Drillers cool off the Boiler Room

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey Tuesday Results: Kluane Drillers 15 Yukon Inn Boiler Room 3 Mark Daniels led the Drillers as they trounced the…


Recreational Hockey

Tuesday Results:

Kluane Drillers 15

Yukon Inn Boiler Room 3

Mark Daniels led the Drillers as they trounced the Boiler Room five times over, scoring four goals and two assists. Doug Roberts had three goals and five assists, Tyler Murray had three goals and three assists, Matt King and Marc Perreault scored two goals each, and Braden Thompson scored once and had four assists.

David Galbraith scored twice for the Boiler Room, and Will Beckett scored as well.

Narrow Gauge Contracting 5

Envirolube Oilers 1

Dan McDonald had the hat trick for Narrow Gauge, and Kris Kostelnik and James Maltby added singles.

Huy Chau scored the lone goal for Envirolube.

Olditmers Hockey

Klondyke Dental Molars 5

Yukon Inn 3

The Molars’ Ross Phillips netted a pair of goals, and Brian Eyolfson, Mark Pinter and Jim Baker scored as well.

Brian Boorse, Greg Bull and Dave White scored for the Yukon Inn.

Firth Rangers 6

Medicine Chest 2

Joel Witten scored twice for the Rangers, and Gerry Rivest, Bruce Williams, Russell Bamford and Derrick Hynes added goals as well.

Medicine Chest’s Lester Balsillie and Blaine Demchuk scored for their team.


Tuesday Night League:

Pizza Hut 23

Ketza 5

Steve Fecteau and Cam Grandy swept William Papenfus and Jodi Tuton, respectively, as Pizza Hut flattened Ketza. Anthony Grottoli beat Elmy Harris in four sets, and Shaun Stinson needed five sets to put away Vince Boutilier.

MEADIAsolutions 21

Kilrich 7

It was sweepsville in this match as MEADIA’s Gord Starko, Jim Gilpin and Mark Tubman blasted Janet Lee, Kenji Tatsumi and Lars Johansson, respectively.

Kilrich’s lone winner was Peter Mather, who beat Trevor Mead-Robins in five sets.

Roche Financial 17

Assante 17

An epic match, with every game going the distance: Chris Ziegler and Lori Muir won for Roche, beating Eric Magnuson and Terri Cairns.

Assante’s winners were Chris Toleman and Blaine Tessier, over JF Roldan and Kyle Marchuk.

Tuesday Night League standings:

1st Pizza Hut, 78

2nd MEADIAsolutions, 72

3rd Roche Financial, 62

4th Assante, 62

5th Kilrich, 61

6th Yukon Brewing, 58

7th Ketza, 40

Indoor soccer

Under-15 (Tuesday)

Wintemute Electric 9

Pine Plumbing 9

The Electric’s Tanner Coyne led his team in this high-scoring draw with three goals, while Ian Wintemute and Caleb Kelly scored two each, and Taylor Barr and Kyle Risby added singles. The MVP was Jazmine Carey.

Pine Plumbing’s top scorer was Nick Gillen with three goals. Simon Paish booted in two, and Tayo Adamek, Ale Adamek, Cameron Weeks and Cole Pereira scored as well. Katie Lowey took the MVP honours.

The Electrical Shop 18

Kilrich Industries 11

Kilrich didn’t have the firepower to topple The Electrical Shop, but David Ratcliff put in a solid effort with five goals, Alex Lindsay had three, Jeff Bell scored a pair, and Taren Sturko added one. Jeremy Mann was Kilrich’s player of the game.

For The Electrical Shop, no scorer names were reported.

Coldwell Banker 6

Energy North 6

Coldwell’s Michael Donahoe netted the hat trick, Brett Hills scored two, and Theron Richards added one. Mary Bennett took the MVP nod.

Energy North’s scorers were Mac Potter, with three, Robbie Bourd booted two and Jenna Blanchette scored as well. Justin Thunderchild was named player of the game.

Under-18 (Tuesday)

Dave’s Cleaning Services 8

Prime Meridian Physiotherapy 7

Dave’s Cleaning had goals from David Hemmings, Thomas McWhinnie and John Borud, with two each, while Jessie Williams, and Daniel MacKenzie scored one each. Devon Armstrong took the MVP for his goaltending prowess.

Logan Potter scored three for Prime Meridian, Samantha Macklon added two, Jesse Latoski and MVP Scott Tupont scored as well.

Under-13 (Monday)

Boston Pizza 5

Mic Mac Motors 1

Ryley Andrew and Kieran Small scored two goals each for BP, and Heiko Nyland scored as well. Gary Drinnan was named the MVP for excellent goaltending, which was the difference in this game.

Mic Mac’s lone goal was scored by Calaghan Gydolin, and Youge Blackburn was named MVP.

Under-nine (Tuesday)

Underhill Geomatics 5

Physio Plus 3

Underhill Geomatics goal scorers were Brandon Barrett, who scored four goals, and Jude Lemoine who added the fifth. The MVP was Malorie Hanson.

Physio Plus’s Riley Smoler netted a pair, and Montanna Kains added one. The MVP was Elias Sagar.

Northern Denture 3

Dirkbuilt Contracting 1

Isaac Allen led Northern Denture with two goals, and Brody Ryckman scored one. Austin Nowell-Lindquist took the player of the game honours.

Dirkbuilt Contracting’s goal scorer was Tristan Rentmiester, and the MVP was Morgan Ramsay.

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