Liane Karba travelled to Whitehorse recently and brought her mother's ashes to Lumel Studios. They were transformed into a blown glass peony (pictured) and chickadee. Also pictured is her mother's notebook containing beloved sayings and anecdotes, compiled over 15 years. (Submitted)

LETTER: Thanks to Lumel for turning ashes into art

Recently, my husband and I made a trip to Whitehorse that ended up being extraordinary for many reasons. Not only did we have a wonderful visit with close friends and family, we also visited Lumel Studios for a visit that was truly remarkable.

Sadly, I lost my Mom in May. Pandemic restrictions and residing in Alberta kept me from attending her very small (immediate family only) memorial service before her cremation. After her cremation came the decision of what will become of her ashes. I knew that Lumel Studios is able to do ash commissions… I wanted to have something beautiful created from someone who was already beautiful to begin with – my Mom. My Mom’s favourite flowers were peonies and her favorite birds were chickadees and these things she became. Lu and staff put so much thought into designing the perfect treasures and how they would look.

My husband and I spent two hours at Lumel in awe watching my Mom’s ashes transform into stunning, elegant treasures of exquisite beauty. This seemed fitting – she was our beautiful treasure and continues to be just that. Our peonies and chickadees are such wonderful keepsakes. She is thoughtfully displayed and resting in my cabinet where I pass by her every day and smile. My heart is full. Thank you Lumel. They handled my Mom’s ashes with all the kindness, care, gentleness and attention that she deserved.

Luann’s staff are extraordinary in their commitment to their craft and attention to detail – specifically Tyson, Ramona and Dave. There is no word in the English language that clearly conveys how you’ve made me feel.

From the very bottom of my heart – thank you Lu, Dan, Ramona and Tyson.

Liane Fedoriak Karba

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