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Yukon family doing ‘okay’ after truck strikes home

“The only thing that stopped the truck going through the house was the foundation”
The truck that struck a Wann Road home on Oct. 18 is removed from the house. (Photo submitted by Amy Tyrrell)

Whitehorse RCMP are investigating an incident after a vehicle hit a house on Oct. 18 around 2:15 a.m. On that night, police attended a call from a person who said a vehicle hit her house on Wann Road.

The RCMP are determining whether alcohol and distracted or careless driving played a role in the collision.

The house that was hit belongs to Amy Tyrrell and her husband Ben. The wall the driver of the truck hit was the bedroom of Tyrrell’s three youngest children, Hunter (9), Emily (7) and Ezekiel (4).

“My daughter was flush against the wall on the other side,” said Tyrrell. “Thankfully she was in a loft bed so she was above the truck. The boys were in a bunk bed. Essentially our kids’ beds saved their lives.”

The only thing that stopped the truck from going directly through the house, Tyrrell said, is that the foundation is partially above ground.

“The foundation is what actually caused the truck to come to a complete stop,” said Tyrrell. “Otherwise they would have gone straight through the house and killed all three of them.”

Physically, the family is OK, but Tyrrell said there is still emotional healing to do.

“The shock is wearing off,” said Tyrrell. “My husband has been a rock through the entire thing. The four-year-old doesn’t really understand what happened.

“My oldest son, he’s OK. The first night we moved all the mattresses into our bedroom and he said it was like camping. But then we were talking about going back to school and he didn’t want to talk to people about it.”

The Tyrrell family Amy and Ben (parents) and children Ezekiel (4), Emily (6), Sophie (9) and Hunter (7) had their house struck by a truck on Oct. 18. (Photo submitted by Amy Tyrrell)

Tyrrell’s oldest daughter Sophie didn’t want to stay in the house after the accident.

“That’s what prompted us to move all the kids into our room but last night (Oct. 19) she was a little bit better,” said Tyrrell. “I just keep reminding her that she’s been so brave.”

Her youngest daughter Emily, who was flush to the wall that was hit, woke up “about four times” in the night bawling.

As for herself, Tyrrell said she’s “not really handling it that well.”

“I’m trying to keep myself OK for them during the day, like stoic mommy,” said Tyrrell. “But once it gets dark, my anxiety goes through the roof. Yesterday (Oct. 19) was a little better.”

When the truck hit the house, Tyrrell said it made everything shake and knocked over the bookshelf in her bedroom.

“We were woken up by this enormous, earth-shattering crash and the whole house moved,” said Tyrrell. “I immediately went to the kids’ room and the slats to the bunk bed were knocked down and my daughter’s ladder to her loft bed was on the floor.”

Despite the destruction to the house, Tyrrell said the family forgives the driver of the truck.

“We prayed for him,” said Tyrrell. “I was trying to set a tone for them (the kids). He’s safe and healthy and he’s not hurt. He has a family. He has his own life. He was young and he didn’t mean to do it, we realize that.”

Tyrrell said she and her husband are waiting for a repair estimate and will “go from there.”

Police investigators have followed up with several witnesses but are seeking other people involved.

Anyone with further details are encouraged to contact the police. If they wish to remain anonymous they can contact Crimestoppers via phone at 867-667-6715 or online.

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