Greers’ dominate first ski race of the season

On Saturday, the Mount McIntyre ski trails were slow — but somebody forgot to tell the skiers. David Greer smoked the tough 12-kilometre open…

On Saturday, the Mount McIntyre ski trails were slow — but somebody forgot to tell the skiers.

David Greer smoked the tough 12-kilometre open men’s category with a time of 39:47, more than three minutes ahead of rival Colin Abbott.

On the equally tough open women’s course, Janelle Greer took control over a hard fought race, out-powering Bryn Knight and Emily Nishikawa, taking the gold in the 7.5-kilometre race with a time of 31:11.4.

Only 15 seconds separated the top three.

The races, using the Canada Winter Games trails, were a good early-season tune up for both skiers and organizers.

The race was a “free technique” event, allowing racers to use either skating or classic technique.

Skating is normally the faster technique, but in cold fresh snow, which provides less glide for the skiers, putting grip on the skis and using classic technique can often provide an edge, as skiers end up using less energy on the climbs.

On Saturday, the racers seemed to be evenly split between the two techniques.

The Sumanik races, part of the Grey Mountain Lions race series, continue next weekend with a classic event.

Results by age group:

Atom 1-kilometre

1st Maggie O’Connor-Brook,


Pee Wee girls 1-kilometre

1st Eliza Paul, 7:15.0

Mini-Midget girls


1st Nahanni Dynes, 17:38.0

Mini-Midget boys


1st Trevor Bray, 15:37.8

2nd Sebastion Lapres,


Midget girls 2.5-kilometre

1st Holly Bull, 14:23.7

Midget boys 2.5-kilometre

1st Fabian Brook, 11:23.6

Juvenile girls 5-kilometre

1st Dahria Beatty, 17:36.8

2nd Kendra Murray, 18:05.2

3rd Heidi Brook, 19:02.8

Juvenile boys 5-kilometre

1st Logan Potter, 14:17.5

2nd Jeff Wood, 14:31.4

3rd Stephen Dynes, 15:47.9

Open Women 7.5-kilometre

1st Janelle Greer, 31:11.4

2nd Bryn Knight, 31:18.2

3rd Emily Nishikawa, 31:27.1

Open Men 12-kilometre

1st David Greer, 36:39.5

2nd Colin Abbott,    


3rd Daniel Sessford, 41:22.7

Whitehorse Minor Hockey League

Peewee division (Sunday)

Peewee Players 5

Atom Rep Team 5

The Peewees started the charge with Brandon Langehan scoring on a brilliant pass by Seamus Beairsto. Also scoring for the Peewees were Brad Koprowsky with an end-to-end rush, Mike Arnold who cranked two, with an assist by Rory Gibson, and Liam Janke assisted by Mike Arnold and Scott Peterson.

Scoring for Atom Rep were Jarret Machon with a single, and Riley Pettitt and Wyatt Gale each with two goals on assists by Jacob Schwinghammer and Kaleb Millinater.


Thursday Night League:

Navigo Broadband 16

Whitehorse Travel 12

Zoe Walker led Navigo, beating the Travel’s Ashley LaBar in straight sets. Kapri Martin beat Patti Flather in four sets, while Jeff Wright went the distance to beat Lara Lewis.

Lesley Cabott had Whitehorse Travel’s only win of the night, beating Lisa Gudbranson in three sets.

Well-Read Books 24

Northern Lights

Optometry 5

Ronie-Sue Steinhagen led Well-Read to a decisive win over the Optometrists, winning in four sets over Monica Gibson.

Mark Dyer and Jessica Borgford beat Tara Matechuk and Beth Ellis, respectively, both matches going the distance.

Benoit Brouillard won by default over John Kramer.

Electrical Shop 16

Kumon Learning 14

Chris Ziegler beat Kumon’s Darren Holcombe in straight sets, leading the Electrical Shop to slim victory.

David Buckler beat Darrin Sinclair in four, scoring another win for the Electrical shop.

