Hindson delivers five goals for The News

Indoor soccer Under-seven (Tuesday) Yukon News 8 Plantation Flowers and Gifts 0 Ryan Hindson led The News to a huge win over Plantation, scoring…

Indoor soccer

Under-seven (Tuesday)

Yukon News 8

Plantation Flowers and Gifts 0

Ryan Hindson led The News to a huge win over Plantation, scoring five goals. Elisha Leenders, Sarah Leslie and Liam Adel scored as well, and Mackenzie Benn was named player of the game.

Breanna Stogg was Plantation’s top player.

Underhill Geomatics 9

Oranje 3

Brandon Barrett netted seven goals for Underhill, and Tyler Milton scored a pair. Fayne O’Donovan was Underhill’s MVP.

Joseph Stokes scored the hat trick for Oranje, and Will Klassen took MVP honours.

Boston Pizza 4

Murraya Dental 0

Jonas Leas led the Pizza crew, scoring two goals. Joe Parker and Luke Bakica added singles as Murraya got shut out. Georgia Gaw was Boston Pizza’s MVP.

Under-nine (Tuesday)

Mobile Maintenance

Services 3

Tim Hortons 1

Quintessa Maitais, Logan Harris and Lauren Leslie scored for the Maintenance Service. Luka Van Randen had Tim’s only goal.

MVP’s were Graydon McDonnell for MMS and Odessa Beatty for Tim Hortons.

Elks 7

Northern Denture Clinic 2

Braden Lefler had the hat trick for the Elks, taking MVP honours. Emily Ross added a pair and Hailey Patterson and Alexander Tuberfield scored as well.

Alex Soin and Akshy Malhotra scored for the Denture Clinic.

Brouwer Claims Canada 4

Better Bodies 2

Chris Torgerson scored three for the Claims and Matthew Butler added the fourth. Sean Clarke scored two for Better Bodies, and Izaak Fairman was named MVP.

Under-11 (Monday)

Assante 7

ReMax 2

Ryan Chippett booted in four goals as Assante thumped ReMax. Michael Wintemute scored two and Hieko Nyland added a single. Ben Deacon took Assante’s MVP honours.

Michael Bennett scored both ReMax goals, and was named top player.

Budget Rent A Car 5

Whitehorse Star 2

Matthew Smith’s hat trick led Budget to victory, and Nicholas Dobush and Owen Hedstrom-Langford added singles. Jessica Christensen was named the top Budget player.

Raymond Emsley scored all two of the Star’s goals, and Garret Stagg was the number one star of the game.

Intersport 3

Territorial Auto Parts 0

Jorey Bauer netted two and was named MVP as Intersport shut out the competition. Michael Amirault added the third.

Territorial Auto Parts’ MVP was Lynsey Keaton.

Mic Mac Toyota 5

Rafter A Ranch 0

Mic Mac shut out the ranch, with Linsey Eby and MVP Belgie Nunez netting a pair each. Yuigi Blackburn added a single.

Rafter A Ranch’s player of the game was Tyson Schaber.

Sale Salvage 9

Alkan Air 1

A combined team effort and great passes in the second half led to Sale’s victory. Logan Frasher and Trygg Jensen booted in three each and Peter Joe Jensen added a pair. Alkan Air added one for Sale and one for themselves by Dylan Reed. The top players were James Bullers for Sale, and Miranda Walsh for Alkan.

Under-11 (Wednesday)

Intersport 5

Alkan Air 0

Megan Lanigan and Jorey Bauer scored two each for Intersport, and Andrew Scoffin added the fifth. Nolen Mountain was named Intersport’s player of the game, and Noah Kitchen was Alkan’s MVP, for his great effort.

Assante 6

Rafter A Ranch 1

Heiko Nyland and Ryan Chippett scored a pair each, and Ben Deacon and Mike Wintemute added singles. Talia Woodland took top player honours.

Kyle Wallace scored for the Ranch, and Ashton Schaber was the top rancher.

