Marcotte Junior Ranger’s top shooter

Pelly Crossing sharpshooter Danielle Marcotte picked off her fellow Junior Rangers this weekend at Whitehorse’s Grey Mountain Range.

Pelly Crossing sharpshooter Danielle Marcotte picked off her fellow Junior Rangers this weekend at Whitehorse’s Grey Mountain Range.

Now she’s trained her sights on defending her “Top Shot” title at Yellowknife’s Junior Junior Canadian Rangers national air rifle competition next month.

Marcotte achieved the top shot overall at the last meet in Yellowknife, bringing this award back to the Yukon territory for the first time ever.

Each top shot from the Northern communities are flown into Yellowknife to participate, everything is paid for by the Junior Ranger program.

Last year, Sergeant Danielle Marcotte was Pelly Crossing’s Top Shot.

Members of the Pelly Crossing Ranger patrol, Sergeant Darcy Marcotte.

Master Cpl. Robert Vanbibber, Ranger Ellie Marcotte and Ranger Toni Blanchard brought 15 Junior Rangers from Pelly Crossing to participate in a weekend of activities.

The Junior Rangers got to shoot at the range with a variety of rifles, which included a single action shot gun, pump shot gun, as well as .22-caliber rifle converted from the 303 infield rifles that are issued to the Rangers when they join the organization.

Canadian Rangers get involved from individual communities to help teach their Junior Ranger skills that maybe some day themselves when they become old enough, might join the Rangers.

The Junior Canadian Rangers are an organization linked to the Canadian Rangers, which aims to offer young Canadians, aged 12 to 18 in remote and isolated communities across Canada an opportunity to participate in a range of activities in a formal setting.

It also aims to engage them with their local communities.

There are currently more than 3,000 Junior Canadian Rangers in 107 remote and isolated communities across Canada.

Indoor soccer

Under 11 (Wednesday)

Medicine Chest Parmacy 4

The Deli 2

The Chest’s Kieran Thorehouse led the way with three goals on the night, and Andrew Scoffin added one. Dustin Titus took the MVP nod.

Conner Morgan scored for the Deli, and Martin Brenner scored as well. Jared Huber was named top player.

Assante Financial 11

Austring, Fendrick, Fairman and Pakkari 2

Trygg Jensen was an offensive powerhouse, scoring five goals for Assante and earning the MVP as they stomped all over the Lawyers. Peter Jensen netted three, Amy Kemshead scored twice, and Jarvis Scheffen added one.

Nicola Lazeo-Fairman scored two for The Firm, and Katarina Fekete was named top player.

Jacob’s Industries 3

Physio Plus 3

Jenelle Cousins scored two for Jacob’s, and Kyle Jacobs added one and earned the MVP.

Tristan Inglis-Comeau, Jacob Schwinghammer, Ross McBee scored for Physio Plus. Hailey Patterson took the MVP honours.

Under-15 (Tuesday)

Coldwell Bankers 6

Kilrich Industries 4

Dylan Vickerman’s two goals led Coldwell to a win over Kilrich. Mary Bennett, Michael Donahoe, Brett Hills and Matt Blum scored as well. Theron Richards was the player of the game.

Terri Publicover, Alex Lindsay, Justin and Jeremy Mann scored for Kilrich, and Jeff Bell took the MVP nod.

Wintemute Electric 10

The Electrical Shop 8

Caleb Kelly netted four goals for Wintemute, while Ian Wintemute and Jazmine Carey scored two goals each. Tanner Coyne and Kyle Risby added singles and Sonja Berg took the top player honours.

Travis Olynyk and Belgie Nunez Zuniga both scored hat tricks for the Shop, and Dakota Couch added two. Fiona Aziazaj took the MVP.

Pine Plumbing 8

Energy North 6

Tayo Adamek led Pine with four goals, while Ale Adamek scored a pair. Cameron Weeks and Nick Gillen scored as well. Lindsay Webster was named player of the game.

Tyson Baxter netted two for Energy North, while Mac Potter, William Thompson, Nick Daniels, Robbie Borud scored as well. Daniels also took the MVP.

Under-18 soccer (Tuesday)

Prime Meridian Physio 7

Pristine Auto Care 4

Logan Potter scored four goals for Prime Meridian, Marlin Perkins netted three, and Samantha Macklon took the MVP honours.

Graedon Ferguson scored two for Pristine, while Tim Kleedehn, Joaquin McWatters scored as well and Grant McWatters took the MVP nod.

Alcan Air 6

Dave’s Cleaning 3

Markus Liebau had the hat trick for Alcan as they doubled up on Dave’s. Andrew Walchuk, Adrian Wheeler and Shea Hierlihy scored as well, and Reece Steele-Lane took MVP honours.

Michael Hemmings netted two goals for the Cleaners, and David Hemmings added the third. Sandy Schneider was the player of the game.


Oldtimers Hockey

Wednesday results

Firth Rangers 3

Performance Centre Turbos 3

Scoring for the Rangers were Bruce Williams, Derrick Hynes, and Kevin Billy, assisted by Russell Bamford.

The Turbos’ Dennis Connelly, Grant Lyons and Peter Grundmanis kept things even, with assists by Glen Heinbigner and Gord Campbell

Klondyke Dental Molars 5

AON Flames 2

Adam Green’s hat trick made all the difference as Klondyke doused the Flames. Ross Phillips added two goals and Jim Baker,

Lorne Burnett, Doug Janzen and Guy Morgan assisted.

The Flames scorers were Jim Giczi and Dean Faragher, assisted by Rick Gingell and Kevin Neufeld.