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Christians work at getting unstuck

When a child balks at a parent’s demand, a predictable chain of events can occur.We up the ante, voices get raised and consequences made more…

Icelandic grain farmers welcome warming

Until recently, very little grain had been grown in Iceland since the time of the Vikings.The Vikings settled here during a warm spell, and they…

Solution to infected water suspended

More than 300 residents of Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation are under yet another boil-water advisery.Since 2003, annual tests have found E.
Early FASD diagnosis could prevent future social ills

Early FASD diagnosis could prevent future social ills

Each person with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder has a talent, says Judy Pakozdy.And she would know.

Wage increase will help business, say labour and poverty groups

When it comes to minimum wage, the buck stops with the economy.This is the assessment of Doug Rody, executive director of the Yukon Federation of…

Boyde blasts Bagnell

MP hopeful Pam Boyde is taking precise aim at Yukon MP Larry Bagnell, her main rival in the upcoming election.
Fire painter turns copper into canvas

Fire painter turns copper into canvas

Colin Flanagan has done what few artists have achieved since prehistoric man rendered line drawings of horned animals on the cave walls at Lascaux,…

Conservative leader pledges support for northern commitments

Stephen Harper is the only federal leader to respond to a December letter from the premiers of Canada’s three northern territories.

Government doles out land, Ta’an threatens lawsuit

The Ta’an Kwach’an Council’s traditional territory is under siege, and chief Ruth Massie is placing the blame squarely on Premier…

Ottawa opens Beaufort beluga waters to oil and gas exploration bids

A federal call for oil and gas exploration bids threatens a protected beluga whale habitat in the Arctic.