Minard’s seven goals couldn’t topple the pizza crew

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey League Saturday results: Boston Pizza 12 Yukon Appliance Blues 10 Lance Brown led the pizza boys to victory at…

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey League

Saturday results:

Boston Pizza 12

Yukon Appliance Blues 10

Lance Brown led the pizza boys to victory at Takhini Arena with four goals and four assists, while Derek Johnstone scored four and helped out on three.

Bryan Ceirial had the hat trick and James Edzerza added a single.

For the Blues, Tom Minard scored a ridiculous seven goals, and added an assist as well. Cary Goodman scored one and helped out on four more, while Curtis Goodman and Daryn Leas added singles.


Southern Tutchone Storm 11

Cinderwood Canucks 7

The Storm raged all over the Canucks with Scott Horsey’s five goals leading the way. Shawn Kolok and Darrell Sturko added a pair each and Matt Horsey and Tim McIntosh added singles.

Cinderwood’s Jaxon Glass scored four goals, Mark King notched a pair and Curt Campbell added one.

Environmental Dynamics 10

Envirolube/Alkan Air 3

Jeremy Harper’s hat trick led the Dynamic squad over Alkan. Justin Hallowity scored two, while Brian Douglas, Andy Conners, Dan Beaudoin, Alain Desrocher and Marc Dugre added a goal each.

Alkan’s goals were scored by Pete Mostyn, Leroy Wolfe and Brent Byers.

Game7 Sports 4

Alward & Associates 4

Jordan Johnston scored three for Game 7, and Miles Karlick added a single, in this even scoring match up.

Ralph Sembsmoen scored a pair for Alward, and Blaine Monahan and Sean Eyding scored as well.

Sunday results:

Southern Tutchone Storm wins by default over Yukon Appliance.

Cinderwood Canucks wins by default over Air North.

Standings as of October 9: (win-loss-tie, points)

Division A

1st Southern Tutchone Storm,

2-1-0, 4

2nd Boston Pizza, 2-0-0, 4

3rd Cinderwood Canucks,

1-2-1, 3

4th Air North, 1-1-0, 2

5th Yukon Appliance Blues,

0-2-1, 1

6th Whitehorse Mustangs,

0-0-0, 0

Division B

1st Game7 Sports, 1-1-1, 3

2nd Kluane Drillers, 1-0-0, 2

3rd Narrow Gauge, 1-0-0, 2

4th Sports North, 1-0-0, 2

5th Environmental Dynamics,

1-1-0, 2

6th Alward & Associates,

0-1-1, 1

7th Envirolube/Alkan Air,

0-2-0, 0

Indoor soccer

Under-seven (Thursday)

Murraya Dental 3

Plantation Flowers 2

Morgan Ramsay was named the MVP for Murraya Dental and scored two goals. Aidon Johnson was Plantation Flowers’ MVP.

Boston Pizza 1

Oranje 0

Jonas Leas scored the only goal of the game and Thomas Brenner was named MVP for Boston Pizza. MVP for Oranje was Anthony Steele.

Underhill Geomatics 3

 Yukon News 1

Underhill Geomatic’s MVP was Brendan Blanchard-Pinkess. Yukon News MVP and goal scorer was Sarah Leslie.

Under-nine (Thursday)

Brouwer Claims Canada 9

Tim Hortons 3

Chris Torgerson scored four goals for the Claims, and Samantha Wintemute and Brett Nichol added a pair each. Jordan Fred scored a single as well. Austin Bourque was the Claims’ top player for his excellent goalie skills.

Timmy’s scorers were Benjamin Grundmanis, Christian Ouimet and Luka VanRanden. Logan Ferguson took MVP honours.

Elks 2

Better Bodies 2

Alex Tuberfield and Dakota Thompson scored for the Elks, and the top player was Hailey Peterson.

Shawn Clarke and Josh Muir scored for Better Bodies, and Chris Holmes was named the player of the game.

Coates Services Yukon Ltd 8

Northern Denture Clinic 1

Coates had a hat trick from Riley Smoler, and Hannah Milner and Kole Smeeton each scored a pair, while Kelcy Armstrong scored a single and their MVP was Kyle Jacobs.

Makala Ponsioen scored the single for Northern Denture Clinic and their MVP was Isaac Allen.

Mobile Maintenance

Services 6

Medicine Chest Pharmacy 0

Alex Hansen scored a hat trick for Mobile Maintenance, Logan Harris had two and Quinn Pierce singled. Quintessa Maltais was named MVP.

No MVP was named for Medicine Chest.