For Kumon, Jeannette Carney beat Shari MacIntosh in straight sets, and Judy Ratcliffe beat Tracy Pittman in five sets.

Standings to November 30:

1st Well-Read Books, 71

2nd  (tied) Whitehorse Travel, Navigo Broadband, 61

4th The Electrical Shop, 54

5th Kumon Learning, 53

6th Sterling Insurance, 42

7th Northern Lights Optometry, 31

Indoor soccer

Under-seven (Thursday)

Yukon News 3

Underhill Geomatics 1

Go News! Ryan Hindson scored a pair, and Carl Knickle added the third. Mackenzie Benn was named MVP.

Underhill’s scorer was Tyler Milton and Fayne O’Donovan took top player honours.

Murraya Dental 4

Plantation Flowers

and Gifts 1

Gordon Huebschwerlen and Jayden Demchuck scored for Murraya Dental, and Greg Murdoch was named most valuable player.

MVP for Plantation Flowers and Gifts was Hannah Bjork-Andison.

Boston Pizza 6

Oranje 2

Jonas Leas netted four goals for Boston Pizza, and Joe Parker and Georgia Gaw scored as well. Luke Bakica was BP’s top player.

Anthony Steele and Ethan Vanderkley scored for Oranje, and Courtney Brown was named MVP.

Under-nine (Thursday)

Mobile Maintenance 4

Better Bodies 2

Graydon McDonnell, Quintessa Maltais, Logan Harris and Jacob Fitzsimmons scored a goal each for Mobile, and Quin Pierce took top player honours.

Shaun Clarke scored a pair for Better Bodies, and Megan Banks was named MVP.

Tim Horton’s 3

Coates Services Yukon Ltd. 1

Luka van Randen, Benjamin Grundmanis and Damien Terry scored for Tim’s, while Odessa Beattie was named MVP.

Kyle Jacobs scored the lone Coates goal, and Brayden Klassen was named player of the game.

Brouwer Claims Canada 5

Elks 4

Chris Torgerson netted three goals in this close win for Brouwer Claims. Samantha Wintemute added a pair. Mathew Butler was named top player.

Dakota Thompson netted two for the Elks, and Alex Bouvier and Alex Tuberfield added singles. Emily Ross was the Elks’ MVP.

Under-15 (Thursday)

The Electrical Shop 18

EBA Engineering 12

Brett Hills led a ridiculous amount of scoring in this game, with seven goals for The Electrical Shop. Nicolas Gillen added five, Emily Fedoriak and Dillon Vickerman scored two each, and Michael Abbott and Raissa Anderson scored as well. Bronwyn Beairsto took MVP honours.

EBA’s top scorer was Robin Smith, who netted six goals. Kelly Brown and Travis Olynyk scored two each, and Annie Martin and Janelle Greer added singles. Korbyn Gendron was EBA’s player of the game.

Coed league (Thursday)

Yukon Brewing 10

Intersport 6

For the winners, Mo Sahid, Spencer Rich and Greg Cooper scored hat tricks while Greta Grey scored once.

Geoff Zaparinuk and Karim Choukri scored twice for Intersport. Bridget McClarty and Angélique Bernard added singles.


Intersport 5

Pearson Dental 2

Josianne Markley and Gregory Bryce tallied twice for the victors, while Angélique Bernard added one goal.

Laura Spicer scored both goals for Pearson.

Under-18 (Thursday)

Shaske & Zeiner Appraisal 13

Sportslodge 6

S&Z’s Markus Liebau led the scoring, with five goals, David Hemmings added a hat trick, while MVP Nathalia Timenez, Jessie Williams, Thomas McWhinnie, Devon Armstrong and Jeremy Johnson added singles.

Sportslodge’s scorers were Cody Morrison, with three, and Grant and Anya Zimmerman, and Samantha Macklon with a goal each. Matt Wolsynuk took MVP honours.