Irish gets five goals in Medicine Chest win

When Medicine Chest's Brendan Irish thinks back to his team's previous game he sounds a little disappointed -- he only scored one goal.

When Medicine Chest’s Brendan Irish thinks back to his team’s previous game he sounds a little disappointed—he only scored one goal.

However, he made up for his below-average performance on Monday by quintupling his results, scoring all five of his teams goals as they went on to defeat Henry Gulch Exploration 5-4 Wednesday in U-12 soccer at the Vanier field.

“I guess I ran a bit harder because I knew most of our players were gone,” said Irish, who scored two goals every game this season before this week, bringing him to a count of 16 overall. “And I got some pretty nice passes.”

The Henry Gulch team explored a lead early on, going up 2-0 with goals by Chris Torgerson and Alex Hanson before Irish moved his team within one in the closing minutes of the first half. After Hanson scored again in the opening seconds of the second, Irish tied the game with a corner-kick—bending it in from the corner—and then putting the ball off the cross-bar and in on a penalty shot.

“Our defence fell apart a little bit, but not too bad,” said Henry Gulch coach Charlene Torgerson. “And we weren’t getting the passes in front of their net—we weren’t making the plays up front.”

Irish scored twice more before the Henry Gulch team put up one more at the end of the second half.

With three players in Anchorage, Alaska, for a tournament and four on a school camping trip, Medicine Chest managed to avoid forfeiting by borrowing six players from the Coates Services there for a practice. The infusion of new players on the team did not affect his playing, said Irish.

“No, because on the rep team I play with most of them,” said Irish. “So we know each other quite well and we got some good passes to each other.”

Getting the MVP nod for Medicine Chest was Josh Larouche for his continuing adaptation to playing on the full field instead of just half, like in the younger age categories.

“He’s a hard kid to control and tonight he played his position really well,” said Medicine Chest coach Ken Vickerman. “Rather than wandering up the field and going wherever he wanted.

“(Playing on) the whole field is a new thing for the U-12 kids and there’s so much to learn.”

Getting the corresponding honour for Henry Gulch was Henry Beairston.

“Henry was solid everywhere he played,” said Torgerson. “He played solid defence, solid mid and he was a good solid forward—good passing, good checking.”

Medicine Chest now sits undefeated with a 6-0-1. However, Vickerman hopes his team is not using up all its good luck.

“The jinx is if you ever go through and win a whole bunch in the regular season, when the tournaments come, you’re out of luck,” he said.

Other results

Wednesday U-10

Underhill Geomatics 2,

Home Sweet Home Baking 1

Underhill scorers: Hannah Deuling 1, Brandon Barrett 1,

MVP Rory Sinclair-Eckert and Brandon Barrett

Home scorer: Line Jensen,

MVP Line Jensen

Tuesday U-15

Remax 11, Physio Plus 8

Remax scorers: Kurtis Hills 7, Sadie 1, Holly Bull 1,Meghan Lanigan 1, Seamus

Beirstro 1, MVP Ella Parker

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Emily Wilson 1, Ryan Burke2, Michael Hare 2, Gage Preece 1, Deana Klubi 1, Josh Hanson 1, MVP Alejandro Peters

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Woodhouse Business Consulting 5

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Peak Fitness 2

Intersport 1

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Intersport scorer: Ewan Halliday, MVP Dakota Wilson.

All Terrane Exploration Services 6

Industrial ElectricalServices 0

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Industrial MVP: Leonardo Dardubizi

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