250 Yukon athletes on Arctic Games roster

A total of 250 athletes will be striving for gold next month at the Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks, Alaska.

A total of 250 athletes will be striving for gold next month at the Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Add on coaches and the territory’s cultural contingent, and Team Yukon’s roster jumps to 296, not counting mission staff.

The number of athletes is down from 272 Yukon athletes at the 2012 Arctic Games but more than the 238 in the 2010 Games.

The absence of two sports teams explains the drop in numbers.

Yukon is fielding one less soccer team than in 2012 with none entered in the intermediate female division.

More surprisingly, Yukon is not entering a bantam male hockey team.

A conflict between the Arctic Games and the B.C. Provincial Hockey Championships taking place the same week is partly to blame, said Gerry Perrier, director of Arctic Winter Games for the Yukon Amateur Hockey Association.

“At the bantam level, it’s particularly important from an opportunity standpoint that our bantam players go to the bantam provincial championship in terms of exposure,” said Perrier. “Any kids who want to be seen by scouts need to attend that tournament.

“Typically what happens is when we have a conflict year, we’ll send our bantam A team to provincials and our bantam B team to Arctic Winter Games.”

The other issue preventing a Yukon bantam team is a lack of coaches. There were enough coaches and players in the midget division to send one team to the Arctics and one to provincials. Yukon’s rep female team is not going to provincials because it has too wide a range of ages to be competitive in a midget division at provincials.

“Unfortunately, this year we were unable to get coaches to coach the bantam B team despite two formal calls and many informal calls for coaches,” said Perrier.

“On behalf of Hockey Yukon and Whitehorse Minor, we’re very disappointed we won’t be represented at the bantam level,” he added. “This is the first time this has ever happened. It starts with the conflict and ends with the fact that we couldn’t find coaches despite everyone putting in their best efforts. It is an unfortunate situation. We really hope it’s not repeated.”

While hockey and soccer numbers are down, other teams have grown.

“We have more biathletes than we’ve had in years,” said Team Yukon Chef de Mission Tracey Bilsky. “So Biathlon Yukon has done an excellent job at building their program.”

The biathlon teams – ski and snowshoe – have both increased. They went from six ski and five snowshoe in 2012 to eight ski and seven snowshoe this year.

Yukon will field its largest alpine ski team in eight years at the Arctic Winter Games with 11, up from eight in 2012.

The biggest squad Yukon is sending next month is for the Dene games with 19 athletes and two coaches.

The smallest teams are the wrestling team with two athletes and one coach and the dog mushing team with two athletes and two coaches.

Yukon’s flag-bearer for the Games’ opening ceremony will be named at the team’s pep rally on March 14 at 6 p.m. at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre.

The 2014 Arctic Winter Games will take place March 15-22 in Fairbanks.

Yukon was second behind Alaska in the ulu count at the 2012 Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse with 122. The territory was fourth with 101 in 2010 Games in Grande Prairie, Alta.

The following roster is subject to change, said Sport Yukon.

