Yukon’s Jackass

There are things that should never be done with Tabasco sauce and lime juice. Snorting the peppery sauce up your nose and squeezing lime juice into your eyes is one example.

There are things that should never be done with Tabasco sauce and lime juice.

Snorting the peppery sauce up your nose and squeezing lime juice into your eyes is one example.

Unfortunately for Jason Lucas, he only found that out after the fact.

The whole thing was caught on camera on his newly released video, Idle Times.

It’s hard to watch without cringing.

Lucas squeezes a wedge of lime into each of his eyes. Then he drinks a shot of lemon juice followed by a shot of Patron tequila.

It’s only after that, that he grabs a blue plastic straw and snorts a shot glass worth of tobasco sauce up his nose.

“Uggh, that was a really bad idea,” said Lucas afterwards.

He barely manages to get the words out before launching a stream of red goop into a nearby garbage can.

Then he tells the camera person to stop filming.

“Dude, my nose is just burning watching this,” said Lucas’ friend in the background.

Not everyone can self-inflict that kind of misery on themselves.

But Lucas feeds off of it.

This past winter he put his body through the wringer.

He allowed his friends to draw targets on his naked back, stomach and chest and shoot paintballs at him from a few feet away.

He let his girlfriend Chandler Smith wax his armpits and legs.

He snapped mousetraps on his hands, toes and nipples.

And he also let his friends staple gun a smiley face onto his butt cheek.

Half a year later he still sports scars from the paintball marks and can’t properly smell because of the Tabasco sauce.

His nose was swollen for about a month afterwards, he said.

So why would somebody subject themselves to that kind of pain and ridicule?

For the sheer amusement of entertaining others, said Lucas.

And also boredom.

Lucas came up with the idea for the film last winter when he had, “lots of idle times in his life,” he said.

The snow-blanketed streets stopped him from taking up his primary passion, BMX biking.

Holed up inside his apartment he began cooking up dares with his friends instead.

The final result is an hour long film filled with a handful of teenagers and early 20s Yukoners trying to find ways to one-up each other with cringe-worthy stunts.

“It’s definitely not the smartest thing I’ve done before,” said Lucas.

“If you don’t like Jackass (the movie) you won’t like Idle Times.”

And it’s definitely not for the parents to watch, he added.( Lucas’s mother still hasn’t seen the flick.)

But he’s gotten a good response from those who have watched it.

“It’s gotten a lot of laughter from people,” he said. “They also think it’s pretty gross.”

The 22-year-old has been making films since 2001, but it’s always been a hobby.

Most of those films involved him and his friends BMXing and skateboarding through different parts of Canada.

Lucas, originally from St. Albert, Alberta, has already released three low-budget films through his company Face Down Entertainment and built up a small network of skateboarders and BMX bikers across the country to feature in his films.

He’s shot footage in Halifax, Skagway, Inuvik, Dawson and Watson Lake. Lucas produces, directs, films and edits all of his movies.

Idle Times includes a sampling of that footage.

There are shots of Lucas and his friends grinding rails and stairs outside of the Yukon legislature, BMXing on picnic tables in Shipyards Park and jumping stairs outside of the library.

He’s been chased off public and private property more than once, he said.

But Lucas is addicted to the creative aspect of street riding.

“There’s so many locations and variables with it,” he said.

When he’s not BMXing or working as a project manager for Skookum Asphalt he’s also designing shirts and hoodies to sell.

But the enterprising daredevil doesn’t rely on any of his films or clothes to pay the rent.

“It’s mostly a hobby,” said Lucas.

“They haven’t turned much of a profit so far.”

He’s tapped other young people in city, including high school students at Porter Creek and FH Collins to get involved with Face Down Entertainment.

“I try to get friends to help out with sales, but I don’t want this to turn into a serious venture,” he said.

“If it became serious, I don’t know what I’d do for fun.”

You can buy Idle Times at Sandor’s Clothing or check out Lucas’ clothing line at Northern Hemp.

Lucas will release season three of his Face Down biking and BMXing video next month.

He’s already cooking up ideas for season two of Idle Times.

Check out his website at www.facedownentertainment.com.

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