from (Canada) and out Little Miss won the children’s category as well. So it was really exciting that we got to bring back two major titles.”

The 27-year-old, who competed as Miss Canada, claimed two titles in the Dominican. She also took the Photogenic Award following the runway modeling segment of the pageant.

“It’s not something I had a lot of experience with,” said Perrin. “We got to get creative, which was nice, and they judged us on a number of things like creativity of our outfit and our walk.”

Perrin’s initiation into pageantry had a fortuitous beginning. She was invited to represent Yukon after she was spotted by an executive from Miss Canada Globe National Pageants while a contestant on the game show Wipeout Canada in 2012.

Since then Perrin has gone on to be named Miss Canada Charity, Miss Petite Beauty International first runner-up and Miss Face of Petite World.

With those titles, including the runway modeling one, exciting opportunities are presenting themselves.

“There have definitely been a lot of opportunities since I won the title,” said Perrin. “I’ve had invitations to model in a couple fashion shows in Toronto, including — unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it because school takes up my life — Rocky Gathercole, who is one of the top designers. He actually makes costumes for Katy Perry. I was invited to walk in his fashion show, so there are a lot of doors opening. So hopefully over Christmas, or when I have more spare time, I can take advantage of those opportunities.”

Perrin is most definitely a busy person. She is currently in her third year studying nursing at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ont.

She volunteers a few evenings each week at a hospital in Kingston and makes appearances as Miss Yukon/Miss Canada at events, such as charity walks, on top of her studies. Perrin also helps at other pageants, like the Miss Canada Globe Pageant where it all started for her.

“August is a bit of a blur for me because as soon as I got back, like every year, we had our national pageant in Toronto, so I had to help with running that — doing all sorts of judging and things like that,” she said.

Perrin will return to the Miss Tourism Intercontinental in the Dominican next summer to pass on her title and crown next year’s winner. Nothing would make her happier for it to be another Yukoner.

She has recruited other young Yukoners for pageants in the past, like Whitehorse’s Alissa Budzinski, who was named Miss Teen Canada Charity at the Miss Canada Globe Productions in 2014.

This past September’s Miss Canada Globe didn’t have a Yukon contestant in any category.

“The past few years … we always had someone from Yukon and they always did really well,” said Perrin. “So this past year was the first since before me that we didn’t have anyone from Yukon, so I’m really hoping we can find someone to take on that role…. Last year we had four girls from Nunavut, surprisingly, and no one from Yukon.

“If people look at what I’ve done, it’s an opportunity to travel all over the place and it’s opened up a lot of great opportunities. I know in the Yukon we always embrace those kind of opportunities.”

Those interested in learning more about pageants can contact Perrin directly at jennifer.perrin@hotmail.com.

“I’d like to continue on with pageants, but realizing that school is busy right now, that won’t occur until I’m done my degree,” said Perrin.

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