Territorial Auto Parts 4

Budget Rent a Car 2

Owen Hedstrom-Langford scored both goals for Budget, and Lucy Miller was the MVP.

Travis Banks and Liam Janke each scored two, while Dominic Korn was the MVP for Territorial Auto Parts.

Under-13 (Monday)

Snap On Tools 5

McKay & LLP 4

Snap On edged past McKay with goals from Jeremy Mann, Joaquin McWatters, Dylan Sands, MiaClaire Woodland and Kiana Palamar. Caleb Smith was the sharpest tool.

Kurtis VanBibber scored twice for McKay, and Travis Pumphrey and Stephanie Pike scored as well. Shawna Jordan was named top player.

Coldwell Banker 11

Wintemute Electric 6

Kurtis Hills scored three for Coldwell, while Marten Sealy netted two. Terri Publicover, Robyn Fortune, Tyson Baxter, Ella Parker, Will Parker, and Lindsay Webster all added to the tally. Ella Parker was named MVP.

Dahria Beatty and Charlie Kedziora scored two goals each for Wintemute, and Takoa Mudry and Ian Wintemute added to the tally as well. Casey Reed was named MVP.

Bumper to Bumper 7

Yukon Outfitters Association 6

Kieran Small, Caleb Kelly and Kyle Risby scored two goals each for the Bumpers, and Ashly Risby added the seventh. Thomas Mostyn took MVP honours.

Nicole Benara and Kyle Bowers netted a pair each for the Outfitters, and Jeff Bell and Mac Potter added singles. Jamie Pope took the top player nod.

Alpine Bakery 6

Kal Tire 1

For Alpine Bakery, Rob Borud had a hat trick, Thomas Mills added two and Jazmine Carey scored one. Avery Enzenauer was named player of the game.

Theoren Richards scored Kal Tire’s only goal, and Adam Torgersen was named its top player.

Under-13 (Wednesday):

Yukon Outfitters Association 6

Kal-Tire 2

Tristan Olynyk led the Outfitters with four goals, Nicole Bendera scored and Patrick Vaughn slammed in another. Anna Smith took MVP honours for her stellar goaltending.

For Kal-Tire, Erik Bookless kicked in three and Therron Richard booted in another. Garnet Heynan was the top


Under-15 (Tuesday)

Audette Construction 5

Colad Laser Centre 1

Dakota Couch scored twice for Audette Construction, while Tyler Audette, Rhiannon Jones and Tony Nguyen (goalie) added singles; Alex Lindsay was MVP.

Andrew Walchuk scored for Colad, and Colby Heynan took the MVP nod.

EBA Engineering 9

The Electrical Shop 9

Travis Olynk scored twice and was named MVP for EBA, while Erica Tremble and Robin Smith scored two each as well. Ryan Lane, Janelle Greer and Kellie Brown added singles.

The Electrical Shop’s scorers were Dillon Vickerman, with the hat trick, Brett Hills, with two, and Michael Alhalt, Raissa Anderson, Nick Gillen and MVP Emily Fedoriak with a goal each.

Pine Plumbing 8

Quarton & Sutherland 7

Pine Plumbing managed to pull off the win in this close, high-scoring match. Tyler Pumphrey scored four goals for the Plumbers, and Cody Reaume, Mauricio Ruiz, Michael Donohoe and Jaime Whitty added goals as well. Nadine Poirier took MVP honours.

Jonothan Quarton’s three goals led Q&S, and Nathan Doiron and David Radcliff scored a pair each. Savanna Marks was named MVP.

Under-18 (Tuesday)

Sports Lodge 8

Dave’s Cleaning 7

Sports Lodge squeezed past Dave’s in this close contest. MVP Samantha Macklon scored three, Grant McWatters added two, and Hannah Todd, Anya Zimmerman and Kyle Levia scored as well.

Graedon Ferguson netted three for Dave’s, taking top player honours in the process. Jim Semaschick added two, and Cody Reynolds and Kinen McIntyre added singles. The lead was changing hands constantly throughout the game until Samantha Macklon got the winner late in the second half.