Letters to the editor.

LETTER: Last week’s letter was ‘whining, self-serving’

I am writing in response to Simon Tourigny’s article as printed in the Whitehorse Star (October 1, 2021) [They Demand Respect, But Give None in Return] and the Yukon News (October 6,2021) [Yukon’s Lifestyle is Vanishing].

Mr Tourigny is writing on behalf of Chloe Sergerie and a third unnamed “homesteader”. All three individuals are squatting near Ensley Creek (a minor stream entering the Yukon River) approximately 20 miles up river from Dawson.

It has been a considerable time since I have read such a whining, snivelling, self-righteous, self- serving letter (“We are living the dream of millions. We are the real thing: an independent, self-sufficient community out in the bush”.) Ms. Sergerie is quoted as saying “I have a personal limit, and to be denied our right to provide for ourselves goes well past mine.” There is no mention of the province from which these people originate and whether squatting on Crown land is an acceptable practice there.

Others have created a similar community on land that they paid private vendors or purchased from government with their approval. This entire caper sounds like the thin edge of the wedge of the U.S.A. Lunatic fringe called “Freeman on the Land”.

They have become the bane of the court system and have been referred to as being vexatious to the justice system with the voluminous drivel they keep submitting and excluding the Court time to deal with more meritorious matters.

Bruce Chambers

Letters to the editor