LETTER: Must improve safety of Yukon highways

Dear Premier and Minister:

Thank you for your recent reply to my letter concerning noted serious concerns that I raised regarding your lack of signage coming north out of Whitehorse to go to Dawson City — your other major destination for tourists, and the total absence of any solar powered emergency call boxes on your major route in the Yukon between Whitehorse and Dawson City.

I understand the need for establishing priorities for transportation-related expenditures in the Yukon, but when the Highway 2 in the Yukon is more than likely the busiest route of your over 5,000 miles of highway network in the Yukon, it should surely be your highest priority for safety. Surely, this is just as important as the many millions of dollars you are spending on the over 10 km section of Highway 2 that you have been working on for over two years on the way to Dawson City.

ln regard to you indicating that there is signage going north out of the City of Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway between the Yukon University and the Highway 2 turnoff please provide me with a picture of the sign that says turn right here to take Highway 2 to Dawson City. Even if there is a sign (which I do not believe there was on Sept. 3), there is no excuse for not having a clear and large overhead sign on the road providing this information.

I have been working in the transportation industry in government and as a consultant for over 40 years, and your reply to my letter is as about as bureaucratic reply as I have ever seen.



Bill Lambert

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