Carcross sees huge turnout at judo championship

Despite a bit of a drive to get there for most participants, numbers were way up at the Carcross Judo Championships hosted by the Hiroshikai Judo Club.

Participation in judo is getting bigger and bigger in the territory.

Despite a bit of a drive to get there for most participants, numbers were way up at the Carcross Judo Championships hosted by the Hiroshikai Judo Club at the Ghuch Tla Community School on Saturday.

A total of 74 judokas took part in the championship, up from 28 at last year’s championship, which was the first hosted by Carcross in about 15 years.

Not only were there 11 more than the season opener competition at the Golden Horn Judo Club in November, there were seven more than lasts year’s Yukon Judo Championships that included 15 Alaskans.

Four Yukon clubs were represented at the second championship of the season on Saturday.

Whitehorse’s Shiroumakai topped the win list with 23 medals, including nine gold.

Golden Horn and the hosting Hiroshikai club both had 13 and Northern Lights won seven medals – one for each participant.


Mixed novice U7

Gold: Shale Davis (Hiroshikai)

Silver: Laurick Corriveau (Hiroshikai)


Mixed novice U8 under-23 Kg

Gold: Kehnai Bryden (Hiroshikai)

Silver: Carter Little (Golden Horn)

Bronze: Emery Ohlin (Shiroumakai)

Bronze: Covelle Patterson (Golden Horn)


Mixed novice U8 under-30 Kg

Gold: Eleanor Setterington (Golden Horn)

Silver: Luke Roberts (Golden Horn)

Bronze: Kayoni Dickson (Hiroshikai)

Bronze: Jaxon Champagne (Golden Horn)


Boys novice U8 over-30 Kg

Gold: Jazzen Patterson (Golden Horn)

Silver: Benjamin Clutton (Golden Horn)

Bronze: Katelynn Hyatt (Shiroumakai)

Bronze: William VandenHoorn (Golden Horn)


Mixed novice U10 under-29 Kg

Gold: Clara-Marie Simmons (Golden Horn)

Silver: Brennen Little (Golden Horn)

Bronze: Nathan Mostyn (Shiroumakai)

Bronze: Mitchell Rudolph (Shiroumakai)


Mixed novice U10 under-32 Kg

Gold: Glade Roberts (Golden Horn)

Silver: Ethan Boucher (Hiroshikai)

Bronze: Alejandro Joe (Hiroshikai)

Bronze: Anya Bellon (Golden Horn)


Mixed novice U10

Gold: Rogan Parry (Northern Lights)

Silver: Kaleb Parry (Northern Lights)


Mixed novice U10 under-38 Kg

Gold: Kurtis Hyatt (Shiroumakai)

Silver: Emersyne Sias (Shiroumakai)

Bronze: Mackenzie Keefer (Shiroumakai)


Mixed novice U10 over-44 Kg

Gold: Coin Shepherd-Bryden (Hiroshikai)

Silver: Luna Velasquez (Shiroumakai)

Bronze: Ronan Clutton (Golden Horn)


Boys intermediate U10 under-29 Kg

Gold: Jayden Iskra (Shiroumakai)

Silver: Wyatt Burnett (Shiroumakai)


Boys intermediate U10 under-35 Kg

Gold: Devon Rollins (Shiroumakai)

Silver: Jerome Hoeden (Northern Lights)


Boys intermediate U10 over-45 Kg

Gold: Scottie James Shepherd (Hiroshikai)

Silver: Kaajineek Neumann (Northern Lights)


Mixed novice U12 under-39 Kg

Gold: Rastus Maxfield (Shiroumakai)

Silver: Azreal Dickson (Hiroshikai)

Bronze: Zack Lennie (Hiroshikai)


Boys intermediate U12 under-39 Kg

Gold: Mattias Sembsmoen (Northern Lights)

Silver: Ben Machtans (Northern Lights)


Mixed intermediate U12 under-36 Kg

Gold: Ove Maxfield (Shiroumakai)

Silver: Daniel Tonner (Northern Lights)

Bronze: Kaylee Johnson (Shiroumakai)


Girls intermediate U14 under-48 Kg

Gold: Judith Russell (Shiroumakai)

Silver: Talula Maxfield (Shiroumakai)

Bronze: Samantha Steven-Bailey (Shiroumakai)


Mixed novice U14 under-46 Kg

Gold: Kenny Hyatt (Shiroumakai)

Silver: Margareta Toews(Hiroshikai)


Mixed intermediate U14 over-45 Kg

Gold: Hannah King (Shiroumakai)

Silver: Liam Rollins (Shiroumakai)


Boys intermediate U14 over-60 Kg

Gold: Darrien James-Tizya


Silver: Jason Leenders (Shiroumakai)


Advanced men

Gold: Jacob Melancon (Shiroumakai)

Silver: Shane Melancon (Shiroumakai)

Bronze: Darrien James-Tizya (Hiroshikai)

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