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LETTER: Concerned parents of Hidden Valley School

To whom it may concern,

We, a group of concerned parents from Hidden Valley Elementary School have serious concerns about the lack of action from the Department of Education to protect our children from previous and future harm.

It is appalling that it has been almost two weeks since the article came out about an EA being criminally charged and convicted of sexually assaulting a child at our school. Since that time, no one from the Department of Education has reached out to offer support to the parents, students or staff of HVES. There have been no counselling services offered, no supports for how to talk to our children about sexual abuse, nor any discussions on how they will ensure that our children are safe when they return to the school in the fall.

We are extremely disappointed that the Department of Education did not inform parents of this incident 18 months ago, when it was first reported, so that we could have started the difficult discussions with our children then to see if any of them had been victimized.

This is unacceptable behaviour from a group of individuals who are supposed to be protecting our children and have their best interests at heart.

We, as the parents, want action and we want it now. We call on the Department of Education to explain why they haven’t been open, transparent and supportive of the children and parents of HVES.

Signed in unity,

Concerned Parents of Hidden Valley School

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