Big numbers get big results for Shiroumakai

A large turnout of Shiroumakai judokas at the Hiroshikai Judo Championships at Holy Family School on Saturday has pushed the club further ahead in the season standings.

A large turnout of Shiroumakai judokas at the Hiroshikai Judo Championships at Holy Family School on Saturday has pushed the club further ahead in the season standings.

The Shiroumakai Judo Club, which operates out of Vanier Catholic Secondary, more than doubled the participation of the other three Whitehorse schools combined at the tourney. Practically blanketing the podium results, Shiroumakai moved up to 89 points in Judo Yukon’s Champions League Cup standings over Hiroshikai with 32, Golden Horn with 23 and Northern Lights with 17. (The Championships League Cup, introduced this year, awards points to the four clubs over the four local tournaments in the season, crowning a winner in March.)

“We had the most numbers there – it was a pretty small turnout because of the weather,” said Shiroumakai sensei Aaron Jensen.

However, while the medal count is up for Shiroumakai, the Best Performance Club Trophy could head to Hiroshikai, which has a higher average of points per competitor after two tournaments.

That is not to say Shiroumakai was without big winners.

Shiroumakai white belt Emiko Teramura took in four gold medals, winning mixed 11/60lbs newaza (kneeling), girls’ U-11/60lbs, beginners’ judo knowledge and ukemi (break falls).

“She was on her game that day,” said Jensen. “She just started this fall, but she has a real flare for it, so we expect her to go places.

“She hasn’t been taught a lot, but what she has been taught she’s picking up fast.”

Another Shiroumaka beginner, Amy Roberts, won gold in mixed boys and girls U-17/100lbs and in the 120lbs category.

“She’s, I think, 12-years-old – she’s a little tiger,” said Jensen. “She’s another girl, that has natural talent, that we hope will stick with it. If she does, she can definitely go far.”

Shiroumaka also showed good spirit on the mats with the tournament’s sportsmanship award going to Kaylee Johnson.

“Just from having a positive attitude,” said Jensen. “She didn’t win all her fights, but even when she lost she had a smile on her face and was congratulating her competitor.

“On and off the mat she had a really positive attitude.”

Although judo is a sport included in the Canada Winter Games, being held next month in Halifax, there will be no judokas going with Team Yukon.

“Either they were too young or too old. The other thing was you have to compete at nationals and you have to be a green belt or higher,” said Judo Yukon president Dan Poelman. “So we only had one kid that qualified to go.”

While Yukon’s lone qualifying judoka will not be competing in judo, she will be representing the territory in Halifax. A multi-sport athlete, Lara Bellon will be one of five snowboarders on Team Yukon next month.


<Mixed boys and girls U-11/60lbs

Newaza (kneeling)

Gold: Emiko Teramura

Silver: Alan Johnson

Bronze: Maria Vasseur

Mixed boys and girl s U-15/100lbs

Newaza – Division 1

Gold: Raymond O’Neill

Silver: Thomas Dickson

Bronze: Paige Poelman

Mixed boys and girls U-15/100lbs

Newaza – Division 2

Gold: Erica Couch

Silver: Donovan Horvath

Bronze: Raymond O’Neill

Girls U-11/60lbs

Gold: Emiko Teramura

Silver: Kaylee Johnson

Mixed boys and girls U-15/100lbs

Gold: Jaydon Leenders

Silver: Thomas Dickson

Bronze: Erica Couch

Mixed boys and girls U-17/100lbs

Gold: Amy Roberts

Silver: Andrew Couch

Bronze: Donovan Horvath

Mixed boys and girls U-17-120lbs

Gold: Amy Roberts

Silver: Jerry Miller

Bronze: Andrew Couch

Boys U-15/+120lbs

Gold: Max Brewster

Silver: Jerry Miller

Judo knowledge (beginners)

Gold: Emiko Teramura

Gold: Donovan Horvath

Silver: Jadon Leenders

Bronze: Thomas Dickson

Bronze: Kaylee Johnson

Judo knowledge (intermediate)

Gold: Andrew Jensen

Silver: Paige Poelman

Bronze: Andrew Couch

Ukemi (beginners)

Gold: Emiko Teramura

Silver: Alan Johnson

Bronze: Jaydon Leenders

Ukemi (intermediate)

Gold: Paige Poelman

Silver: Erica Couch

Bronze: Andrew Couch

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