M&A storms out in front in second half

Scoring four straight goals in the final 12 minutes of play, M&A Yukon Inc. took the lead and then the game in a 7-4 win over Titan Gaming in U13 soccer at the Canada Games Centre Wednesday. After ending the first half tied

Scoring four straight goals in the final 12 minutes of play, M&A Yukon Inc. took the lead and then the game in a 7-4 win over Titan Gaming in U13 soccer at the Canada Games Centre Wednesday.

After ending the first half tied 2-2, and then moving to a 3-3 tie, M&A briefly fell behind on a goal by Titan’s Chrissy Anderson—her second of the game—but then took control with a spree of goals.

“I think it’s just confidence—they gain and lose confidence,” said M&A coach Craig Worsford. “They just gained some and ran.”

M&A’s run was led by J.J. Paul, who scored three consecutive goals in the second half, including the game winner. Evan Hoogland was another multiple scorer with two goals while teammates Landon Worsford and Aston Schaber each produced one.

Playing without any subs on the bench, Worsford named his whole team as MVP.

“They all ran,” said Worsford. “They back checked and forechecked and passed—they played like a team.”

Emily Wilson scored Titan’s other two goals and grabbed her team’s MVP title.

“She had a really good game,” said Anderson. “She scored two goals and just played hard.”

Mic Mac narrowly avoids shut out

With two goals in the first half, followed by five in the second—including four from Chris Torgerson—Physio Plus rolled over Mic Mac Toyota 7-1 in U11 action Wednesday.

“Chris found his confidence to get four goals,” said Physio coach Charleen Torgerson.

“And Michelle Charlie got her first goals of the season, so she’s really pleased,” she added, speaking of the game’s final goal.

Down 6-0 late in the second, Mic Mac avoided the donut when Amy Parker took a pass out of the corner and put it off a Physio defender.

“It deflected off one of their players,” said Mic Mac coach Pat Ross, a substitute filling in for coach Ed van Randen. “I think they got two goals off deflections off our players. So they finally figured out the way to score is to bank it off one of the other team’s players.”

For her performance Parker picked up her team’s MVP honour.

“I’m not basing it on the goal,” said Ross “She was just working hard all game and she’s been hustling a lot and trying to help her teammates out—trying to get a good pass in front of the net.

“They’re all working hard to see if they can get each other goals. Sometimes I think that we should just work on getting goals.”

Physio’s first-half goals were scored by Brett Nichol and Karen Ou, while teammate Malcolm Muir got the MVP nod.

“He had solid defence and good passing tonight,” said Torgerson. “And positionally he played very well.”

Other results

Wednesday U11

Wintemute Electric 6,

Property Guys.com 5

Wintermute scorers: Samantha Wintemute 3, Jude Lemoine 2, Jesse Berezan 1, MVP Samantha Wintemute

Property Guys scorers: Golia Cazon 2, Mikaela Ponsieon 1, Ettienne Geoffry-Gagnon 1, Quin Pierce 1, MVP Makenzie Shaw

Tuesday U16

Woodhouse Business Consulting 13, Alkan Air 10

Woodhouse scorers: Caleb Kelly 4, Zain Syed 1, Adam Torgerson 3, Maya Poirier 1, Robbie Borud 4, MVP Ian Wintemute

Alkan scorers: Kyle Risby 2, Robin Stacey 5, Kyle Bowers 1, Dillon Vickerman 2, MVP Fiona Azizaj

Locksmith Services 6, Energy North 4

Locksmith scorers: Joaquin McWatters 1, Simon Paish 4, Jamie Pope 1, MVP Aven Knutson

Energy scorers: Felix Bouchard 2, Patrick Vaughan 2, MVP Adrianna Anttila

Tuesday U7

Mikes Tub and Shower 13, Pelly Construction 7

Scorers: n/a

MVP for Mikes: Gaby Rayo

MVP for Pelly: Dominic Cheeseman

Monday U13

Titan Gaming 11,

Mobile Maintenance 11

Titan scorers: Wynn White 5, Dylan Reed 4, Jessee Erdman 1, Chrissy Anderson 1, MVP Wynn White

Mobile scorers: Ryley Andrew 2, Liam Webster 4, Kieran Halliday 2, Aiden Walters 2, Jenny Pierce 1, MVP Liam Webster

Pristine Auto Care 3,

M&A Yukon Inc. 1

Pristine scorers: Youge Blackburn 1, Ty Nordahl 1, Nahanni Dynes 1, MVP Nahanni Dynes

M&A scorers: Aston Schaber 1, MVP Noah Kitchen

Better Bodies 9, Northland Beverages 5

Better Bodies scorers: Kasey Fernandes 4, Travis Banks 3, Tannicka Reeves 2, MVP Jessica Christensen.

Northland scorers: Louis “the Hammer” Kedziona 3, Megan Lanigan 1, Trent Pumphrey 1, MVP Sarah Kearney

AMBOCA 8, The Co-operators 6

AMBOCA scorers: Peter Joe Jensen 4, Andrew Scoffin 2, Calden Hoefs 1, Camille Galloway 1,

MVP Andrew Scoffin

Co-operators scorers: Lyndsey Keaton 4, Mike Wintemute 1, Sadie Wintlaw 1, MVP Deanna Klubi

Monday U11

Mic Mac Toyota 3, Austring, Fendrick, Fairman & Parkkari 0

Mic Mac scorers: Niko Rodden 1, Aimee Parker 1, Liam Sullivan 1,

MVP Liam Sullivan

Austring: MVP Alex Vanderkley

Medicine Chest Pharmacy 3, Coates Services Yukon Ltd. 2

Medicine scorers: Morgan Madden 1, Samual Bonar 1, Reed Philpott 1, MVP Jenelle Cousins

Coates scorers: Abby Hawes 1, Justin Jamieson 1, MVP Mickayla Lowes

Underhill 4, Dirkbuilt Contracting 3 (unofficial)

Underhill scorers: Jessica Wilson 1, Moustafa Syid 1, Mathew Butler 1, n/a 1, MVP Teagan Wilson

Dirkbuilt scorers: Benjamin Canninn 1, Elias Sager 1, Brandon Barrett 1, MVP Tristan Rentmeister

Property Guys.com 9, Physio Plus 3 (unofficial)

Property Guys scorers: Kennedy Locke 1, Etienne Geoffroy-Gagnon 5, Mikaela Ponsioen 1, Golia Cazon 1, Ross McBee 1 MVP Quinn Pierce

Physio Plus scorers: Chris Torgerson 1, Malcolm Muir 1, Dakota Thompson 1, MVP Bret Nichol

Goal Done Contracting 6, Wintemute Electric 4

Goal Done scorers: Kelcy Armstrong 2, Dakota Thompson 2, Dustin Muckosky 1, Josh Larouche 1, MVP Jerimie Adair

Wintemute scorers: Mathew Ng 2, Sam Wintemute 1, Hanna Milner 1, MVP Katerina Fekete

Tim Hortons 3, Coldwell Banker 2

Hortons scorers: Christian Ouimette 2, Carson hebel 1, MVP Christian Ouimette

Coldwell scorers: Graydon Macdonnel 1, Logan Harris 1, MVP Josee Storey

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