Yukon letters

This week’s mailbox: Mandate protesters cross a line

My wife is a 77 year old woman who recently underwent open heart surgery and wears a mask whenever she leaves the house to avoid contact with COVID-infected people from casually infecting her.

She went to the Rendezvous area to take pictures of the snow sculptures. While she was minding her own business, a belligerent woman started to shout at her and mimic blowing viruses at her, calling her a Fascist and other ridiculous insults. The woman was insistent that my wife should not be wearing a mask and was drawing attention to my wife, encouraging two other men to take my wife’s photo. The two men followed her around as she was trying to leave the area while attempting to photograph her with an iPhone.

If this is what the anti-vaxer protesters are like, I don’t care what they have to say or what they care about. They do not belong in polite society.

This deranged woman completely ruined my wife’s Rendezvous experience. If the organizers (who remain antonymous) want to be heard, they should discipline their goons to behave like they actually should be be listened to.

I am disgusted that my wife had to endure this public treatment. We have been attending Rendezvous for over 30 years and have never been harassed in such a manner before.

Reg Steers