Hidden Valley bags award at wrestling championship

So far this school year Hidden Valley Elementary School has captured Yukon titles in basketball and volleyball. Last week the school showed it’s pretty good on the wrestling mats too.

So far this school year Hidden Valley Elementary School has captured Yukon titles in basketball and volleyball. Last week the school showed it’s pretty good on the wrestling mats too.

Hidden Valley won the best performing team award at the Yukon Elementary Wrestling Championship held at the Canada Games Centre on Wednesday.

“I have kids that do a lot of pushups, lots of practising,” said Peter Harms, the Hidden Valley coach. “They love it. They show up, work hard and I’m very proud of my team.

“My girls wrestle guys in practices and so they’re not intimidated by much. I have a couple (of wrestlers) who do judo at the same time as wrestling. They were all very powerful.”

It was the first time Hidden Valley, a school of about 80 students, has won the award. The school fielded a team of 20 wrestlers, 17 of which captured medals, including four golds.

Winning their weight-classes for Hidden Valley were Emiko Teramura (35 kilos), Thomas Dickson (38 kilos), Bryce Anderson (39 kilos) and Ryan Thompson (75 kilos).

“We’re still chasing Holy Family to get the total points (award). They have a bigger team. I have a very small, powerful team,” said Harms. “We’re one of the small schools so we have to keep building up the program.”

Winning the aggregate team points prize, for most points won as a team, was Holy Family Elementary School for the sixth year in a row.

Holy Family had the largest team, but not by much. The school had 62 wrestlers, just one more than second place’s Christ the King.

“I didn’t think we could do it with all these big teams,” said Ted Hupe, Holy Family coach and the tournament organizer.

Holy Family collected 996 points to Christ the King’s 887.

Elijah Smith Elementary School squeezed into third by an extremely narrow margin of three points over Ecole Emilie Tremblay.

About 400 wrestlers from 14 Yukon schools competed at the championship, which contained about 1,000 bouts.

“This is one of the biggest events in the elementary school calendar,” said Hupe. “It’s the biggest elementary wrestling tournament in the country. This model is being exported to other jurisdictions –

Edmonton, St. Albert, the French districts just north of Edmonton, are operating a tournament based on our model. We’re very pleased.”


New to the tournament this year was Kluane Lake School. Winning the school its first medal was Nadaya Johnson, pinning silver in the 32-kilogram weight-class.

“We’re hoping to get Old Crow and a few more rural schools in next year,” said Hupe. “We want to get every school in the Yukon wrestling.”

The Wrestling Association of the Yukon, formed a year ago, is working towards that. Having accomplished the goal of entering a Yukon wrestling squad in the Arctic Winter Games, the association is now working towards re-establishing wrestling as a high school sport in the Yukon.

“We’re hoping to have a Grade 8/9 program operating at the high schools this winter,” said Hupe. “That’s our next goal, high school wrestling.

“Our wrestling program is firmly entrenched in the elementary system. We just have to work with those few remaining schools that aren’t buying into the wrestling philosophy.”




1st Jordan Macdonald (HFE)

2nd Christine Miral (CKE)

3rd Ceilidh Kanary (CKE)


1st Emily Robbins (CKE)

2nd Josie Anderson (HFE)

2nd Abby Roberts (HFE)

2nd Andrea Pham (CKE)


1st Megan Roche (CKE)

2nd Eugenie Chameval (HVE)

3rd Rylee Shipman (CKE)


1st Jasmine Bergeron (EET)

2nd Megan Anderson (HFE)

3rd Amelia Steward (HFE)

28kg (A)

1st Echo Gatensby (GTC)

2nd Pyper Dear (HFE)

3rd Sadie Elek (WES)

28kg (B)

1st Maren Bilsky (ESE)

2nd Anna Lund (JES)

3rd Iliana Stehelin (HVE)


1st Paige Stockley (HFE)

2nd Nia Teramura (HVE)

3rd Olivia Dobbs (TAK)


1st Elise Anderson-Cholette (EET)

2nd Leah Ott (HFE)

3rd Ljubica Tokic (EET)


1st Ekko Trociuk (ESE)

2nd Luanda Pronovost (EET)

3rd Maya Cairns-Locke (ESE)


1st Julia Macdonald (CKE)

2nd Reena Coyne (WES)

3rd Rachel Daigneault (EET)


1st Maeve Miller (GHE)

2nd Emilienne Roberts (EET)

3rd Breda Mcintyre (CKE)


1st Nora Vincent-Braun (GHE)

2nd Robyn Moore (JHE)

3rd Line Jensen (HVE)

35kg (A)

1st Emiko Teramura (HVE)

2nd Paige Poelman (HFE)

3rd Talula Maxfield (ESE)

35kg (B)

1st Madison Dorid (EET)

2nd Ava Cairns-Locke (ESE)

3rd Sage Smarch (GTC)

3rd Emily Muir (CKE)

3rd Sya Berkman (GHE)


1st Lara Herry-Saint Onge (EET)

2nd Indica Steward (HVE)

3rd Gracie Osborne (ESE)


1st Mykhaila Mcinroy (ESE)

2nd Alyssa Rusnak (HFE)

3rd Brooke Easton (TAK)


1st Haley Trennery (ESE)

2nd Sara Leslie (CKE)

3rd Amelie Latour (EET)

60kg CHECK

1st Rachelle Hager (TAK)

2nd Grace Gibbs (CKE)

3rd Kia Knowler (HFE)



1st Matthew Strudwick (CKE)

2nd Eban Bassnett (CKE)

3rd Connor Seymour (ESE)


1st Simon Lauer (CKE)

