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In photos: Whitewater Rodeo on the Yukon River thrills spectators

Kayakers, pack rafters and more showed off their skills on the rapids below the Whitehorse dam

The Yukon Canoe and Kayak Club held its annual Whitewater Rodeo in the choppy waters of the Yukon River immediately downstream of the Whitehorse dam on Aug. 25.

A variety of events impressed onlookers: Whitewater kayak paddlers performed a variety of tricks while surfing their boats atop a wave in the river rapids. Points were awarded for paddlers who could flip or roll their kayaks back upright and for tossing and catching their paddles among other acts.

In another event, groups of pack raft paddlers jockeyed for position atop the wave, trying to be the last one upright.

A race down the river saw paddlers having to make sharp turns in back eddies to follow the course.

As most of the action was taking place just below the foot bridge downstream of the dam, the dozens of spectators had a great view.

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