Last year’s supremacy is confirmed

The yearly draft mixes up the Whitehorse Oldtimer Hockey League teams each season, but in a rematch of last season's finals the result was the same.

The yearly draft mixes up the Whitehorse Oldtimer Hockey League teams each season, but in a rematch of last season’s finals the result was the same.

Kilrich Industries moved to 2-0 on the season with a 6-2 win over Edgewater Hotel Wednesday evening at Takhini Arena.

Making the biggest dent in the opposition was Kilrich centre Bill (Boom-boom) Bohmer, with a natural hat trick and an assist.

“We’ve got a good team here,” said Bohmer. “I think we were able to apply some pressure because two of my goals were giveaways.

“The first one was a beauty – a classic breakout.”

After Kilrich’s Gary Boyd opened the scoring for his team, Bohmer scored his three successive goals before teammate Phil Ruszell found the mesh in the final five minutes of the first period to go up 5-2 at intermission.

Boyd scored the only second-period goal on a slapper from the blue-line on a pass out the corner from Bohmer.

“With two centremen this early in the year, I was tired,” said Bohmer. “I just kind of played defensively. I was dogging it the last bit with 30-second shifts.”

Bohmer’s teammate, Peter Grundmanis, had a different explanation for the low-scoring second period.

“We didn’t need any more,” said Grundmanis, who assisted Phil Roszell’s goal.

“It’s looking good, (we have) lots of depth. We have three good lines that work hard.”

Kilrich opened the season on Sunday with a 3-1 win over Medicine Chest, scoring three unanswered goals after falling behind 1-0.

“We were asleep the first 10 minutes (on Sunday) – no energy, no effort,” said Bohmer. “They got a quick one on us and it kind of gave us a wake-up call.

“We could have lost that one if they had hit the net.”

Edgewater was the first to score on Wednesday with a goal by Derek Torgorson, who also scored his team’s lone goal in Sunday’s 1-1 tie against Yukon Inn, their first game of the season.

“We had a lot of guys away for our first game, with hunting season and Yukon-life kind of thing,” said Edgewater’s Shawn McLeod, who scored his team’s second goal of the game. “We’re just starting to get to know each other.

“We have half the guys back from last year and they are good guys. We just got beat to the puck tonight; we didn’t win any races and that’s why we lost.”

However many returners there may be, the Edgewater team is short two high-scorers with the “retirement” of Brent Cooper and Shelby Workman.

“They both came down with some sort of disease, I’m not sure what it is,” said McLeod. “Let’s call it angina.”

In the following game Wednesday evening, Yukon Inn (1-0-1) picked up their first win with a 5-4 defeat of Medicine Chest (0-2). Inn’s Blaine Demchuk and Grant Lyons had three-point games, each with a pair of goals and an assist. Medicine Chest’s Adam Green scored a hat trick.

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