2nd Mettias Schmidt (HFE)

3rd Mike Prokopchuk (EET)


1st Keegan Bevilacqua (WES)

2nd Cole Wilkie-Hobus (WES)

3rd Graham Macdonald (WES)

25kg (A)

1st Christian Miral (CKE)

2nd Cole McColloch (WES)

3rd Copper Fraser (WES)

25kg (B)

1st William Wilkinson (CKE)

2nd Seth Falle (HVE)

3rd Gage Sweeney (CKE)

3rd James Ford (HFE)

3rd Dylan Sage (CKE)


1st Victor-Emile Thibeault (EET)

2nd Mickey Lamothe (EET)

3rd Ky Elliot (HFE)


1st Joey Schultz (CKE)

2nd Trevor Dobbs (TAK)

3rd Issac Lamothe (EET)

28kg (A)

1st Ashton Bryant (ESE)

2nd Kenneth Hubbard (WES)

3rd Deron Phelps (CKE)

28kg (B)

1st Landon Marsh (WES)

2nd Errol Ekholm (WES)

3rd Antoine Krahn (EET)

29kg (A)

1st Sasha Mason (EET)

2nd Connor Cozens (WES)

3rd Keenan Brown (CKE)

29kg (B)

1st Brodie Ferland (EET)

2nd Brenden Germain (HVE)

3rd Ryan Stoker (CKE)


1st Ashton Underhill (ESE)

2nd Kiiwaadin Swan (TAK)

3rd Isidore Champagne (EET)


1st Ratus Maxfield (ESE)

2nd Tiernan Dear (HFE)

3rd Gabriel Boudreau (EET)

32kg (A)

1st Joseph Coyne (WES)

2nd Tony Kim (HFE)

3rd Aidan Hupe (EET)

32kg (B)

1st Timothy Heyink (TAK)

2nd Matthew McBride (GHE)

3rd Derek Deuling (WES)

32kg (C)

1st Nichollis Schmidt (HFE)

2nd Nadaya Johnson (KLS)

3rd Ty Beacon (HFE)

32kg (D)

1st Kaelen Lewis (WES)

2nd Darius Lavedure (JES)

3rd Quinn Howard (CKE)


1st Josh Austin (GHE)

2nd Damon Kanary (HFE)

3rd Kyle Stockley (HFE)

34kg (A)

1st Ben Pushkas (WES)

2nd Chai McDiarmid (ESE)

3rd Daniel Smith (RRS)

34kg (B)

1st Wyatt Peterson (JHE)

2nd Wyatt Baldwin (TAK)

3rd Aidan Adel (WES)

35kg (A)

1st Grayson Turner (HFE)

2nd Austron Au (CKE)

3rd Max Wanner (HVE)

35kg (B)

1st Dominic Henderson (HFE)

2nd Aidan Stoker (CKE)

3rd Navarro Davies (ESE)


1st Oscar Burgess (GHE)

2nd Kenny Hyatt (ESE)

3rd Gregory Poltoraski (EET)



1st Oscar Sawicki (HFE)

2nd Ethan Davy (ESE)

3rd Eric Potvin (EET)


38kg (A)

1st Kyron Pettigrew-Crosby (WES)

2nd Dominic Cheeseman (JHE)

2nd Scottie Shephard (GTC)

3rd Andrew Duncan (ESE)

38kg (B)

1st Thomas Dickson (HVE)

2nd Jonah Daniels (HFE)

3rd Liam Mather (EET)


1st Bryce Anderson (HVE)

2nd Daniel Kim (HFE)

3rd Seth Sweeney (CKE)


1st Joseph Stokes (HFE)

2nd Ben Rafter (HFE)

3rd Evyn Dinn (HVE)



1st Cameron Gingell (ESE)

2nd Gabe Lamarche (RSS)

3rd Ethan Vanderkley (HFE)

42kg (A)

1st Kenton Benoit-Richardson (GHE)

2nd Ethan Collon (HFE)

3rd Dennon Halliday (HVE)

42kg (B)

1st Adrian Robinson (HFE)

2nd Ceejay Dumadag (CKE)

3rd Keona McLaughlin (GTC)


1st Cian Hobbis (JES)

2nd Corvin Dick (RRS)

3rd Nicholas McRury (WES)


1st Blake Troyer (HFE)

2nd Thomas Moore (JHE)

3rd Jade McLeod (GTC)


1st Jack Ladue (TAK)

2nd Curtis Goodman (HFE)

3rd Keith Gillies (EET)


1st Gordon Cook (GHE)

2nd Logan Mckay (CKE)

3rd Hunter Dyck (GHE)


1st Stephen Oslon (RRS)

2nd Patrick Smarch (TAK)

3rd Matthias Clyde (WES)


1st Skylar Bryant (ESE)

2nd Jarret Peterson (JHE)

3rd Michael Khoza (CKE)


1st Liam Burke (HFE)

2nd Cole McInroy (ESE)

3rd Aidan Doyle (ESE)


1st Kailem Letto (EET)

2nd Jock James (GTC)

3rd Riley Huston-Gingras (ESE)


1st Bradley Balmforth (HFE)

2nd Morgan Ramsay (CKE)

3rd Connor Cottrell-Tribes (HVE)


1st Mark Mackinnion (GHE)

2nd Argus Huggard (CKE)

3rd Morgan Yuill (WES)


1st Rashaun Svens (TAK)

2nd Brandon Smith (HVE)

3rd Theron Blythe (HFE)


1st Ryan Thompson (HVE)

2nd Brandon Callison (TAK)

3rd Tony Gioia (JES)

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