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Team Yukon roster


Alpine skiing


Liam Diamond

Zackary Endress

Angus Endress

Abby Hawes

Charlie Hawes

Tayler Mitchell

Shane Orban

Samantha Richardson

Manas Sarin-Toews

Josie Storey

Katie Vowk

Coach: Yves Titley


Arctic sports


Reena Coyne

Andrew Crist

Matthew Jacobson

Mikaiah Ladue

Mark McKinnon

Keona McLaughlin

Jade McLeod

Fayne O’Donovan

Robyn Poulter

Cailtlyn Venasse

Coach: Melissa Carlick

Coach: Colin Hickman




Zach Heynen

Peter Jensen

Line Jensen

Emily Knickle

Mannie Sharma

Ritik Sharma

Nora Vincent-Braun

Coach: Abbie Rotondi

Coach: Casey Parker


Female basketball


Jetta Bilsky

Kennedy Cairns-Locke

Jayden Demchuk

Sarah Diment

Ebony Leamon

Dannica Nelson

Quynh Nguyen

Galena Roots

Jacy Sam

Michelle Tran

Coach: Nicole Schroeder


Male basketball


Chris Carino

Nylan Duncan

Bryan Hermosa

Ryan Hindson

Pierre Lefebvre

Chris Nerysoo

Ian New

Cassel Scholz

R.J. Siosan

Josh Tobias

Coach: Tim Brady


Ski biathlon


Liam Adel

Jake Draper

Micah Hildes

Nadia Moser

Maria Peters

Dana Sellars

Tristan Sparks

Pelly Vincent-Braun

Coach: Jane Vincent

Coach: Dennis Peters


Snowshoe biathlon


Clodagh Berg

Bruce Wilson

Chris Holmes

Tima Johnson

Marika Kitchen

Francis Reid

Daniel Sennett

Coach: Laurie Jacobson

Coach: Dan Thomson


Cross-country skiing


Leif Blake

Savannah Cash

Regan Fuerstner

Cambria Fuerstner

Adam Hynes

Dagmar Janzen

Hannah Jirousek

Michael Kishchuk

Mary Londero

Liam Mather

Zoe Painter

Solstice Sarin-Toews

Nichollis Schmidt

Andrew Seal

Amanda Thomson

Coach: Nathalie Dugas

Coach: Veronique Therault

Coach: Perry Hynes




Kara-Lyn Fredrickson

Cassandra MacDonald

Kevin McLachlan

Nicole Murdoch

Alita Powell

Emile St. Pierre

Manager: Kathy Fredrickson


Female curling


Bailey Horte

Kelly Mahoney

Kelsey Meger

Alyssa Meger

Coach: Rhonda Horte


Male curling


Trygg Jensen

Brayden Klassen

Will Klassen

Joe Wallingham

Coach: Kevin Patterson


Dene games


Madison Allen

Brittney Brown

Matthew Brown

Jonah Caesar

Alyssa Clooten

Jedrek Dendys

Doronn Fox

Justin Fox

Jessa Frost-Kluguie

Daniel Walker

Jasmine Johnson

Tyler O’Brien

Terrence O’Brien

Anthony Primozic

Natane Primozic

Sarina Primozic

Colbey Sharp

Kristen Smith

Delilah Stephen-Bailey

Coach: Dorron Fox

Coach: Kara Lepine


Dog mushing


Lori Tweddell

Louve Tweddell

Coach: Julie Dessureault

Coach: Luc Tweddell


Figure skating


Kyla Armstrong

Kelcy Armstrong

Meghan Birmingham

Landyn Blisner

Jenelle Clethero

Mikayla Kramer

Morgan Madden

Tessa Moore

Coach: Michelle Gorczyca

Coach: Charlene Donald




Anisa Albisser

Megan Banks

Sydney Cairns

Emily King

Coach: Catherine O’Donovan


Junior female hockey


Natalja Blachard

Mikaila Blanchard

Tamara Greek

Shania Hogan

Sophie Janke

Monica Johnson

Mary McBride

Haley McConnell

Mykhaila McInroy

Christina McIntyre

Madeline Nicholson

Hannah Nordlund

Maya Oakley

Sierra Oakley

Ashtyn Sandulak

Chyanne Spenner

Abigail Turner

Coach: Louis Bouchard

Coach: Candice MacEachen


Midget hockey


Craig Berube

Curtis Carlick

Kole Comin

Ryan Edwards

Wyatt Gale

Alex Hanson

Tyson Hope

Tomas Jirousek

Jordan King

Jarrett Malchow

Mark McGrath

Dylan McQuaig

Riley Pettit

Josh Phelps-Vanbibber

Dustyn Phelps-Vanbibber

Brett Skookum

Liam Webster

Coach: John Grant

Coach: Gary Seed


Junior female soccer


Samantha Burgis

Camille Galloway

Jaylene Kelly

Rachel Kinvig

Carolyn Miller

Hannah Milner

Morgan Paul

Cheyenne Ryan

Samantha Wintemute

Coach: Charly Kelly


Junior male soccer


Brendyn Gendron

Brendan Irish

Dominic Korn

Allen Marks

Jonathan Runions

Timber Schroff-Stinson

Andrew Scoffin

Kieran Stacey

Chris Torgerson

Coach: Arnold Hedstrom


Juvenile female soccer


Thea Carey

Sandy Dubois

Malorie Hanson

Lara Herry-Saint Onge

Jamie Joe-Hudson

Christine Moser

Aimee ParkerAthlete

Mikaela Ponsioen

Aleyxandra Smith

Coach: Jacob Hanson


Juvenile male soccer


Skyler Bryant

Logan Harris

Justin Wishhart-MacDougall

Tyler Milton

Malcom Muir

Frejean Pourier

Tristan Rentmeister

Callum Ryan

Mackenzie Shaw

Coach: Victor Lavanderos




Robert Faulds

Haylie Grant

Rachel MacIntosh

Reanna Newsome

Tim Schrimer

Esa Suominen

Adam Waddington

Coach: Katrina Couch




Aidan Bradley

Sara Burke-Forsyth

Ava Carins-Locke

Angus Clarke

Alice Frost-Hanberg

Kieran Halliday

Kate Londero

Darby McIntyre

Coach: Don White

Coach: Pauline Frost-Hanberg




Shea Hoffman

Jacob McPherson

Caleb McPherson

Michael Ritchie

Micah Taggart-Cox

Hannah Wirth

Susanne Wirth

Coach: Phil Hoffman


Female volleyball


Avery Bramadat

Teah Dickson

Daria Jordan

Tatum Koser

Tayla McNally

Chanel Newell

Yuranty Pourier

Laurie Reti

Cayley Sparks

Meaghan Stirton

Chloe Turner-Davis

Coach: Kasia Leary


Male volleyball


Tanner Borsa

Max Clarke

Galen Clarke

Zach Giczi

Benjamin Grundmanis

Peter Jacob

Cody Park

Austin Turner-Davis

Kyle Wallace

Jack Woodwalker

Coach: Peter Grundmanis




Joseph Melanson

Ryan Thompson

Coach: Rob Langmaid