Mic Mac Toyota drives into winners’ circle

After disappointing losses in their previous two games, Mic Mac Toyota (6-3-1) scored five unanswered goals to beat Wintemute Electric 5-1 Wednesday…

After disappointing losses in their previous two games, Mic Mac Toyota (6-3-1) scored five unanswered goals to beat Wintemute Electric 5-1 Wednesday in U11 soccer at the Canada Games Centre.

“(Mic Mac) got momentum,” said Drew Wintemute, coach of Wintemute (5-5-0). “They were dominating — that’s exactly what happened. They were beating us to the ball (and had) good passing and good shooting.”

Wintemute’s Hanna Milner opened the scoring 11 minutes in before Mic Mac’s Luka van Randen scored two quick goals a minute apart.

“Tonight they got a couple of goals early and just got really confident,” said Mic Mac coach Ed van Randen. “You could just see it, they were passing better, shooting better — getting those two quick goals at the beginning made the difference.”

Mic Mac’s Chloe Turner-Davis scored a third just before half. Brandon Cull, Mic Mac’s MVP, scored the fourth and Danika Avery added the final goal.

Wintemute’s MVP was Samantha Wintemute.

“She played all the positions well tonight,” said Wintemute.

Medicine Chest squeaks by Property Guys

With less than a minute to play, Medicine Chest’s Samuel Bonar ripped a short-range shot through the hands of the Property Guys’ goalkeeper’s hands, to break a 2-2 tie for the win.

Bonar’s goal was his team’s third straight, having suffered a pair of goals against early on, scored by Property’s MVP, Golia Cazon, and Etienne Geoffrey-Gagner.

“They were really pressing at the beginning of the game,” said Medicine coach Doug Hnatiuk. “We had to make some adjustments … We shored up on the defence a little bit.

“They were beating us in the centre, and then once we cleaned that up, we were able to take control of the game.”

Akshay Malhotra opened the scoring for Medicine, followed by Jenelle Vickerman.

Torgerson leads Physio Plus to victory

Scoring a total of four goals, Chris Torgerson led Physio Plus to a 5-2 win over Tim Horton’s. Fast out of the blocks, Torgerson found the bottom corner of the Horton’s net twice in the first five minutes of the game, before teammate Brett Nichol scored to make it 3-0.

“We had a strong start,” said Physio coach Charline Torgerson. “We just maintained a strong defence and took advantage of scoring opportunities.”

Horton’s goals were scored by Ben Wright and Alex Soin, who was also his team’s MVP.

Karen Qiu was named Physio’s MVP for her outstanding work on defence.

Dirkbuilt constructs

7-3 win

With a couple speedy goals early in the game, Dirkbuilt Construction took the lead and claimed ownership, as they went on to a 7-3 win over team Austring, Fendrick, Fairman & Parkkari.

“We were missing a couple players that were away tonight,” said Austring coach Ed Heynen. “That made a big difference in the performance of the team … We had a couple of pooped kids in the box there looking for extra oxygen because they were working so hard.”

Other results

Monday U13

Amboca 8, Better Bodies 5

Amboca scorers:  Andrew Scoffin 5, Trygg Jensen 2, Peter-Joe Jensen 1, MVP Andrew Scoffin

Better Bodies scorers: Travis Banks 3, Graham Mainer-Pearson 1, Mat Smith 1, MVP Mat Smith

M&A Yukon Inc 6, Northland Beverages 2 

M&A scorers: Tyson Schaber 3, Evan Hoogland 1, Noah Kitchen1, JJ Paul 1, MVP JJ Paul

Northland scorers: Megan Lannigan 1, Trent Pumphrey 1,  MVP Shara Kearney

Mobile Maintenance 8, Pristine Auto Care 5

Mobile scorers: Riley Andrew 5, Kieran Morehouse  2, Liam Webster 1, MVP Brittany Stutzman

Pristine scorers: Tyler Koerer 2, Ti Nordahl 1, Youji Blackburn 1, Nicola Lazeo-Fairman 1, MVP Tynishi Pye 

The Deli 12, Titan Gaming 0

Deli scorers: Michael Amirault 3, Mitchell Read 3, Tristan Walsh 1, Will Rees 3, Jaylene Kelly 1, Anja Aird 1, MVP Michael Amirault

Austring, Fendrick, Fairman & Parkkari 7, Tim Horton’s 2

Austring scorers: Sean Clarke 2, Zachary Heynen 4, Sidney Johnson 1, MVP Allen Mark

Tim Horton’s scorers: Casson Fleshman 1, Damien Terry 1, MVP Hailey Beker

Goal Done Contracting 2, Medicine Chest Pharmacy 1

Contracting scorers: Jerimie Adair 1, Josh Larouche 1, MVP Ryan MacDonald

Medicine scorers: Samuel Bonar 1, MVP Morgan Madden

Coldwell Banker 4, Dirkbuilt Contracting 2

Coldwell scorers: Anna Janowicz 1, Logan Harris 1, Josie Storey 1, Frejean Pourier 1, MVP Zacary Endress

Dirkbuilt scorers: Alexandra Maltais 1, Tristan Rentmeister 1, MVP Elias Sagar

Underhill 2, Coates Services 1

Scorers and MVPs: n/a

Physio Plus 5, Mic Mac Toyota 3

Mic Mac scorers: Niko Rodden 1, Danica Avery 1, Luka Van Randen 1, MVP Liam Dinn

Physio scorers: Malcolm Muir 1, Chris Torgerson 2, Brett Nichol  2, MVP Eliza Paul

M&A Yukon Inc 9, Pristine Auto Care 7

M&A scorers: Mike Bennett 3, Landon Worsfold 2, Tyson  Schaber 2, JJ Paul 1, Evan Hoogland 1, MVP Aston Schaber

Pristine scorers: Youge Blackburn 4, Tyler Koenen 3, MVP Nahanni Dynes

Tuesday U15

Energy North 6, Alcan Air 3

Energy scorers: Mac Potter 2, Robin Fortune 2, Jack Lanigan 2, MVP Cameron Idress

Alcan scorers: Robin Stacey 2, Kyle Bower 1, MVP Maxine Parker

Woodhouse Business Consulting 7, Locksmith Services 1

Woodhouse scorers: Caleb Kelly 4, Rob Bourd  3, MVP Adam Torgerson

Locksmith scorers: Joaquin McWatters 1, MVP Casey McWatters

Tuesday U7

Jacobs Industries 4, DHL Express 2

Jacobs scorers: Ewan Halliday 3, Meghan Birmingham 1, MVP Maurie Sinn

DHL scorers: Aime Vanderkley 2, MVP Aime Vanderkley

The Soccer Shoppe 4, Pacific Northwestel Moving 0

Soccer Shoppe scorers: Ben Shier 2, Kaelen Lewis 1, Austin Au 1, MVP Kaelen Lewis

Pacific Northwestel: MVP Daniel Wilberforce

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