Kilrich’s Sparling shuts down the Edgewater

Whitehorse Oldtimers Hockey Sunday results: Kilrich 5 Edgewater Hotel 0 Laurie Malo led Kilrich with a goal, and two assists, while Woody…


Oldtimers Hockey

Sunday results:

Kilrich 5

Edgewater Hotel 0

Laurie Malo led Kilrich with a goal, and two assists, while Woody Bennett, Jeff Jensen, Ted Hupe and Ron Daub added goals to the lopsided victory. Joe Sparling recorded the shutout.

Medicine Chest 5

Yukon Inn 2

Medicine Chest’s Dave Bakica led his team with two goals and Darnell Kiriak, Brian McWatters and Jim Stephens scored as well.

The Inn’s Brian Boorse and Mike Blower scored a goal each.


Thursday Night League:

Sterling Insurance 21

Emco 9

Shannon Tessier and Ronie-Sue Sparvier led Sterling with a pair of straight-sets wins over Therese Aberson and Lisa Gudbranson, respectively. Mark Beese beat Emco’s Sophia Flather in four sets.

Jen Meurer needed all five sets to post Emco’s only win of the night, over Dallas Yeulett.

Underhill 18

Electrical Shop 9

Zoe Walker, Stephen Grundmanis and Charles Stuart swept Alex Kastelien, Tracy Pittman and Norah Mooney to give Underhill the win over the Electrical shop — only David Buckler was the spoiler, winning over Aaron Matchey in three sets.

Kumon Learning 19

Northern Lights Optometry 10

Judy Ratcliffe and Katrina Russell led Kumon with two straight-sets wins over Northern Light’s Paula Pawlovich and Vicki Stoddart. Kumon’s Beth Ellis beat Patti Flather in five sets.

Katia Torkia had Northern Light’s only win, beating Marshal Ewing in three sets.

Current standings:

1st Kumon Learning, 95

2nd Emco, 88

3rd Sterling Insurance, 88

4th Underhill, 69

5th Whitehorse Travel, 66

6th Electrical Shop, 59

7th Northern Lights Optometry, 56

Indoor Soccer

Under-nine (Thursday)

Northern Denture 6

Mobile Maintenance 3

Isaac Allen scored three goals for Northern Denture, while Ryan Hindson added two goals, and Devon Seaman added one. The MVP was Sophie Rees.

Mobile Maintenance’s goal scorers were MVP Quinn Pierce, with two goals and Akshay Malhotra with one.

Under-11 (Wednesday)

Kal Tire 4

Assante Financial 4

Cody Sims netted a pair for Kal Tire, Ty Nordahl and Zach Heynen scored as well. The MVP for the Tire Team was Danica Avery.

The Financial team’s scorers were led by Peter Joe Jensen, with a pair, and Amy Kemshead and Trygg Jensen.

Under-18 (Thursday)

Alkan Air 14

Pristine Auto Care 6

Bolstered by a full complement of players, Alkan Air showed its full capabilities as it took the shine off Pristine Auto Care. Pristine played a valiant game, with one of it’s best players suffering through illness, as Kynan McIntyre played a great game to take home the MVP honours. Alkan’s MVP, Ryan Wilson netted a hat trick while also playing stellar defence.

Prime Meridian Physiotherapy 5

Dave’s Cleaning Services  3

Logan Potter and MVP Marlin Brunner netted two goals each for the Physio crew. Scott Tupont added the fifth goal.

Dave’s Cleaning’s top scorer was Thorin Loeks, who scored twice, and David Hemmings added a goal as well. John Borud took the MVP honours.

Whitehorse Minor Hockey

Atom division (Saturday)

Pearson Dental 5

Gem Gas 1

Goal scorers for Pearson Dental were Max Clarke, with two goals, and Riley Smoler, Luke McGrath, and Ryan Edwards Keenan Livingston helped out with two assists. MVP was Nicholas Guenette.

Gem Gas’ lone goal was scored by Kole Smeeton, and Damian Homis was named MVP.

Bantam division (Sunday)

Duncans 4

Castlerock 3

Rowan Huggard led Duncans with a goal and two assists, Jaden Rook, Bradley Koprowsky and MVP Matthew Keaton scored as well.

Austin Turner-Davis netted a pair for Castlerock, and Brayden Kulych scored as well. Tyler Wiens assisted on two goals. Matthew Pollard was named MVP.

Women’s Basketball League

Sunday results:

Arctic Winter Games 58

Feature Foods 41

Arctic Winter Games squad’s high scorer Michelle McKay shot for 23 points, Angella Ell had 14 points and Sheena Greenlaw shot for 10.

 Feature Foods’ top scorer was Julie Cossette, with 18 points and Annette King, with nine.

Kopper Kweens 64

Takhini Gas 53

Kopper Kweens’ Alcina Banks led the scoring with 22 points, and Megan Freese had 16, and Megan Fraser shot for 14.

Caroline Holway led Takhini Gas with 15 points, and Tonya Gruber and Diedre Davidson shot for 14 each.

Cadet biathlon

Two Whitehorse-based cadet biathletes enjoyed some success last week at the 2007 Northern Region Cadet Biathlon championship in Yellowknife.

Cadet Thomas Pearson-Bouchard from 551 Air Cadet Squadron posted a good enough time in the junior male sprint to earn a spot at the National Biathlon Championships in Quebec City in March.

Cadet Marcus Lenz of 2685 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps in Whitehorse earned a bronze in the senior male division as well.