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NDP’s local support ebbs, but party makes national inroads

NDP’s local support ebbs, but party makes national inroads

Monday marked a bittersweet loss for New Democrat Pam Boyde.Her Yukon campaign foundered, but the party advanced nationally.

Bagnell triumphs over party politics

There was beer, Brie and bated breath, but no Larry Bagnell.People were getting antsy.Necks were craning in the crowded Liberal headquarters at…

Musician rediscovers her muse at the Junction

‘Life can take you on many paths,” says singer/songwriter Brenda Berezan.After years of transformations — from top country…

Smoking bylaw revised

It won’t be the bar owner’s responsibility make smokers butt out, according to proposed changes to the city’s no-smoking bylaw…

Yukoners “sleep around” in politics

The red tide has washed over the Yukon — again.In a steamroller victory, Liberal MP Larry Bagnell won almost half of all the votes cast in…

canada plays an excellent short game

Sometime during the 16th century — 1534 to be exact — King Francis I sends Jacques Cartier out to sea in search of a shortcut to…

Fentie optimistic following federal election

A Conservative government shouldn’t make any difference to how Ottawa treats the Yukon, says Premier Dennis Fentie.
Tiny astronauts embark on epic learning journey

Tiny astronauts embark on epic learning journey

Thursday, Jack Hulland School seemed normal.Multiple pairs of brightly coloured boots lined the foyer walls, and the halls were relatively quiet at…

More accountability needed for government corporations: report

A report by the Yukon’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts recommends more cabinet oversight of Crown corporations.

Hospital files suit to collect unpaid bills from Americans

With $32,254, Whitehorse General Hospital could have bought a two-week supply of medications for all its patients.