Johnston and Johnson rack up points for Game7 Sports

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey League Sunday results: Game7 Sports 13 Alkan Air 4 Jordan Johnston led Game7 to a decisive win over Alkan, scoring…

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey League

Sunday results:

Game7 Sports 13

Alkan Air 4

Jordan Johnston led Game7 to a decisive win over Alkan, scoring four goals and adding a pair of assists. Danny Johnson scored five, and Calvin Morberg assisted on five. Scott Kovac recorded a goal and three assists, and Mike Beauchamp scored two and helped out on two more. Danny Crawford netted one goal and two assists.

Brent Byers scored two goals for Alkan, and Paul Hamilton and Russell Mumert added singles.

Sports North 5

Environmental Dynamics 5

Wade Hanna scored two goals for Sports North, and Dale Kulych, Linus Fraser and Derrick Hynes added singles.

Dan Beaudoin netted the hat trick for Environmental Dynamics. Justin Halowaty and Brian Douglas scored as well.

Saturday results:

Kluane Drillers 5

Alwarid & Associates 3

Ed Vanderkley led the Drillers with a two-goal performance, while Craig Hampton, Doug Roberts and Andrew Zinck also scored.

Blayne Monahan, Shane Parker and Mike Fraser scored for A&A.

Standings as of October 30

(win-loss-tie, points)

Division A

1st Boston Pizza, 5-3-0, 10

2nd Yukon Appliance,

4-3-1, 9

3rd Cinderwood, 4-4-1, 9

4th Southern Tutchone,

4-4-0, 8

5th Whitehorse Mustangs,

3-3-0, 6

6th Air North, 3-6-0, 6

Division B

1st Kluane Drillers, 6-0-1, 13

2nd Sports North, 5-2-1, 11

3rd Game7 Sports, 3-3-1, 7

4th Environmental

Dynamics, 2-3-3, 7

5th Narrow Gauge, 3-2-1, 7

6th Envirolube/ Alkan Air,

1-5-1, 3

7th Alwarid & Associates,

0-5-2, 2

Scoring leaders:


Division A

1st Scott Horsey,

Southern Tutchone, 7-16, 23

2nd Ryan McKenzie,

Southern Tutchone, 6-15, 22

3rd Joe Martin,

Yukon Appliance, 10-7, 17

4th Cary Goodman,

Yukon Appliance, 3-14, 17

5th Derek Johnstone,

Boston Pizza, 8-8, 16

Division B

1st Dale Kulych,

Sports North, 7-16, 23

2nd Jordan Johnston,

Game7 Sports, 15-7, 22

3rd Andrew Zinck,

Kluane Drillers, 10-10, 20

4th Stan Connolly,

Sports North, 16-3, 19

5th Ed Vanderkley,

Kluane Drillers, 9-9, 18

Goalie leaders: (win-loss-tie, goals against, average)

Division A

1st Mitch Heynen,

Whitehorse Mustangs,

2-1-0, 9, 3.00

2nd Tyler Plaunt,

Yukon Appliance,

4-2-1, 36, 5.14

3rd Scott Smeeton,

Whitehorse Mustangs,

0-2-0, 11, 5.50

Division B

1st Matt King,

Kluane Drillers,

6-0-1, 18, 2.57

2nd Jeff Kalles,


Dynamics, 2-0-0, 8, 4.00

3rd Shawn McLeod,

Narrow Gauge,

3-1-0, 16, 4.00

Oldtimers hockey

Sunday results:

Klondyke Dental Molars 8

Performance Centre Turbos 5

Terry Jackson led the Molars over the Turbos at Takhini Arena on Sunday, scoring two goals and an assist. Jordan Borgford netted one and assisted on three more, and Woody Bennett, Jim Baker, Bernie Heffner, Laurie Malo and Brian Alp scored as well.

 Turbo’s goals came from Gord Kuchlek, Guy Morgan, Mark Pike, Rob Millar and Glen Heinbigner.

Medicine Chest 5

Kilrich 2

Jim Giczi scored two goals for the Chest, and Steve Reynolds, Dan Colnett and Peter Grundmanis added to the tally as they skated to the win over Kilrich.

Stu MacKay and Wade Harrison found the net for Kilrich.

Indoor soccer

Over-35 league (Friday)

Yukon Brewing 6

Klondike Copier 3

Juergen Korn and Chris Donohoe each scored twice, while Chris Stacey and Gerald Haase got one. Mehrdad scored twice for Klondike, and Arnold Hedstrom scored once.

Assante 7

Pepsi 2

Darren Stadel scored four goals to lead the way for Assante, and Terry Markley, Ian Robinson and Kevin Brewer each scored one.

Simon Pulido and Renzo Ordonez scored for Pepsi.

Grizzlies 6

Quest 2

No scorers available.

Whitehorse Minor Soccer

Atom division (Sunday)

Cinderwood 5

Esso 1

Kole Comin got the hat trick for Cinderwood, while Luke McGrath and Nylan Duncan added singles.

Isaiah Lane scored the only Esso goal of the game.

PeeWee division (Saturday)

Yellow Cab 7

Yukon Office Supply 2

Mike Arnold and Mason Gray netted a pair each for the Cabbies, and Kai Breithaupt, Spencer Jamieson and Austin Smith added singles. James McGrath took MVP honours.

Dustin Charlie and Brad Koprowsky scored for the Yukon Office Supply.