McHales return to Mexico

Adventure athlete duo Greg and Denise McHale recently returned from Mexico with a second-place finish in one of the top adventure races in the world…

Adventure athlete duo Greg and Denise McHale recently returned from Mexico with a second-place finish in one of the top adventure races in the world — the Extreme Adventure Hidalgo.

“We managed to beat one of our biggest rivals — Team Nike PowerBlast, who have been dominating the sport for the past several years,” said Greg.

“We made a strategic navigational decision near the end of the race that took us from 5th place to 2nd,” explained Denise.

The second-place finish earned the team $12,500 in prize money.

The adventure race, which took place in the mountainous state of Hidalgo, brought together many of the top international teams in the world.

Competitors mountain biked, kayaked, and trekked over 300 kilometres, while navigating with a map and compass.

The McHales race as Team Supplierpipeline — a name that recognizes their present Ontario-based sponsor.

The couple race with teammates Bob Miller and Scott Ford, who reside in Toronto.

Together this foursome has solidified its place as the No.1 adventure racing team in the country.

The McHales and Team Supplierpipeline also impressed the racing world this summer by coming in 4th at the world renowned Primal Quest event, North America’s top adventure race held over 800-plus kilometres of Utah’s deserts.

The team is returning to Mexico to race the Neuvo Leon Outdoor Challenge in the surrounding area of Monterrey.


Oldtimers Hockey

Performance Centre Turbos 7

Klondyke Dental Molars 6

Turbos scorers were Rob Millar and Glen Heinbigner with a pair each. Ken Vickerman, Blaine Demchuk and Brian Gudmundson scored also.

Terry Jackson scored twice for the Molars, and Laurie Malo, Chris McNutt, Bob Schwinghamer and Jordan Borgford scored as well.

Firth Rangers 7

AON Flames 7

Scoring four times for the Rangers was Adam Green! Tim Turner-Davis, Paul Sahagian and Phil Roszell added singles.

Tony Clennett, Steve McGrath and Al Lane scored two goals each for the Flames, and Bill Bohmer added a single.


Minor Hockey

Novice division (Sunday)

Pizza Hut 4

Wal Mart 3

MVPs were the goaltenders — Damian Homis for Pizza Hut and Mathew Butler for Wal-Mart, both with some spectacular effort.

Klondike Motors 3

Yukon Appliance 2

Jarrett Peterson was Klondike’s player of the game, and Thomas Jirousek took MVP honours for Yukon Appliance.



Under-seven (Thursday)


Flowers and

Gifts 3

Yukon News 2

Clare McLeod-Smith, Ben Beese and Malorie Hanson scored for Plantation, and Ben Beese took MVP honours.

Yukon News scorers were Liam Adel and Brody Ryckman. MVP was Elisha Leenders.

Murraya Dental 3

Boston Pizza 3

Morgan Ramsey, Jayden Demchuk and Gordon Huebschwerlen scored for Murraya Dental, and MVP was defensive extraordinaire, Noah Curtis. Noah’s defence helped to keep Murraya in the game.

For Boston Pizza, Joe Parker scored twice and Jonas Leas scored once; the MVP was Thomas Brenner who played an outstanding game.

Under-nine (Thursday)

Better Bodies 2

Elks 2

Alexis Bouvier and Peter Jacob singled for the Elks and Emily Ross was MVP. Shaun Clarke scored both for BB. Alan Holmes was MVP.

Mobile Maintenance 4

Medicine Chest 0

Jacob Fitzsimmons and Logan Harris each got two and MVP was Jacob Fitzsimmons.

 Jamie McLeish was named MVP for the Chest.

Under-15 (Thursday)

Audette Construction 6

The Electrical Shop 2

Audette Construction started with just enough players and went ahead three goals with Alex Lindsay, but Electrical Shop came back with two goals by Emily Fedoriuk. Rhiannon Jones scored two and Michael Donohue finished the scoring for Audette Construction. Kerri Skookum earned the team’s MVP title with some good debut goalkeeping. Raissa Anderson was Electrical Shop’s MVP.

Under-18 (Thursday)

Shaske & Zeiner Appraisal 7

Sportslodge 5

Goals for Shaske & Zeiner

Paul Profeit netted two while Jessica Williams, Markus Liebau, David Hemmings and Nathalia Timenez each scored one. The MVP was Thomas McWhinnie.

Kyle Levia scored two and Anya Zimmerman scored one for Sportslodge.

Qualita 7

Dave’s Cleaning 5

Qualita scorers were Scott Longman, with two goals, and Dylan Cole, Cory Birckel, MVP Thorin Loeks and John Borud.

Cody Morrison and Kynan McIntyre scored two each for the cleaners, and MVP Graydon Ferguson.

Coed league (Thursday)

Pearson Dental 5

Intersport 3

Pearson’s Greg Guttman tipped in three goals, and Elona Crickshank slammed in a pair.

Geoff and Mike Pare scored for Intersport.

Yukon Brewing 9

Bocelli’s 6

Scorers for Yukon Brewing were Geordo Matechuk and Charlie McLeod with three goals each, Lara Lewis had one and Greta Grey netted a pair.

Rod Savoie led Bocelli’s with three, and Tanya Lanigan netted two while Dave Atkin added a single.

Coed league (Sunday)

Intersport 9

Assante 4

Intersport’s Geoff Zaparinuk led with a hat trick, while Marshal Hatton and Gunnar Tirschmen scored two goals each. Greg Morris and Teresa Acheson scored singles. Donovan Dias scored a pair for Assante, and Luke Wadey and Drew Morris scored as well.

Yukon Brewing 10

Pearson Dental 9

For the Brewers, Spencer Rich and Denny Probizanski had hat tricks, while Lonnie Borgfjord and Mo Sahid tallied twice. Sahid then switched teams and scored twice for the flossers. James Minifie earned three goals, while Jan Langford, Leilah Cross and Laura Spicer had one apiece.

Mount McIntyre

Ski Report

By Mike Gladish

Note the following postponements!

The Youth Ski Program meeting scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m. is postponed to December 4.

The Subway five-kilometre No. 1 race is postponed to Wednesday, December 6 at 6 p.m. Register by Tuesday at 6 p.m. to get a sub sandwich.

The tracksetting clinic is postponed to Sunday, December 3, 9 a.m. to noon.

The trails are nicely groomed, but it’s too cold for most skiers.

For those who do venture out, even though the trails are sheltered, the north wind will be uncomfortable in places.

Wear face protection and dress in layers.  

All trails have been packed and most have good classic tracks with a few exceptions.

The Sarah Steele outer loop, Pierre Harvey Trail, World Cup five-kilometres and Monique Waterreus trail are packed only.

Copper is not packed beyond the gravel pit. Lower Valley is tracked only to the Valley Link.

Trail lights are turned off until the temperature warms to minus 25 degrees Celsius or warmer.

Use Rode Special Green for grip.

No need to clean wax off after skiing, just add the same wax on your next outing.

Jackrabbit registration is underway at the Ski Base until November 30 and the program begins January 7.

Free Ski Day sponsored by Alpine Bakery on Saturday, December 2.

Wax Room is open weekdays 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Ski Base open 3:30 to 9 p.m. (it may close earlier in minus 40 degrees Celsius).