Kulych, Wintemute capture Mountain View Championship

With a four-shot lead and just four holes to go, Landon Kulych was poised to toss his game into cruise control and coast into the winner’s…

With a four-shot lead and just four holes to go, Landon Kulych was poised to toss his game into cruise control and coast into the winner’s circle. However, it wasn’t as easy as that.

Dropping a shot off his lead on the 16th, 17th and 18th holes, Kulych looked as if he might allow Phil Mullan back into the game to force a playoff at the weekend’s Mountain View Golf Club Championship. Yet, Kulych played a conservative final hole to keep himself in front for the win with a 153 between the two rounds.

“I started to feel the tension, but I took a couple minutes on the second last tee-box and just said (to myself), You’re going to tie him on this hole,” said Kulych, speaking of the 18th.

“I didn’t even want to think about taking out the driver (on the last hole),” said Kulych. “So I hit a five iron, an eight iron, a wedge and two-putted for the win to make sure he needed a birdie to tie me.”

Kulych shot a 76 in the first round for a one-shot lead over Phil Mullan, but built his lead to four strokes by the 15th.

 “We both had a couple bad holes, I just had a couple more good holes,” said Kulych. “I looked at it like it was match play. I didn’t even know what I shot until I looked at my card in the clubhouse … I was like, I’m one ahead of Phil, I’m two ahead of Phil … I never looked at what I was shooting, just what him and I was shooting.”

Mullan made up some lost ground as Kulych hit double-bogies on the back-nine, but Kulych kept the pressure on, sinking a couple of tough birdie putts.

“One of them was just bad playing on my part, another was a time penalty — I spent a little too much time looking for one of my balls,” said Kulych, speaking of his double birdies. “I really wanted to find it.

“I had a couple blemishes on the scorecard but I managed to make them up with a couple decent putts,” said Kulych, referring to his birdies. “I just kind of rode the high and tried to bounce back from those doubles and it just sort of worked out.”

After a weak 102 opening round Saturday, Mary Wintemute, took the women’s division with an 88 Sunday, to finish 12 strokes up from second place Birgitte Hunter.

“Yesterday I totally hacked, just bad golfing,” said Wintemute, who started her second round four shots behind Hunter. “(Today) that was a pretty good round for me in tournament play.”

Wintemute birdied on the first and fourteenth holes en route to her win, which helped to counter a couple triple bogies that dogged her round.

With heavy clouds looming in the sky, spitting down the occasional light shower, an earlier finish helped some golfers.

“The front nine was OK,” said Wintemute. “We probably only had three holes that were really crappy but after that it was OK. I mean, it was wet.”

Kulych’s win qualifies him for the Canadian Club Champion Championships in 2009 at a location yet to be determined.

2008 MVGC Championship Results

Men’s Division   

OVERALL LOW GROSS    153    Landon Kulych        

OVERALL LOW NET    138    Terry DeForrest        

Flight One (3-11Hcps)                  

1st Low Gross    155    Phil Mullin        

2nd Low Gross    159    Blaine Tessier        

1st Low Net        146    Derek Johnstone        

2nd Low Net        148    Chris Bennett        

3rd Low Net        150    Hugh Carruthers        

Flight Two (12-16Hcps)   

1st Low Gross    178    Daniel King        

2nd Low Gross    185    Don Morrison        

1st Low Net        147    Pat Molloy        

2nd Low Net        154    Colin Bossenberry        

3rd Low Net        157    Fred Linville        

Flight Three (17-26 Hcps)   

1st Low Gross    187    Steve Fraser        

2nd Low Gross    194    Jack Bourassa        

1st Low Net        146    Ernie Dooley        

2nd Low Net        150    Matthew Sills        

3rd Low Net        159    Les Chapman        

Women’s Division   

1st Low Gross    188    Mary Wintemute        

2nd Low Gross    200    Brigitte Hunter        

1st Low Net        162    Ingrid Fawcus        

2nd Low Net        167    Carol DiPasquale        

Senior Men’s Division

1st Low Gross    166    Ken Taylor        

2nd Low Gross    169    Matt Lafferty        

1st Low Net        143    Gord Zealand        

2nd Low Net        143    John Taylor        

3rd Low Net        144    John Spicer        

Junior Division   

1st Low Gross    171    Ian Wintemute        

2nd Low Gross    181    Riley Tobin        

1st Low Net        156    Mike Wintemute        

2nd Low Net        158    Ricky Schmok        

3rd Low Net        163    Steven Harlow