yukon barber shops


This fancy barber shop was in Dawson City in the early days.

This ornate shop is a big contrast to the barber shops of today’s Yukon. I’m sure the Yukon had some colourful characters for barbers in the past.

As recently as the 1950s and 1960s, people, like “Shakey” Joe who ran the Sportsman’s Barber Shop, were colourful characters. Actually, there were two barbers there; Joe Kemp and Joe Kearns, and they might both have been called “Shakey” Joe.

They were very popular and colourful people and were good friends of mine.

The shop was situated on Front Street near the Hollywood Cafe.

The whole block burned down on Christmas morning, 1961.

This photo is from the Yukon Archives, University of Washington Photo Collection.

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